Yes...another story...but I like this one. I started it a few months ago but the idea I had for it fizzled but now I've a new path for it and it seems to work so far, hehe. Really hope you enjoy it. Also, this is slash, yaoi, BL, M/M whatever you wish to call it, so be warned. No flames. You don't like it, leave now. If you don't mind it, though, then continue on. I hope this will be kind of amusing and intriguing and whatnot and that none of the characters are really annoying, lol. I'm trying things a different way, so...yeah. Enjoy!

Only Human


"You may have forever," he said regretfully, "but I don't. I'm only human."--Liam Corbett

Summary: Liam Corbett was on his way home one moonlit night only to be attacked in the woods. Something is after him--a monster, he believes. After he's saved by a mysterious stranger named Keeley, he's thrown into a world of confusion, questions, and mixed feelings. Wanting answers, he refuses to stop even when Keeley warns him, tells him he doesn't really want to know. Keeley isn't what or who Liam thinks he is, and after answers are given, Liam is thrown into a world of darkness, terror, horror, and blood that he never knew existed. As if that's not bad enough, he's now battling feelings for the mysterious, secretive Keeley. The world has gone to hell, as far as he's concerned. (Bad summary, sorry, but please give it a shot)

Chapter One:

In the Dark Woods

Liam ran as fast as he could, even though he fervently begged his legs to move faster still, away from the snarls coursing from behind him. What was behind him, he wasn't entirely sure--but it was growling and he could hear the jaw snapping with the sound of sharp fangs. He wasn't going to take a chance and stop and allow that thing to nibble him to pieces--no way. So he gasped for breath as he ran, pushing through the brush as quickly as he could, even as twigs caught on his clothes and skin, tearing to reveal deep red blood, turned scarlet by the harsh rush of oxygen to the thick liquid. His heart pulsed quickly in his neck and the sound of the drumming beat was nearly deafening. His head felt extremely light and he wondered, briefly, how much more of this he could take. A random though crossed his mind, wondering if maybe if he had been able to run this fast and this long in gym class, he could have become an athlete and could have become popular. Something told him that, no, that wasn't possible because he had only been running for close to fifteen minutes and he felt excessively close to passing out entirely.

Sweat coldly coating his clothes, he pushed through the brush and into an opening. Stopping momentarily, he debated which way to go. Hearing the approaching snarls, he randomly took off to the left, eager to get as far away from that sound as possible. Oh God, I'm going to die, he thought frantically, the night swarming around him as the darkness tried to swallow him whole. I'm going to die in the middle of the woods and no one is ever going to find me.

It was then that Liam ran right into something warm and solid. Gasping, he staggered back and toppled to the ground on his ass, unable to catch himself in time. Choking on a suppressed cough as oxygen rushed into his aching, burning lungs, he stared at the person before him. They looked down at him with unbelievably blue eyes that peered out from a veil of short, dark blonde bangs. Heart hammering wildly in his chest, he listened as the snarls grew near. He quickly scrambled to his feet and stammered, "T-There's something coming…"

The person quirked a brow at him and then narrowed their eyes. In a deep, quiet voice, they growled, "Get behind me--now!"

Liam hurried to do so, not needing to be told twice. Feeling like a little kid instead of a twenty-two-year-old man, he coward behind this person, keeping close, so close that he could smell the scent of the person's shampoo--was it watermelon? Narrowing his own, dark gray eyes, he listened as twigs snapped and the growling stopped. Out of the trees appeared a…monster. Yes, a monster. That was what it looked like.

It walked hunched over, on two legs but nearly on all four. Obviously it could run on all four, with the way it was bent at the back. It couldn't stand up quite straight. Its face appeared somewhat human but overly dark in comparison, the skin tone almost a blackish-red, seemingly the look of death itself. The ears were pointed, almost like that of an elf, it seemed, and the mouth was twisted into a wolfish grin, sharp fangs appearing, slick with saliva.

Liam swallowed thickly. What the hell is that thing? What's going on? Oh God, I'm going to die, I just know it! And so is this guy! I just had to drag him into it and now… He tore away from his thoughts with a choked breath. The creature stalked forward, still unable to stand upright. Their hands were claws, really--sharp and deadly, easily able to tear through the thin, fragile flesh of Liam's body. Flinching at the mental imagery, Liam forced himself to look away and glare at the ground. If he was going to die here, he needed at least a moment to collect himself. Sorry I got you into this, he thought, glancing at the person who stood in front of him. What this guy was doing here or why he had told Liam to stand behind him, Liam didn't know. Maybe that was for the best.

