Charley always had trouble telling people their spouses were cheating on them. It wasn't as bad as telling a mother her child was a murderer, but it was still an awful feeling. It was Charley's job, so he did it anyway. The looks on the clients' faces were always so saddening. Their eyes would get wide and bulge out like a bush baby, before sinking back into their faces.

"I'm sorry, Tallulah, but your husband has, in fact, been cheating on you."

"How do you know?" she asked. She was dressed completely in orange, looking like, well … an orange.

"I have pictures. If you want, I can show them to you."

Tallulah nodded, and Charley took a folder from his drawer. He slipped it across the desk, and she ripped the folder open. It was a miracle that the photos hadn't ripped.

Tallulah Armstrong was Charley's first client to not wear the bush baby face. She was more dramatic than that. Tallulah couldn't contain herself, and she began bawling loudly, banging her fists against the desk, throwing the pictures to the floor. He handed her a box of tissues. Grabbing ten, she tried to stop the flow of tears, but the tissues just ended up getting soaked. And soon, the used tissues were on the floor, too.

After seeing how successful Charley had been in finding the person who had beaten Jack Abrahams to death and her son into a coma, Tallulah had decided to see Charley about a problem that had been nagging her for a while. For a few months, she had suspected her husband, Kyle, was cheating on her. She had smelled perfume on him; she had noticed that he kept coming home later and later each night. Tallulah tried to erase the thought from her mind that he might have been cheating on her, but she couldn't. So she came to Hamburg and Griffin, requesting to have Detective Charley Gallagher. He had been assigned the case, and was successful. Charley had followed Kyle to a young blonde's house, and had snapped a picture of the two of them kissing on the blonde's front porch.

After ten minutes, Tallulah quieted down. She didn't bother to ask if she could keep the photos; she just stuffed them in her bag. "Thanks for your help," she said, blowing her nose. "How do I pay?"

"Mary Lou will deal with everything at the front desk."

Tallulah nodded, filled her pockets with tissues from Charley's box, and exited the office.

He had developed a strange connection with Tallulah. She was the kind of person he would do almost anything for if she needed it. The first time he met her, he never would have guessed this bond would have developed between the two of them.

He typed up a report of the case and printed two copies. Filing one copy away, he took the other out to Mary Lou.

"She didn't take that well, now did she?" Mary Lou said.

"Uh-uh," Charley said, handing her the case report.

"And, I swear, she was loud as a tractor."

"She has some trouble containing herself sometimes," Charley said.

"You can say that again." She chuckled. "So what took you so long with this case? I mean, you had it for, what, two days? My grandma can solve cases faster than you. And she's in her nineties"

"It's that old lady spunk she has going for her."

"Oh, you betcha. She's one badass grandma"


Clint trotted down the street, and Charley was jogging just to keep up with the speedy dog. Streetlamps shot up from the sidewalk, casting long shadows on the concrete. When they came to a gate, they turned.

The park was peaceful at night. All that could be heard was the rattling of collars on dogs, the crunching of treats, the laughing of owners, and the occasional chirping of crickets. Charley's eyes followed Clint's body up the field. If Charley looked in a certain way, it seemed like Clint was running to the moon.

Charley doubted the likelihood of Clint making it all the way to the celestial orb. The dog didn't have enough stamina. Plus, he hadn't packed any cookies for the journey.

Charley smirked, thinking, But then again, you never know.

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