An: So I'm just writing this for fun. I want to make a graphic novel but that's a very slow process for me, since I like to make detailed pictures and am anal about making each one perfect. So, I'm writing the story down first because it's faster and I don't want to forget my ideas. I also wanted a sort of poetic feel in the writing that I can't get in a graphic novel. Though the graphic novel I can make awesome cool character designs... If I ever get around to do it.

Chapter 1

Satin, soft, plush, silk, red and pink. She almost disappeared into the mound of pillows and blankets, safe in her nest. He edged closer, watching her. He'd protect her from anything, but he never been able to seem to protect her from him.

He scanned his eyes over her white skin, at least of what he could see through the red, looking for bruises, seeing where they were, wondering exactly how she got them. At least bruises never stayed long on her.

It made him sick, but he thought it anyway. An excuse to think about her, to look at her, as twisted as it was. He came closer, bare feet silent on the carpet floor.

She smelled like blackberries. She always did, but she smelled like something else.

She smelled like him.

Like rotten flesh.

He shook his head a little, trying to hold onto the blackberry sent.

She rolled over, her white arm stretching out before going to her side, exposing her naked body more to him. He had seen it before. He knew what it looked like. He didn't have to look. But he did it anyway.


He lifted his head to the sound of her sweet voice, ready to listen, to obey, to please.

"Go prepare my bath."

And he did.

The sound of laughter, drugged and groggy, coming out of throats like vomit, filtered through the once quiet trees. The night was warm, hot and sticky. The sweat clung to their clammy skin as they gasped in the humid air. Eyes were bright and wide; hungry eyes searching for something. Searching for a thrill, excitement or maybe just a way to hurt themselves. They didn't care what they felt- joy, pleasure, anger, pain-as long as they felt it.

He looked at the others, huffing as they let their bright eyes land on him. His vision wavered a bit, colors swirling together; colors that shouldn't be there.

"Hey," she said. "Gimme some more of that." She reached up her hand, falling over in the process.

"No! Get ya own!" He sucked on the rolled up paper, inhaling. The smoke streamed out of his nose as he looked at his surroundings, head high as if he were king here. "I am King," he said, trying to see through the dark foliage of the woods. His vision too messed up, he decided he didn't need to see.

His buddy started giggling, a grating sound that sounding like a donkey.

"Whadda you laughing at?!" The leader of the group grabbed on the front of the boy's black Pink Floyd T-shirt.

The boy blinked. "Can't remember."

"Well then you can be the royal ass. You sound enough like one. Sherry! Where the hell are ya?!"

Sherry pushed herself up from the ground, grabbing onto his shoulder to keep balance. "I'm right here Sean. If you're King, what does that make me?" she asked shyly.

"The royal whore."

"Aw, Sean... Can't I be the royal princess instead?"

Sean took her shoulders and made her face him. "I'm the King, love. What I say goes." He kissed her deeply, she, practically melting in his arms, back arched and fingers gripping into his leather jacket. If he wasn't holding her, she would have fallen on the mossy ground again.

"Hey Sean..." Kevin stumbled closer, grabbing Sean's leather sleeve. "Hey Sean... Hey Sean... Can I kiss her, too? I never get to kiss nobody ever."

Sean looked up from his kissing and narrowed his eyes at Kevin. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Can't you seem I'm busy?"

"Sean?" Sherry gripped his shoulder. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"It sounds like thunder..." She clung to him, burying her head into his chest.

"Sherry, there's not a single fucking cloud in the sky. Calm down, will ya?" But then Sean stopped, because he could hear it, too. The sound was frightening and getting louder by the minute.


A command that wasn't spoken or heard, but felt, bouncing around their brains painfully. They ran without control of their own bodies. The humid air was thick with fear; the smell of sweat, adrenalin and urine, and yet another scent. Something not easily identified, but whatever it was, they were getting high off of it.

Sherry started laughing, her body convulsing too much for her to keep running. She fell first.

