"Well this sucks…" I said out loud to myself.

I was sitting in a massive puddle of mucky water. That puddle was located in the back of a dead end alley. Not only was I soaked, but I felt like shit too. There were bruises all over my body. I was so beat up that I couldn't even stand up. So I just sat there, wallowing in self-pity.

I had just finished getting my ass kicked by a couple of punks. There were five to be exact. And they weren't even that good at fighting. They only won because they had numbers on their side. It was nowhere near a fair fight. I hated the new school already.

It was my first day at my new school in Fight City. Isn't that a stupid name for a place? Who the hell calls their city "Fight City"? I thought it was dumb the second my principal told me I was going to be transferred there. I bet that old fart planned it from the start.

You see, at my old school I had a reputation. Everyone thought I was some sort of demon. It was just because I could kick the crap out of anyone. I took advantage of that fact too. Every single day I fought at least five people, sometimes all at once too. I didn't really do it for any reason either. Yeah, both my parents died when I was young, but I didn't care about that. It wasn't like I was some emo kid who felt like taking his anger out on the world. I just loved a good fight and frankly, I was running out of those in my old school. I didn't know they were kicking me out when I was called to the office that day. Just like every other punishment, I figured it would be something short and then I could go back to bullying people. I was wrong though. That trip to the principal's office changed my life.

I had to hold back from laughing as I walked into the room. The principal had two tissues shoved up both his nostrils. Those were my doing. The day before I had taken him on in the parking lot. Just like everyone else, he was horrible in a fight. It was probably the reason why they kicked me out that day. That must have been the breaking point. If I had known that, I would have done it earlier!

"How are you today Mr. Smith?" He politely asked me as I sat down in the guest's chair.

Snickering I replied, "I'm great! How about you sir? That nose seems to be healing up nicely," pointing as I spoke to the mess of blood and paper stuck in his nose.

Standing up and slamming his fist on the desk he yelled, "Sit down and shut up!"

I laughed at the infuriated man. "Ok, ok. Cool it. I was just asking."

The principal returned to his seat and began to smirk as he spoke. "Now Mr. Smith. Due to your uncontrollable violent tendencies the school board has decided to send you to another school. Some place far, far away from here. And it should be perfect for someone of your..." He searched for the right word. "talent set. What do you say Mr. Smith?"

Leaning back and putting my feet up on his desk I replied, "I say fuck yeah! Finally get to leave this place!"

The principal stared at my feet, but didn't do anything about it. I think he was scared of what I might do to him if he did. "Good, good! We were hoping that you would agree. Of course, you had no choice in the matter anyways, but whatever." He removed himself from his chair and walked to the window. Peaking through the blinds to the outside, he spoke. "You aren't supposed to be here. You're kind don't belong at this school."

Chuckling, I told him, "If you're trying to piss me off you aren't getting anywhere. You can't insult me all you want; just tell me about the place I'm transferring to. It's some kind of prison or asylum, isn't it?"

"No, actually!" Whispering he said, "Those were all full." Returning to his normal volume he continued. "It is actually a very nice place in Fight City. The students there are just as nice as ours were before you beat them up! You can pummel them to your hearts content! We've already arranged a taxi for you and your things. And there is no need to say to goodbye seeing as how you don't have any friends!" Moving from the window he beckoned me out of my chair. "So, you can get out of here immediately! Come on, now! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

Without a moment to say anything back I was pulled from my chair and pushed out the door. With a load crash he slammed the door behind me. I could hear locks clicking as I stood there in a dazed state.

"I can finally leave this shit hole of a town! This is awesome!" I yelled at the top of my lungs in the hallway.

It wasn't awesome though. Seeing as how I was lying in the middle of nowhere. I had shown up my first day in Fight City. As I was introduced to the kids in the school I challenged anyone willing to a fight. Nobody was intimidated though. The entire group busted out laughing after I stated I would kick all of their asses. I didn't understand why they did that at first. However, as I was going at it with those five guys I think it dawned on my. Fight City wasn't going to be full of a bunch more pussies.

Someone was walking down the alley towards me. They didn't seem to be in any hurry. They simply strolled towards my broken form. I couldn't tell who it was. All I could hear was clinking of something as they took each step closer. The high walls on either side made it pitch black. There was a street light at the very back of the alley that illuminated the area a couple of feet in front of me. He was slowly approaching that space.

"Hold up! If you're here to take me on you'll need to give me a second. I'm still a little tired from messing up those other guys!" I yelled at the person.