Calm down, a voice suddenly whispered in his mind. Jumping, Liam looked frantically at the guy in front of him because it sounded oddly like his voice--except it wasn't growling out an order. Or maybe it was. Either way, a chill inched cautiously through Liam's spine. Relax. I've got this.

Relax? Yeah, Liam could do that--if he weren't about to be eaten alive! Honestly, what was this guy thinking? Obviously he wasn't thinking at all or they wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. Okay, Liam couldn't really blame this guy for it--he was the one that had gone walking through the trees in the middle of the night when the moon was barely visible and had run into this guy. Honestly, he really should have known.

"Keeley," the monster on two legs hissed as that grin grew larger on its face, morphing into something beyond recognition. "They let you wander around on your own?"

"I don't have a damn leash," the person in front of Liam, Keeley, growled in response, giving off the appearance of a sense of calm but his voice was slightly annoyed. "Who let you out anyway? Huh? Daddy decided you could come and play?"

The thing became enraged and lunged toward Keeley and Liam. Liam jumped back as Keeley charged forward, meeting the thing head-on. Staring in utter shock, he felt his mouth hang open as the thing sliced at Keeley with its razor-sharp claws. Blood splashed through the air as the claws caught hold of Keeley's arm, throwing him to the side. Liam gasped and started toward him, his heart in his throat, before he stopped cold in his tracks as the monster turned toward him instead, beady, blood-red eyes narrowed into a menacing scowl that meant certain death.

Oh no, Liam thought desperately as he tried to get his body to move. The connection was lost somewhere between his brain and his feet, however, and he found himself stuck as though held there by invisible bonds.

The thing lunged at him but was stopped as Keeley rammed into the side of it, releasing a harsh, angry snarl. Liam staggered back and out of the way as the monster and Keeley rolled harshly across the ground. Blood appeared easily through the cover of Keeley's shirt and Liam felt his heart race. He was the cause of all this, after all. He started forward but stopped when the monster raised its ugly, beady eyes to stare at him.

"Yes, human, come to me. Come die," it spat with a grimace as Keeley jammed a glowing knife deep into its chest. A cough rattled the monster's throat as it stared at Keeley in fascination, as though utterly startled and amazed at the same time. "You…k-killed me?" it coughed, as though it couldn't possibly believe it.

Keeley jumped off of it with a harsh scowl. "You're damn right I did, pal."

"But--you're just…n-nothing!" it cried as its body shook and a creepy, piss-yellow liquid slipped easily from the wound as Keeley tore the knife away, leaving jagged skin in its wake.

"Yeah? Well I'm the 'nothing' that killed your sorry ass," Keeley said coldly as he wiped the blade on his jeans, the yellow liquid staining his clothes. The monster gasped and choked and then trembled until it just suddenly stopped moving altogether. In a vivid wisp of horrifying light and the hot touch of flames, it was gone. Liam blinked, mouth agape as he searched frantically for the creature, but there was no sign of it anywhere.

"W-What?" he uttered softly. "Where'd it go? What happened?" He turned his attention toward Keeley, who was grimacing as he slipped the blade back into a sheath at his side, half hidden by his baggy shirt, a shirt that was obviously too big on him. "What happened?" he asked again, narrowing his eyes at the person before him.

Now that his life wasn't in immediate danger, he allowed himself to look properly at Keeley. He stood just about an inch shorter than Liam himself did, so he was probably around five-foot-five. Liam himself was even considered short at five-foot-six. His black bangs were wild and hung limply in his face, dipping into his cerulean blue eyes--eyes that were far too blue, really, almost illegally so. They stood out in contrast with the dark blonde hair, making for a thumping good combination, if one were to ask Liam. It shocked him slightly. Keeley was somewhat pale but just slightly more tan than Liam himself was. His clothes, of course, were baggy--his black shirt too big and his jeans loose-fitting and probably very comfortable. He wore no belt that Liam could see but then that had to be where he was keeping the sheath for the glowing blade. And wait--glowing?

"Why was your blade glowing, huh?" Liam asked, frowning deeply. "You going to answer me?"

Keeley cocked his head to the side and a thoughtful expression crossed his face as though he were studying Liam. Liam shifted somewhat uneasily. "You're strange, I'll give you that," Keeley finally said beneath his breath, his words coming in the form of a sigh as he shook his head and chuckled faintly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Liam asked indignantly. Keeley was wielding a glowing freakin' blade and he was calling Liam strange? That was just wrong. "You're the weird one here!" Why was he yelling back, exactly? What was the point of this argument? He should have been thanking Keeley for saving his life.

Keeley blinked at him. "Ain't that the truth, kid?"

"I'm not a kid," Liam said in a huff, unsure as to why he was letting this guy get his mind all twisted into a knot. "I'm twenty-two."