Kevin wasn't seeing, his eyes out of focus and he ran into an oak, the width of it almost four feet.

Sean kept running. His lungs burning, when he sense the absence of the other two, he pushed on. He was stronger than them. He leapt over fallen logs, and moved around trees. His strength never left him. He didn't need to laugh.

The sound wasn't as frightening, but almost like music egging him on. The thunderous thumping, the huffs of air, a tinkering of metal; it was a beat. If it went faster, he went faster.

But he slowed.

A sound rang in his ears, almost too high for him to hear. It made his head more groggy, but it also made him relaxed. He was completely relaxed.

He walked over to a large maple and placed his hand onto the damp bark. It was cool so he put his sweaty forehead against it. It felt good. He turned around, leaning up against the tree.

He blinked once, because at first he thought it was just a shadow.

A large black horse and rider stood before him, completely still. The light bounced off hues of blue on the horse's shiny hide. The rider was cloaked, the material draped over the person making swirls of cloudy smoke. The jingling rang again, a shower of small chains spilling from the black horse's muzzle. The rider swung its leg around and stepped onto the leafy ground. As soon as the rider's toe hit the dirt, the scent of fear disappeared and was replaced with cherry blossoms. The air seemed cooler. He felt himself relax even more, leaning back against the damp bark as his breath flew out of his lungs.

He did not notice his friends, tied at the wrist with a dark rope to the large horse's saddle. Kevin on his knees, his mouth open and his eyes closed. Sherry was faced down, as if she had been dragged the whole way there, unmoving.

There was a song in the air, a woman's voice, clear and pure. He closed his eyes to the song. When he opened them, beautiful blue eyes peered down at him, framed with think black lashes and a face so beautiful, he stopped breathing. Her skin was as white as the moon and seem to sparkle with other colors near her eyes. Her dark lips moves and he realized she must be saying something.

No... she was singing.

He didn't understand the words, but he didn't care. He didn't want to look away. He wanted to stare at her face forever.


He blinked tears from his eyes. She had spoken his name.

"Did you take something from me, Sean?" Her bell like voice sounded like a mother talking to her child.

Did he take something? He couldn't remember. He might have.

She stroked a silky white finger down his wrist to his sweaty palm. He was still clutching the homemade joint. Easily, she pried his fingers open, and lifted the crush paper and leaves. "Did you take this plant from me?"

A breeze lifted, and carried the remnants of it away from her fingers.

Sean lifted his hand, trying to catch the swirl of dust in the air. He watched it go sadly before turning his gaze back to the beautiful face.

"It's not nice to steal, Sean."

He wasn't listening to her. He lifted his dirty hand, and brushed his fingertips to the side of her face. He could barely see dark hair in the shadow of the cowl. It might have been black, or maybe it was purple. He leaned forward to push his dry lips against her perfect smooth black ones.

And then it was over.

Danny concentrated on the pain on his forehead every time the glass rammed into it after going over a bump.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" his mother asked from the steering wheel of the car.

"My life is over and I'm wallowing in the deep despair of the destruction of my heart... Yeah I'm fine."

"Oh good!"

"Gee mom, thanks for your sympathy."

"Is this about that girl...? I'm sure you'll meet lots of new girls when we get to Mooresville."


"Is that her name?"

"Yes! Oh God and what a name!"

"Shush now, you're going to wake up Kally."

He gave a glare to the back seat of his little sister sleeping in her child seat before rolling his eyes and returning his head to the window.

"Kally this and Kally that. What about my needs?"

"There will be many other women you can express your needs too. Me, not being one of them."

"What kind of mother are you?"

"We're here!" The car turned into the driveway with the moving van already parked.

Danny looked up at the house unimpressed. "Seems kinda old..." The house was rather plain, with plain white paint chipping from it's sides, and a plain porch that looked like it could fall in any second. The windows were dusty (and plain) and the garage was small. A small window where the attic must be, leered spookily over him. "I don't like it."