Stopping just outside the light's radius he let out a loud laugh. He stuck his only his head into the ring of light and gave me a huge smile. His teeth were bright white and seemed to twinkle. There cleanliness was only intensified by his dark black skin color. A mess of dreadlocks also fell down around his head. For some reason there were chains attached to some of his dreads every once and a while.

Opening his mouth, once again he laughed. "I saw you going up against those guys! You're amazing!"

I looked away from him and rubbed my buzzed head. "Really? Thanks man. It was nothing."

"Amazingly shitty that is!" He broke out into a laughing fit once more. "You are probably one of the worst fighters I've ever seen!" All the while as he spoke, he was smiling.

Suddenly I found the strength to leap from the ground. I bolted for the edge of the light. I clenched my fist up tightly and swung.

His chuckles rung throughout the alley as he stepped into the darkness. "You're at a major disadvantage whitey! You don't blend in so well!" He was still laughing, hard as ever.

My swing led me out of the light. It was too dark for me to see anything. I could see the spot of light behind me and the street at the other end of the alley. The area in between those points was impossible to see in though. I was blind.

Suddenly, all around me I heard wind rushing as though something was cutting the air. Then, something brushed against my shoulder. And then again, against me leg. There was something swirling around me, but I couldn't tell what it was. I had no idea what was making the sound. Whatever it was though, it scared me. I had been in hundreds of battles with numerous amounts of opponents. I don't know what happened that time. My legs began to shake and I was unable to move.

"Look at that! Are you afraid of my weapon?" The guy hollered so that it bounced off the walls and gave me no clues as to his position.

Angry, I yelled back, "Only pansies use weapons! True fighters survive with only there fists!"

There was a moment of silence in which nothing was said. I was searching the darkness when a strong punch was landed on the side of my face. The sheer force of it sent me sailing back into the puddle I came from. It was a crazy hit!

He immerged fully from the darkness. The only piece of clothing I could see was a long black trench coat that covered all of him except a pair of heavy boots on his feet. Also, chains hung from multiple points on his coat and hands. He kneeled next to me. Taking my lazy hand in his, he shook it. I could only drool as his large grin filled up almost his entire face.

"I like you! I like you a lot new kid! How about you and I become buddies?"

I coughed loudly and ripped my hand from his. I was in awe of the guy. One moment he was hitting me down an alley with the hardest hit I've ever felt and the next he was asking me if we could be friends.

"What… uh… what is your deal? You seem like you're on something. You just called me a weakling. Why are you asking me to be friends? And what makes you think I want to be friends with you after you've just insulted me about fifty times?" I questioned him.

Standing up straight he put a finger to his mouth and thought. "Well, you're new here. Somebody has to protect your rookie ass! Besides, you've already proved to me that you're cool. To tell you the truth, people in this city are lame! It isn't often you come across someone who thinks weapons are stupid!"

Rubbing my cheek I asked him, "Is that why you hit me as hard as you could across the face?"

The guy started to pound his fist on the hard brick wall as he laughed. "You think that is as hard as I can hit you? I barely even tapped you! I didn't want to risk beheading you, so I punched you as soft as I could!"

I nearly shit my pants! "What the hell? You're joking right? I didn't even know someone could hit that hard and you're saying that was the lightest you could have done it? You're full of shit!"

He turned back to me and leaned up against the wall. His howling continued as he answered, "You are funny rook! Not only are you weak, but dumb as well!"

"The name is Ed. Ed Smith. It isn't rook!" I climbed out of the puddle and stood my ground in front of him. "And I'm no kid! I was known as The Demon at my old school! I kicked the shit out of every single person there! Even the principal! If you think I'm going to let you bad mouth me..."

He only smirked at my rage and title. "Calm down kiddo. This place is more than you can handle. Why do you think they call it Fight City? Anyways, I'm Kyle Linkin, but everyone just calls me Links. Nice to me you Smit!" Again, he took a hold of my hand and shook it vigorously.

"My name is Ed Smith, not Smit!" I told him as my arm flopped up and down underneath his strong shake.

He released my hand and started to give me a strong pat on the back. The force of it almost broke some bones. "Too bad Smit!" Looking around for a moment he asked. "Well, are you hungry?"

Surprised by the random question I asked, "What?"

"Food! Do you want to go get some food? I have to say, I'm starving after an entire day of school and watching you get your ass kicked!" He laughed some more and stared at me for an answer.

My stomach growled in the following silence. Truthfully, I would have been more than happy to go anywhere quiet and warm. I needed to recuperate. Letting go of my rage temporarily I answered, "Sure. I am hungry after such a long day."

"Don't worry about it," Links told me assuredly. "Everybody has a rough first day in Fight City! Hell, you should have seen mine!" He roared with laughter as he recalled it.

