This was something that popped into my head after listening to the Fairytopia soundtrack and I imagined that Izz was being teased by the other Psammeads in Aria because he doesn't have magic while the others do and is lonely until he meets a kindred spirit in the human Queen of Aria.

I hope you guys enjoy.

It was an normal day in Psammeadis in Aria but somebody was sad as he watched the other Psammead kids playing and using their magic but he heard them snicker as they made fun of him.

His name was Izzard J Nassicus and had beauitful silver grey fur with alert bat like ears but unlike other Psammeads, he didn't have magic and the other Psammead kids made fun of him but he was still upset eariler after the other kids were playing Transformation Tag and he couldn't join in.

He wiped tears from his snail like eyes but saw somebody approach as it was another Psammead with brown grey fur as Izz smiled sadly.

It was Bronx his brother and care taker of Izz since he was six but he had magic but didn't use it around his brother as it wasn't fair.

"It's okay Izzard.

Those guys are show offs.

I know you're cool.

I know you'll have a friend soon.

I can feel it." he assured him.

"H-How do you know Bronx?" he told him.

"I just know." he replied.

Izz hoped he was right but then saw Bronx leave.

But he felt sad but then heard footsteps as he didn't know that somebody had approached him seeing he was sad as it was a human female with black and red hair, wore glasses and had sky blue eyes but she wondered what was wrong seeing him cry.

"Are you okay?" she asked as he looked up.

"W-Who're you?" he asked.

"I'm Carley.

What about you?

Why're you so sad?" she asked.

"I-I'm Izzard J Nassicus.

I was crying because the other Psammeads don't like me because I have no magic like them.

They tease me.

All I want is a friend." he told her.

"They don't seem nice.

I'll be your friend Izz.

Besides you can come live with me." she said.

Izz was stunned hearing this.

"Y-You do?" he asked.

"Yes I do.

You're like me." she answwered.

He had no idea that she was the Queen of Aria.

Bronx smiled as he saw Izz with her.

"Portalus Openus." Carley said.

Ogreix emitted as she created a portal leading to Earth.

They then went through it.......

In the purple bricked castle in Latanis, the main city of Aria, Skye was watching and smiled knowing that the Queen of Aria had befriended Izz knowing he'd been lonely and wanted a friend but knew she would care about him as she smiled hoping this was true......

Izz's snail like eyes opened as he found himself in a room in another world but remembered meeting Carley and knew he was in the human world which excited him as he'd heard from the other Psammeads but hoped that she would like him as he didn't have magic but saw the door open as he saw Carley enter but another girl was with her as she had long chestnut brown hair with hazel eyes as he hid behind Carley as she smiled.

"It's okay Izz.

This is my best human friend Leah.

We have a lot in common.

She cares about me a lot.

I think you'll like her." she said.

Izz peeked out from behind her and saw that she had warmth in her eyes like Carley and understood as he came out as she stroked his head but he liked the touch.

Carley smiled as their stomaches rumbled as they went downstairs but Izz was on Carley's shoulders as he got a good feeling about this place and that he'd like it here even if it was a little different.......