"Shut up and help move things in, kid." His mother slammed the car door shut and opened the back door to get the waking Kally.

When everything was unloaded, Danny sat on the porch swing and watched the moving van drive away. As the truck moved out of sight, Danny noticed a boy standing across the street in dirty raggedly looking clothes.

"Hey!" Danny called, the boy staring directly at him. There was something off about his freckled face. His green eyes seemed to be too large for his head and as he grinned a toothy grin, Danny swore he saw fangs. "HEY!" he called out louder, but the boy made no move except to form his smile even larger.

Freaked out, Danny flung open the screen door and ran inside. "MOM! MOM! THERE'S LIKE.... LIKE A KID...!"

"DANNY? I'M IN THE BATHROOM!" The doorbell rang, and Danny stopped with a shiver going down his spine. "CAN YOU GET THAT?"



He grabbed a broom from the kitchen closet and sulked back to the door. With a a deep breath, he threw open the door, brandishing the broom.

Startled blue eyes gapped at him. "I-I'm sorry! I hope I didn't disturb you!" She bent down to pick up a few chocolate chip cookies that has fallen from a plate she was carrying. "I just... thought it would be polite to welcome you into the neighborhood, so I made some cookies for you, but if you're busy I entirely understand if you want me to leave." Her blonde hair waved into curls at the tips, and her small hands trembled as covered the dirty cookies with a napkin before putting them in her coat pocket.

Danny's mother walked up behind him. "Oh what an adorable girl!" She said, elbowing Danny in the ribs to his annoyance. "That's so thoughtful! Please come in!"

The girl shyly stepped in through the door and followed his mother into the kitchen. Danny gave the girl's back a suspicious look before looking out the door. He saw no sign of the creepy ass kid so he closed the door behind him.

"And what's your name?" his mother asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I completely forgot to introduce myself! I'm Sally Godlove. I live next door."

"Just place the cookies on the counter. Man then look yummy! You said you made them yourself? That's just so sweat! I'm Mrs. Livingston. This is Danny, my son," she grabbed her son by the shoulders and forced him to face Sally.

"Hi..." he gave a half hearted wave.

"Pleased to meet you!" Sally said with a cute little smile on her heart shaped face. Hands folded together she gave a slight bow.

"Yeah, you too." She seemed a little "too" friendly to him. Something was weird about this place.

"Would you like a tour of the house?" Mrs. Livingston asked.

"Thank you very kindly for the offer, but actually, I have to get home before dinner or my parents won't be happy. I've been here before anyway."

"Oh really? Did you know the people who lived here before very well?"

"Well I was once the lab partner for their daughter and I came here to do homework."

"They move?" Danny asked, still watching the window for the strange kid.

"Well after she disappeared her parents did, yes."

Danny turned his focus to her. "Disappeared? Like how?"

"I'm not sure. I guess she got lost in the woods. I feel like it's strange though. She hasn't been missing all that long, but her parents moved away. I guess they gave up on her..." Sally looked uncomfortably at the wall.

"You poor thing!" Mrs. Livingston took Sally in her arms. "I'm sure she'll be found! We'll keep a look out for her! Won't we Danny?"

"Yeah..." he answered, his mind racing.

"Oh thank you! That's very nice of you. She went missing with two other boys as well. Her name was Sherry. I'm not quite sure what the boys names were."

"She probably went off to shack up with them," Danny replied.


"Sorry..." He rolled his eyes at his mother.

"Well I better get going. Thank you so much for your kindness! It was a pleasure to meet you!"

"You too Sally!" his mother replied. They watch her leave. "Isn't she the cutest girl ever? Look at those cute little blonde curls." She looked at Danny seriously. "You should tap that."

He gave his mother a look of disgust and disbelief. "Mother, one, that was a crude and rude thing to say! Two, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!"

"Bla bla bla Evelyn..."



"Well I hope you enjoy living in "Weirdsvill" cause you'll fit right in. I'm gonna go unpack my stuff."