Writing 12

September, 8th. 2010

"Summer is...."

Summer is to me the crawl forwards when you raid McDonald's of it's jungle gym, or a baby's first steps.

Finally arriving to a desired destination, joyfully as a Christmas morning while escaping horrid expectations and rituals that drag on our lives to eternity.

Seemingly to wallow in the aftermath of school or work, a continuous drug that is fed to us through straws simultaneously all at once.

Even withdrawn to the insides of minds and hearts, belief of less shortcomings, crazed adventures, and a hope at romance thrills us.

What wonders Summer brings by once a year, a vacation to recreate who we are similar to a blank canvas ready to be painted.

AN: If you have any questions about the "Writing 12" course, or about anything else, feel free to ask.

This is my own work before we have even learned anything, which wont happen until September, 13. 2010 Monday. The first week of school (Tuesday---{which was only an hour and a half long}--- and Wednesday's till Friday which are full school days). But we do nothing except listen to the rules over again, what each class is about, and we get to mingle and goof off. Which is fine with me! =3