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Kyle and Jayden

Undying Love 3: Always

Jayden Harris yawned as he woke from a refreshing slumber. Stretching a little, he stopped when he heard his lover grumble something in protest at the movement. Glancing over, he saw the sleeping form of his boyfriend, Kyle Marks. They had been together for a while now and had been through a lot, especially this past year. Nearly four months ago, Jayden had been nearly killed in an accident that left the other driver--someone that was drunk and had crashed into Jayden when he'd been on his way to work in the early hours of the morning--dead.

The crash had definitely taken its toll on both him and Kyle. Slowly, it had been getting better and things were starting to get back to normal, but things still remained changed. Before, Jayden had been free to go places on his own and do as he pleased. He'd even had a job. It wasn't to say that now he was unhappy or anything. He didn't feel like a prisoner--that wasn't what he was getting at.

No, instead, Kyle simply wouldn't let him out of his sight. He'd had Jayden quit his job because Kyle could support the two of them. It wasn't like the decision was sudden or anything--Kyle had been trying to talk him into quitting for months, and then after the wreck, he simply wasn't having Jayden going back to work. Jayden hadn't been all for going to work anyway and so he'd agreed, after his wreck, that he would no longer work.

The two were happy. Kyle was finally backing off a little. Before the accident, he used to be carefree and wild, but after the accident…well, his personality seemed to change completely. Gone was the carefree Kyle, only to be replaced by one who was seemingly overly protective and caring, almost to the point where it was annoying. Jayden loved Kyle--he wouldn't have him change for anything, but he hated that he was the reason for Kyle's sudden change.

And when he'd tried to confront his love about it, Kyle had simply apologized, saying he was sorry that he hadn't changed sooner and that it had taken Jayden's wreck for Kyle to see how much Jayden meant to him. That had not been Jayden's intention when going into that conversation, but in the end, things seemed to have worked out. Kyle was still pretty protective and possessive and all that, but it was starting to get better, back to how it used to be.

Jayden hated that he'd made Kyle change. He was going to do everything in his power to make sure that his love never had to worry or panic as such again. Kyle didn't deserve to be so concerned about anyone, and while Jayden certainly enjoyed the attention, it simply wasn't the Kyle he'd fallen in love with. It wasn't to say that he didn't love Kyle now--because he certainly did, more than anything--but it had never been his intention to make his love change, for any reason at all.

Shaking his head, Jayden got up from the bed, combing his fingers through his hair as he stalked out of the room and then down the hallway. It was early, going on six in the morning, but he was unable to continue sleeping. He had been doing a lot of that lately, especially under Kyle's watchful eye. His medication made him tired half of the time and then other times left him wide awake. It was oddly confusing, going to bed at strange hours every day. Mentally shrugging to himself, he turned on the water and decided to take a nice, hot shower. Maybe that was what he needed at the time being.

Kyle woke with a frown, feeling as though something was missing. Unconsciously, he reached out. His fingers brushed against empty, cold covers and his eyes shot open wide as he gazed around the room. Jayden was nowhere in sight and the bedroom door was open--Kyle usually closed it every night. Frowning to himself, Kyle stood from the bed and ambled out of the bedroom. He could hear noise coming from the kitchen, and he moved in that direction. "Jay?" he called out.

"In here, Ky," came his love's voice from the kitchen. He followed the voice and found Jayden fixing a fresh pot of coffee. Smiling faintly, he came up behind his love and snaked his arms around the lithe form, making sure not to squeeze too tightly because he knew Jayden still got pain at times.

"What are you doing up so early?" Kyle murmured as he rested his chin against the back of Jayden's right shoulder as he pulled his love toward him.

"Couldn't get back to sleep," Jayden said in return. "Took a shower and decided I wanted some coffee. You?"

Kyle paused. "Woke and you weren't there." That was the simple truth, really. Lately, if Jayden wasn't there, Kyle seemed to wake for no reason except for the fact that he was alone. Since the accident--the one that Kyle hated to remember because his love had nearly been stolen away from him--he had seemed to be more aware of Jayden. He wasn't sorry about that, either. He was sorry, however, that it had taken him so long to realize exactly how much his love meant to him. It had taken nearly losing Jayden to see what kind of impact he was having on Kyle's life.

"Well, you found me," Jayden said as he turned to face Kyle, a small smile dancing across his lips. Kyle caught those lips with his own, pressing against them with a light, tender force that quickly deepened when his love pressed back in kind.

"I'll always find you," Kyle said with a smirk.

