Chapter 1

One afternoon Lauren and her 16 year old teenaged daughter Danielle get to thier hotel room in Park City Utah.

''god,I'm so friggen cold.'' Danielle says

''go take a nice hot shower then it will warm you up.'' Lauren tells her

''okay, so hey um I guess we're going to see dad while we're here?'' Danielle asks her

Lauren just looks down ''um yea we are since your dad and I are doing Birds of America together and we have a ton of press to do together this week.'' Lauren tells her

''fine whatever.'' Danielle says and goes into the other bedroom in the suite that they are in and shuts the door so she can take her shower in her own shower in the bedroom suite

Lauren goes into her bedroom on the other side of the suite and starts to unpack a little.

Danielle comes out a while later and goes to Lauren's room looking exactly like Lauren with Jeans boots a cute shirt and curly primpy hair.

''wow don't you look cute you trying to look for a boyfriend?'' Lauren jokes with her

''thank you and no.'' Danielle tells her and gets up on the bed.

''tired sweetie?'' Lauren asks her

''no not really.'' Danielle says

Lauren checks her blackberry.

''what?'' Danielle questions her

''nothing I just think we have a press thing to go to in a little bit you hungry?'' Lauren tells and asks her

''I don't know why?' Danielle questions her

''because if you are then we should leave right now to go and get something to eat then head over to the press thing.'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Danielle says and goes and gets her jacket and cell phone and sticks it in her pocket

''okay I'm ready.'' Danielle tells her

''okay hun.'' Lauren says and puts her boots on and then her jacket

They leave the hotel room together and go downstairs to the lobby and Lauren orders a car to take them to get something to eat.