Practice makes
permanent, so get it right the first time.

June 17th,
11:07 A.M.

Curse away your mistakes
- the wrong chord, an extra key, that acoustic buzz.
It doesn't take too terribly long.

Shake off the powerchords biting at your forearm muscles;
lick your deliciously sanguine fingertips;
clean the sweat off those keys!

June 17th,
11:48 A.M.

Then all of a sudden
it's not that difficult anymore,
and you wonder how you even struggled in the first place.

August 30th,
1:07 A.M.

Everything and everyone beckons to your bed,
but you can't sleep because that guitar shines so damn bright -
you can't let it leave your fingers,
not on the brink of perfection.

August 31st,
3:45 P.M.

you say with a smile -
five minutes and forty-eight seconds
since you walked in the door
and played it perfect.