Keeley shrugged. "Kid."

"I have a name, you know--I'm Liam."


"You do know that's a girl's name, right?"

Keeley shrugged. "Yeah, yeah, heard it all through school, thanks so much for that graceful knowledge." His teeth appeared as he flashed Liam a grin, one that left Liam's head spinning.

"Okay, smartass," Liam growled. "Are you going to answer my questions or not?"

"Not," Keeley said with a smirk as Liam growled again and clenched his hands into fists at his sides. He walked toward Liam with a look of concentration plastered firmly on his face. Liam stepped back, confused.

"The hell are you doing?" Liam uttered.

"You're pretty damn ungrateful," Keeley suddenly snapped, narrowing his eyes, that thoughtful expression gone to be replaced with a look that could freeze the sun. "I just saved your life--the least you could do is say 'thanks' and then not ask questions."

"Thanks," Liam murmured. "But I still have questions."

"Of course you do," Keeley groaned. He touched his side and then Liam remembered the blood.

"Oh God. Are you hurt? Well yeah, you are. Shit." He moved toward Keeley, eyes widening. He couldn't see the blood due to the fact that the shirt was black but he knew it was there--it was lightly coating Keeley's fingers as he pulled his hand away.

"I'm fine," Keeley said.


"Ungrateful ass." Keeley shook his head and reached out to grab Liam's arm. Liam jerked back, staring at him. "Would you calm down? It's fine."

Calm down… the voice had whispered through his mind.

"You talked in my mind," Liam accused, narrowing his eyes. "How? Why? Are you going to answer my questions?"


Short and blunt. Liam grunted and crossed his arms, sending a glare toward Keeley. "You're an ass, did you know that?"

"And you're annoying, did you know that?" Keeley asked back in a mocking tone of voice as he shook his head and moved closer to Liam. He reached out again and for some reason, Liam allowed it. There was a sudden rushing against his face and a loud popping through his ears. He clenched his eyes tightly closed, unable to breathe or draw in air to his suddenly gasping lungs.

Then as soon as it started, it stopped. The rushing and popping stopped and suddenly he could breathe again. Prying his eyes open, he coughed and stared at Keeley, growling lowly under his breath, unable to speak at the moment. Then he took in his surroundings and found that he was actually alongside a road and not in the middle of the woods anymore. He wasn't surrounded by trees. Cars rushed passed him and Keeley and he jumped back in surprise before shooting a glance at the person standing next to him.

"H-How the hell did you do that?" Liam asked, frowning deeply. "We were just…and now we're…what the hell?" He took a threatening step toward Keeley, his eyes narrowed into small slits. "Answer me!"

Keeley frowned at him and shrugged. "See you around, Liam." He turned and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his pants as he walked away, toward a parked car, an old, beat-up, black Corvette with the paint chipping off and rust dashing the sides.

"What? Wait! Hey, you can't just do that and then leave me here!" Liam hurried to catch up to Keeley. "Where are you going?"

Keeley didn't even look back at him. "Away from here. My job is done."

"Your what? What job? What was that thing, huh? Hey! Wait up!" He caught up to Keeley a second time and walked next to him. "Are you going to answer me?"

"I think we've established that, no, I'm not," Keeley pointed out matter-of-factly as he continued walking, seemingly without a care in the world. Glaring, Liam hurried to move in front of him and stop him. Keeley stopped and finally looked at him. "Please move aside before I make you, Liam. I didn't go through all that trouble to save your ass just to kick it now."

Liam blinked and then frowned. "Just answer me and I'll leave you alone."

"Somehow, I doubt that. You'll just have more questions." Keeley shook his head. "Trust me, kid, it's better this way."

"I'm not a damn kid!" Liam protested, which really wasn't doing much for his argument. "I'm twenty-freakin'-two!"

"Good for you. You must be so proud," Keeley drawled, giving him a grin. Liam growled and felt his face heat up.

Why was Keeley able to do this to him?

"So answer me," he muttered.

"Nah. It's a big mystery--figure it out," Keeley said as he shouldered past him and hurried toward his car, leaving Liam standing there in shock. Then he spun around and found Keeley climbing into the Corvette. Racing toward the vehicle, he was too late as it sped away from the shoulder and onto the road, hurrying away from him.

"Damn it," he cursed under his breath before he moved next to the road and held his hand out to let people know he really needed a ride. Now was one of those times he really wished he had a cell phone.

And he really wished he was able to read people's minds so he could see what Keeley was obviously hiding. He found the guy intriguing, he had to admit, what with that glowing blade and the way he had just, like, teleported the two of them to the road. How was that possible? And for that matter, what was that monster and how had it just disappeared after it had died? Liam had so many questions and practically no answers, which didn't bode well to him.

