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Bronx's snail like eyes opened as he found himself in the living room of the Robert's house but knew this was where Izz was but smiled seeing his brother still asleep but he saw Leah enter as he prepared to fight but sensed she wouldn't hurt him as he calmed down.

"Hey there I'm Leah.

Who're you?" she said.

"I'm Bronx.

Izz is my brother and he came here with the Queen of Aria but he's still a little sad about what happened to him back in Psammeadis, our home in Aria where they teased him and made him feel like an outcast because he doesn't have magic like the others but I care about him as our parents were sucked into a vortex when I was six and Izz was only a baby and after that night, I became the only family he's known.

It just angers me when other Psammeads rease him because he has no magic.

But Carley seems to be helping him.

I'm not surprised if they go through the Rite of Bonding." he answered.

Leah understood knowing how her friend had been helping Izz adjust to this world but Bronx smiled seeing his brother asleep as he had no clue Carley had given him his magic but Leah knew that things would go better for both siblings in this world.

"Let's get something to eat." he whispered.

She agreed as they entered the kitchen but Carley came back from college but Izz slowly began to stir sensing her aura but woke up with a jolt at that as he knew only those with magic could sense Arian auras as he gasped.

"How did I get my magic?

Carley's Arian aura is strong like the True Queen of Aria's......" he thought.

Carley smiled as she hugged him but he liked this feeling as Bronx hugged him but not as much but he smiled broadly at this.

"Are you the True Queen of Aria?" he asked softly.

She nodded in reply.

"Hai Izzard.

I gave you your magic as I was mad at the other Psammeads for being so mean to you but you're very special.

We have a shared destiny." she answered.

He was silent but was thinking about things.

"What about Leah and Bronx?" he asked.

"Hai they have a shared destiny too.

They just don't know it yet." she told him.

Izz smiled as he was hungry.

"Let's get something to eat, okay?" she said going into the kitchen.

Later that night, Carley heard Izz whimper in the middle of the night as she turned her lamp on and wondered what was wrong as she saw him sit on the bed wearing black pyjamas with purple sleeves but he looked scared as she rubbed his back.

"I don't like the dark." he admitted looking away from her.

She understood hugging him but he was stunned.

"You're not mad at me?" he said.

"Why would I?

I don't like the dark either because I lost my night vision.

You wanna get into bed with me?" she said.

He nodded as he climbed in but felt it was comfy as he snuggled beside her as she smiled seeing his snail like eyes close in sleep as she smiled knowing her Psammead friend would be okay.

Her eyes closed as she fell asleep too.

But in Leah's room, Bronx was finding it hard to fall asleep as he had a lot on his mind because he was worrying about Izz as he remembered the promise he'd made to his mother about watching out for his younger brother before she and their father were sucked into the portal but he sighed as Leah was relaxing him as he climbed into bed beside her but felt the peace of mind he was looking for as his snail like eyes closed but he hoped things would be okay in this eorld.....