Before I could even asked him about it he went on. "I didn't issue a challenge like you! Instead I came in yelling and kicked over the teacher's desk. In less than a second she grabbed the back of my head and smashed my face into the floor!" He rubbed his nose in remembrance.

"What the fuck? Even that old bag has some moves?"

Pointing to the distance street Links suggested, "Why don't we walk and talk?" We both started towards the road. "Yeah, and for the rest of the day I got destroyed by other people in the school. It wasn't very fun." He sighed.

"So you were in the same boat as me?" I asked.

He smiled as he peaked around the corner to check the street. For what, I didn't know. "No. I wasn't. You only got beat up by that one group of guys. Which is funny, because they're the lowest ranking team in the school. Everyone else left you alone because they knew you wouldn't be a challenge. It's a sort of honor thing." Finding no problems with the street he beckoned for me to follow him out onto the sidewalk.

Fight City was about the same as any other place. There were tall building everywhere, crappy roads and shops, smoky air, and an unending mess of streets everywhere. The only difference was that there weren't any people. I couldn't see a single person on any of the block. It was almost as though the place was disserted. Links walked a little in front of me and spoke with his back to me. With Links and I being the only people to be seen, it was a little bit unnerving. I felt like we were being stalked.

"So you're saying I'm weak? And you weren't when you showed up? That's a load of bullshit! Plus, what the hell are you talking about? Lowest ranking team?" I told him in my irritated tone.

Ignoring my question about the team he told me. "No, you're right." He sighed as he once more spun to face me. His smile was almost lighting up the dreary city as he spoke. "I was almost just as horrible as you are!"

I began to argue with Links again. "You know what? I will fight you right here! Let's go! No more fighting in the dark! Fight me! I'll prove to you right now that I'm not just some bitch!" As I challenged him I put my fists up and readied myself. "I don't care how hard you can punch! I'm tired of you putting me down!"

Links crossed his arms and glared at me. "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to kill you!" He smirked at the thought.

Instead of answering I charged him. I was the first to go on the attack. However, as I approached him, he didn't even bother to uncross his arms. Using only his legs, he fended off every single attack I threw at him. They leapt out from underneath his coat each time I tried to hit him. In addition, he began to speak in a smug voice.

"Before you attack me, you should at least tell me the rules!" While he scorned me for my idiocy I attempted to place an uppercut into his chin. He simply parried it with his knee, which I didn't even know was possible! "Is it knock out, points for hits, time limit, or fight to the death?" He sounded very menacing as he suggested the last one.

I had managed to back him off the sidewalk and into the street. Luckily I hadn't seen a single car on it the entire time we'd been walking. So I figured we probably didn't have to worry about that. He was still blocking and parrying like a champ though. I was sweating as much as a dog after only a minute as my anger started to grow more and more.

Panting I spoke whilst throwing punches and the occasional kick. "Let's make it a knock o..."

Before I was even able to finish my sentence, his leg came across firmly in the center of my chest. It knocked me back a ways and out almost instantly.

I woke up to find myself in another large puddle. This time, it was on the side of the street. Over top of me stood the victorious Links. He was bursting with laughter as he helped me up.

"You're even worse than I thought you were Smit! Now I know what to expect from you though! So, it's all good!" Links happily exclaimed.

"Shut up!" was all I could come up with.

I lifted my shirt to check my chest. There was a new large bruise in the spot Links had kicked me. It also hurt a somewhat to breathe.

Looking at the overjoyed man I said. "Let me guess. That was the lightest you could kick?"

He turned away from me in shame. "Actually, it was a tiny bit harder than that." Coming back around he happily explained. "I had to knock you out after all!"

"This is lame. I still don't think you're a better fighter than me! You only won because I'm not in the best shape after dealing with those other guys." I pointed me finger dangerously at him. "We'll fight again when I'm in top shape!" I looked around at, what seemed to be a ghost town, and asked, "What is up with this place? I thought this was a city. Where the hell is everyone?"

Links was distressed as he replied. "Why don't we get some grub first? I feel weak after beating you up twice! I know this awesome place just a couple of blocks away!"

My stomach agreed with him. "I'm up for that. That is, if I can keep anything down. I feel like I might throw up if I eat anything! I can thank you for that!" I rubbed my belly as I talked.

Hitting my chest with an open hand he chuckled. "In that case, you'll just have to keep eating and re-eating it until it stays down!"

I pushed his hand away. "Ew! That's fucking gross!"

He paid no attention to me and began to walk off in the direction of the joint. I stayed close behind him. Fight City was creepy. I didn't want be caught alone.