After what seemed like three hours later we finally reached an abandoned house. The windows were all either broken or boarded up and the roof was sunken in. The south wall was collapsed but it was a place to stay.

We all sat around tired and worn out beyond anything we'd ever been through before. Sean was laid out across the floor with his arms and legs spread out and breathing heavily. Allister was sitting with his legs apart and his elbows resting on his thighs with his head slumped down. Kristina leaned against a wall with her pony tail barely staying up from the long day. Chase sat with his head in his hand running it through his messy sweaty hair and sighing. Even Vince looked worn out. His giant build was slumped over and his shoulder rose with deep breaths.

"This will never be over," Sean said.

"Everything will be alright in the end," I said from my spot sitting on the floor. "The problem is I don't think it's anywhere near being the end yet."

"We have to find and kill Han Shao," Chase said. "That's the only way to end it."

"We still have to deal with the problem of getting home after that, since base kinda, you know, abandoned us and all," Sean said from his spot on the floor.

"For now, I'm sleeping," Kristina said slumping to the ground and laying down.

"I agree," I said resting my head in Chase's lap and closing my eyes.

"Goodnight everyone," Allister said laying beside Kristina. Chase moved so he was laying next to me and my head was on his shoulder.

"Goodnight, Ace," I whispered.

"Goodnight, Andy," he said back and kissed my forehead sending me to sleep.

The next morning we were all ready for combat. We were sitting around going over possible plans but coming up with nothing.

"I say we just blow the friggin place up," Sean said sighing. I paused and thought about it.

"Al, can it be done?" I asked. Allister turned to look at me like I was nuts.

"Can we blow it up?" he asked with raised eyebrows. I nodded. He sighed and leaned back to think about it. "I guess so. If we had the right amount of the right stuff."

"Then lets blow the friggin place up," I said smiling at Sean.

Getting the supplies wasn't easy but Allister and Sean had managed to find someone who had it. After a sketchy meeting and swapping money for the bombs we regrouped outside Han Shao's house again. The bombs were dispersed among all of us and we were told our routes again. We would spread the bombs throughout the house and once we were at a safe distance we would blow the place. We knew Han Shao was home because the security was tight.

We separated and headed to the house. I came to the gate I would enter and silently walked up to the guard and slit his throat from behind. I placed my first bomb and walked in the house. I walked through the hallway placing bombs as I went and turned to go down the next hallway when I was met with a man about my size. He was young. I had no idea who he was. I grabbed my knife and was surprised when it was knocked away by the man's foot. He went to kick me again and I grabbed his foot and twisted it until I heard a snap. I grabbed my second knife and threw it into his skull. I placed the next bomb next to his body and went on with my route.

Finally I received word that all the bombs had been placed and to make my way out of the building. I practically ran from the building and once I exited the backdoor I was tackled to the ground. I glanced up to see a man who looked identical to the one I killed in the hallway. I blinked thinking it to be impossible since I had just killed him.

"You killed my brother!" he yelled. I shook my head snapping myself back to reality and kicked him in the gut.

I rolled over and wrestled with the man trying to reach for my weapon. He pulled one first and just before he stabbed me in the heard a gunshot sounded and he fell over dead. I looked up to see Chase putting his gun away and he pulled me up.

"Come on! There about to blow this place," Chase said dragging me away. We made it to the building across the street and turned as Allister pressed the button to set off the bombs. Exactly two seconds after the click of the button sounded the explosions were heard and the house collapsed in on itself.

We all cheered and high-fived each other as the smoke and dust cleared to show the rubble that was once the mansion of a powerful gang leader. I jumped into Chase's arms and gave him a kiss and Kristina did the same to Allister. I laughed as Sean awkwardly held his hand out to Vince. Vince smiled and picked Sean up in a huge hug.

"Now to get home," Kristina said as we walked back to the apartment.

"Perhaps we should just buy us some plane tickets and go back without the base's consent," I said. "I don't think they'll be answering back to us anyway." Chase nodded.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Allister said.

"The airport then?" Sean asked stopping and turning towards the direction of the airport.

"I want a shower first," I said laughing.

"Me too!" Kristina said and continued walking towards the apartment.

"So I was thinking," Chase started as we walked alone behind everyone, "once we get back I don't really see a need for us both to buy a house in Cali. How about instead of my neighbor you just live with me instead?" I smiled and looked up at him.

"I'd like that," I said and he leaned down to kiss me. I heard a whistle and looked up to see everyone staring. I flipped them the bird and kissed Chase anyway.