"Well, there goes my plan of hide and seek," Jayden said with a sigh, even though his eyes were smiling brightly. Kyle stared into those warm, brown eyes and felt himself getting lost all over again. He always seemed to get lost those amazingly beautiful orbs of brown light.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, his gaze moving to scan over his love completely. These past few months, Jayden had been getting better and better. He was almost his old self and Kyle was thrilled at this fact. Sometimes, though, Jayden had those off days where he felt like absolute crap. Today didn't seem like one of them so far, but still, Kyle figured it was best to ask anyway.

"I'm fine," Jayden said, shaking his head. "You worry too much."

Kyle shrugged. He would never stop worrying about Jayden. He loved him far too much and was still fearful that something would come along and snatch Jayden away, as that crash had so forcefully implanted into his mind. He couldn't lose his love--the thought hurt more than anything and he found himself wincing.

"Are you okay?" Jayden asked in return, his eyes darkening in worry as he frowned at Kyle.

Kyle nodded. "I'm fine, Jay. C'mon, get your coffee and let's see what's on TV."

Kyle had killed their old TV. He had smashed it on the ground after receiving the phone call from the local police, who had been calling to tell him that he was on the list for Jayden Harris and that he needed to come to the morgue to possibly identify a body. The memory still made him shudder and for a long while, he hadn't wanted to get a new TV but Jayden had convinced him that everyone had to have at least one TV--it was just how things were done these days. And he listened to Jayden…unlike he had before, anyway. Before, if Jayden had told him to get a TV…

He would have scoffed and forgotten the words had ever been spoken. Now, though, every word Jayden spoke was like a gift because it had all nearly been stolen from him, every breath his love breathed, every word he spoke…it had all nearly been gone. All that wasted time, those forgotten words and shrugged off thoughts…

"…and I decided you were going to be a transvestite named Kylie who dances in a kilt and yodels just for the hell of it," Jayden was saying when Kyle finally tuned back in to his love.

Kyle flinched and stared at Jayden. "The hell are you talking about?" he asked, utterly perplexed.

Jayden smirked and shook his head. "Just seeing if you were listening. I was actually asking if you were okay. You spaced on me, Ky, what's wrong?" His brown eyes shone with concern.

"I'm fine," Kyle said as he grabbed Jayden by the arm and pulled his love toward him, being careful of the fact that Jayden was holding a scalding cup of coffee. "And I love you."

"Love you too," Jayden said as he smiled again.

The two moved toward the living room, where they settled together on the couch. Kyle grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV. His mind was still racing, though, and it was hard to focus on what was on at the moment. Jayden seemed content, and really, that was all that mattered to him.

Kyle fiddled with the idea of asking Jayden today but decided against it. He was too nervous to just go and do that, even though he usually wasn't ever shy about anything--at least, he didn't used to be. Now, though, he was worried about everything. He'd gotten a taste of what it might have been like without Jayden in his life and he didn't want to risk losing his love to rejection after getting him back from death. He simply was not willing to take that particular chance and so he wanted to time it just right, when Jayden was in a good mood and Kyle knew he was really okay. Maybe next week…

"So…what are you hiding?" Jayden asked casually, his gaze still focused on the TV.

Kyle paused for a moment, watching him. It always amazed him how well Jayden knew him and was able to read him without even really trying. All the more reasons to think Jayden was so special--because he was. He was the most important person in Kyle's life and always would be, no matter what happened. "I'm not hiding anything. What makes you think I am?" Kyle replied easily, looking away to glance at the TV. It was showing some commercial for shoes.

"I dunno, you've just been quiet and you have you're shifty eyes going," Jayden said with a grin in his voice. Kyle quirked a brow at him.

"Shifty eyes?" he questioned.

"Yeah. You have shifty eyes."

Kyle grinned. "Oh really?"

"Yes." Jayden nodded and smiled at him. "So?"

Kyle looked away. "It's nothing."



"You can talk to me, you know."

"I know that," Kyle said, looking at Jayden hurtfully. If there was anyone Kyle could talk to, it was definitely Jayden, and his love should have known that. Hadn't Kyle shown it enough? Or was he lacking in that department that caused Jayden to have doubts?

Jayden shrugged. "So tell me."


"Why not?" Jayden asked quizzically.

"I just…not yet." Kyle averted his gaze to the ground.

There was a pause and then Jayden gripped his shoulder lightly. "Well…tell me when you're ready, okay? I'm here."

Kyle nodded. "I know." He was so grateful he was there, too, and he liked that Jayden understood that he wasn't ready to talk just yet. He wasn't ready to ask the question that had been on his mind for a while now. Sometime soon, he would be ready, but until then, it was nice to know that Jayden understood.

Jayden rested against him and placed his head on Kyle's shoulder. Kyle wrapped an arm around him and pulled his love all the closer. "Love you," Jayden murmured quietly, giving into a small yawn.

"Love you too," Kyle replied. "Get some rest, okay?" He knew Jayden was tired and he needed all the rest he could at the moment, seeing as how he was still healing from that horrible crash.

