Summary: Cole couldn't decide if she was real or if he was losing his mind when he saw her stepping out of the painting and stood before him in the flesh….


For two hundred years she waited. Time ticked by at a painfully slow rate, each year felt like eternity.

Pure stubbornness had her clinging to the living, to a world she no longer able to join. Elizabeth Henning existed as a painting on someone's wall, an invaluable object, nothing else. A long time ago Elizabeth existed in flesh and blood. The artist who had painted her had wanted her so badly, loved her so deeply, he'd made her real. He'd dreamed her into existence.

Sunlight now poured into the art gallery - her current home. In the last 200 years she'd been moved numerous times, from art galleries to homes and back again. In all that time she never stopped searching, never stopped believing he was waiting for her as she was waiting for him.

Every time a man that even remotely resembled her artist passed by her painting, her heart would kick up to life and then break all over again when it turned out not to be him.

There was a time when she thought she had forever to search for him, but she knew now that was no longer case. Now, more than ever, she'd welcome the slow ticking of time because she was slowly fading from existence. What time she had left, she was willing to trade in a heartbeat if she could see him one more time.

Just once more, dream me into existence as you did before.

Make me real.

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