Chapter 9

''so Em?'' Peter questions her

''yea?'' Emma answers him

''so I was thinking that you could skip school and come to work with me today.'' he tells her

''aughhh.'' Lauren says and just shakes her head at Peter

''what?'' Peter asks her

''no she's not going with you to work Peter!'' Lauren tells him

''oh come on mom why not?!'' Emma asks her

''No because you didn't do and finish all your homework last night!'' Lauren tells her

''ugh!'' Emma hits her forehead and groans

''is that true sweetie?'' Peter asks her

''Dady why are you getting mad at me?'' Emma asks him

''I'm not getting mad at you I'm just asking you a question.'' he tells her calmy

''yea it's true okay I fell asleep!'' Emma tells him

Lauren scofts ''you were on the phone all nite!'' Lauren says

''evesdropper how much did you hear?!'' Emma questions her

''I didn't I came into your room after you fell asleep to say goodnight to you but you were already asleep!'' Lauren tells her

Emma just scofts.

''come on mom it's just 1 day I will be missing. Can't you just wirte me a note or call school and tell them I'm sick?'' Emma asks her

''Emm if your mom says no she means it I'm sorry sweetie it looks like your going to school today. But maybe some other day when you have a day off or something I will take you to work with me.'' Peter tells her

''fine.'' she says

''but if you hurry and go and get ready I will drop you off.'' he tells her

''really?'' she asks him

''yea go.'' he tells her

''okay thanks dad!'' she says and smiles and hugs him and goes upstairs to go and get ready for school

''what the hell do you think your doing?'' she asks him

''trying to get to know my kid better.'' he tells her

Lauren just scofts.

''come on Laur I know you both miss me.'' he says

Lauren just stays quite.