I turn on the TV and there's horrors everywhere
I stare at death and sorrow, desperation and despair
I choose not to care, and I forget because I can
Why should I be bothered 'bout the future fate of man?

Endless are the wars where innocents are killed
Children are molested, the mass-graves are filled
Leaders are corrupt, husbands beat their wives
People burn and murder, and many take their lives

I know that there are orphans, that people are alone
But I have friends and family so my heart is of stone
I know that people starve, and I know that it's unfair
But I'm not hungry at the moment so I do not care

My life is pretty good, I have everything I need
But if you have it you want more; my life is full of greed
A voice inside me used to say that I should be ashamed
But it is quiet now and I don't know what it once claimed

They say that your eyes are the mirrors of your soul
My eye is not a mirror anymore, it is a hole
Today, I just care about myself and how I live
When so many need so much, how much can you give?

I can't save them all, so why bother to save one?
We only have this many days to spend under the sun
So each bad event that I see on my TV
Makes it clear that in my life there's only room for me