If it just so happens, then it does;..
This waif,
Loop-thrown, she probed
from her clarity of sense
At what he had stated.

"You are below and above me…
Loving both my ends?"

Wrong is the idea that you were ever it…
You were never wrong, I mean.

…And as with our first kiss
one good evening of July,
you left before I was prepared."


…Then, I woke from a place where a month is the state you live in,
And I was from July;
from a place where your school is the road you live on,
And I was constantly moving;
from a place where you're always washing something;
you only hear it when you try.

I was from a place where her face was all that's soothing,
But I was constantly moving;..
…I never see her in July.

And like some catalyst for the initiation for the process
…of creativity nowhere based in reality,
I was a first-grade chump
just waiting to be hit and missed.


What I am is either not in of them
or through the window of time,
Deadened with these,
disjointed memoirs
of prior experience
in which I felt,..
nudging jeers
with a rough-hewn flinch
…coarse matters;

a viola of ambiguous tongue
defining the estimation of essence
between these
Intermittent Peaks and Whatnot.

If it just so happens, then it does;..
then, it does.