Finally, a car stopped for him and he hopped a ride back to town, carefully keep his gaze focused out the window so the person driving wouldn't ask any questions. Right now, his mind was focused on Keeley and his too-blue eyes and that damn, cocky smile…why, though, Liam didn't know. Maybe it was because Keeley seemed to irritate the crap out of him and he hadn't gotten any of his questions answered. He wasn't even sure if he'd see the blue-eyed guy again and that thought disturbed him more than he would have liked. He really wanted some answers.

Keeley sighed as he drove away, watching that guy, Liam, in his rearview mirror. There was something different about him. He had been terrified at first, sure, but now he seemed at ease, demanding questions. Were all normal humans like that? Keeley didn't think so. The look in Liam's dark eyes had told him differently. Now he shrugged to himself and tried to figure out why he was doing so, what thought he was trying to shake off. Then again, maybe he didn't want to know if his body was doing it automatically.

The demon had almost gotten the drop on him, he realized with a scowl as he continued onward, moving swiftly through the streets after Liam faded from view. It was a low-level one, to be sure--it hadn't had enough energy or power to make itself appear completely human but it had certainly tried. That it had managed to move about so freely without alerting Liam to its presence meant he was getting sloppy. He hadn't gone hunting the damn things in three months now and he wished he had, but damn it, he'd wanted some time off. Wasn't he entitled to that much? Apparently not--not when it came to the lives of others. That demon had killed at least two others before Keeley had arrived--and Liam had almost been the third.

Why he had chosen to teleport the human, Keeley didn't know. He could have just left, just walked away and led the guy back to the road, but now, he'd had to go and teleport him. He hadn't necessarily been thinking too clearly at the time, of course--there had been pain rippling through him from that damn thing's claws, but that was certainly no excuse. Maybe he needed to get back into shape and start training.

Whipping out his cell phone from the glove compartment, where he stored it on hunts, he hit the second speed dial button and waited. It rang about three and a half times before someone finally picked up.

" 'lo?" the voice grumbled, obviously displeased and unhappy at having been disturbed at such an ungodly hour on a Friday night…or Saturday morning, depending on which continental divide one lived on. Either way, it was just after midnight.

"Ross, it's me," Keeley said calmly, giving into a sigh. "I killed the damn thing. Low-level. Kind of pathetic really."

"The knife?"

"It's fine."


"It's running smoothly, purring like a damn kitten, if you must know," Keeley said with a scowl. The guy was too in love with his car--it wasn't Keeley's, probably never would be, but it was the car he was loaned when he went on jobs or away from Ross, who was basically his trainer/father. More like a drill sergeant, really.

"And you?"

Ah, of course. He came last. Always. Then again, he probably wouldn't have it any other way.

"Got cut but I'm fine. Saved the idiot the thing was going after."

"In time?"

"Duh." Did Ross think he would be calling if the job didn't go smoothly and he lost someone? "Where now?"

"I suggest hanging around a few days to see how things go and make sure you didn't miss anything."

Gee, thanks, Keeley thought with sarcasm before he gave into a large sigh. "Yeah, okay. I can do that. Bye, Dad." He hung up before he could hear the reply, if there even was one. He knew his father meant good but sometimes it was hard--especially with what and who he was.

He drove in silence for a few more miles before he reached out and turned on the radio, turning it to one of his favorite rock stations before he started tapping his fingers against the steering wheel with the rhythm and beat of the music.

He would stop in the nearest town, which was about twelve miles away now, and take it easy for a few days just to make sure he had missed nothing. Why not? He had always loved a little downtime--the whole time he hadn't been hunting, his father had made him fix up cars and he had been forced to learn crap out of a book about demons and the levels. He really didn't give a flying fuck--they were demons and needed to die, end of story, so why did he have to learn what level they were? But then, he could see where it might come in handy so he knew what to expect.

He liked low-level ones the most. Not because they weren't as powerful or anything like that, but because they could never look human, practically at all. It was much better killing them when they didn't look like some normal person he passed on the street every day, or some mother that needed to get home to her kids. He preferred it when they appeared as they were--a monster with nowhere else to go.

He had sympathy for them, of course--but there was only so far he could take it. These things were killing people, innocent, good people, and he needed to make sure it was all stopped.

Those were his orders, after all. And if there was one thing he knew, it was how to follow orders--he'd learned that much from his father. it? Hate it? What do you think? Anything you have to say would be great, really. Feedback is much appreciated and I will try to return the favor, honest. Thanks so much and I really hope you enjoyed this first chapter.