Jayden nodded into his shoulder. "Yeah…sounds like a plan. You make a good pillow, Ky."

Kyle grinned. "Gee, thanks."


And the two sat there until Jayden fell asleep against him.

Two days later, Jayden stepped out of the bathroom after his shower, a towel draped around his waist, and found Kyle standing in the hallway, waiting for him. His lover wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close, capturing his mouth and crushing his lips against his. Jayden grinned into the kiss and then pulled back. "What was that for?" he asked happily. Kisses from Kyle were always welcome.

Kyle smiled shyly at him, causing Jayden to tilt his head to the side in confusion. "I love you."

"Love you too," Jayden said with a small pause. "Is everything okay?" He frowned. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, I swear," Kyle said with a grin. He grabbed Jayden's arm and led him down the hallway and to their room. Once there, he sat on the bed and nodded at him. "Go ahead and get dressed."

Jayden shrugged at Kyle's odd behavior and then turned toward the closet to get dressed. He pulled out a shirt and listened as Kyle moved on the bed behind him. He was just about to pull the shirt on over his head when he froze, feeling something slip around his neck. Momentarily startled, he tried to jerk away but then stopped when Kyle whispered gently into his ear, reassuring him that everything was okay. He relaxed and felt Kyle fasten something behind his neck.

He realized it was a chain necklace and started to grin--he liked necklaces. He used to always wear one when he was younger but had lost his in the crash--it had been hanging on his mirror as a reminder of his childhood. The chain had broken and so he'd hung it around the mirror and had been unable to recover it afterward. He turned to face Kyle and grinned.

"What's this for?" he asked, lifting a hand up to finger the chain.

Kyle looked shy again and around his neck was a necklace of his own. Jayden squinted at it because there appeared to be a name carved into a part of the chain, a part that was thicker than the rest. With the name was a promise, and for a moment, he could only stare, transfixed.


The name was his. On Kyle's necklace? Why? He fingered his necklace again and felt the impressions of carvings into his own on a thick piece of the chain. Moving toward the full-length mirror near the closet door, he peered at his reflection and scrutinized his necklace. There, he found another name.


"Ky…" he managed to breathe, turning to look at his love, who was looking at the ground sheepishly. "What's…this for?"

"I…" Kyle took in a deep breath. "I mean, I…I love you, Jay."

Jayden frowned at him. "Love you too, Ky, but what--"

"Just…let me explain, okay?" Kyle interrupted quietly. He didn't normally interrupt often, at least not anymore, and so Jayden nodded, listening to him. Kyle kept his gaze firmly planted on the ground as he began to speak again. "I…Ever since the accident…I know I've been acting strange. I'm sorry, I guess, but I'm even more sorry that it took me this long to…realize…"

"You have nothing to be sorry for," Jayden was quick to say, wanting desperately to take that lost look from Kyle's face. He stepped toward his love but stopped when Kyle raised a hand, halting him.

"But I do. I should have…Anyway. I realized that I…can't imagine my life without you and…well…I guess this is where people would normally ask…um…would you marry me?"

Jayden started, mouth agape, his heart hammering wildly in his chest. He was so shocked he couldn't even squeak out a word.

Kyle kept his gaze firmly on the ground, his words becoming rushed as he continued speaking. "But, um…our kind of…marriage isn't legal here, so…I was thinking that, instead of…well, that, we could have our own kind of it? With the…necklaces, I guess, or…" He shrugged, looking embarrassed. "I just know I want…to always be with you, for the rest of my life, and…" He trailed off, biting down on his lower lip as he bowed his head all the more.

Silence settled around them and then Jayden burst out laughing. Kyle flinched and looked up slowly, hurt bright in his eyes.

"It's okay if you don't want to," he whispered softly.

"No," Jayden said, shaking his head, still chuckling. "No, it's not that, Ky, it's just…God…You didn't have to make such a big deal out of this! You could have just asked me, you idiot!" He laughed again and then watched Kyle. "I love you, Ky, and I would be happy to always be with you, if that's what you want."

Kyle nodded quickly. "It is…"

Jayden grinned. "Well then, Kyle, I guess I must accept your offer." He fingered his necklace and then moved closer to his love. Kyle let him and gladly tugged him toward him, encasing him in warm, tight hug, which Jayden gladly returned. Soon the hug was replaced by kisses and it moved on from there, Jayden still without his clothes. The towel eventually slipped to the ground and they made their way toward the bed, happy with what they had and loving each other.


I hope the ending wasn't rushed...hmm. lol I also hope it's not too corny. Hope you enjoyed it! I liked these characters :) But their tale has come to an end, sadly, but at least it's a happy ending, considering all the angst I love to do. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please R&R!