The Gamble / Afraid To Find Magic

You cherished me from the instant your eyes rested on my existence,
But I've loved you since forever even though your identity was unknown
Until that fated day when your firebomb made my heart burst into flames of desire,
Initially causing confusion as to how I could feel bliss in such a scorching situation,
Yet the reassurance of true love and faith for our relationship inevitably conquered all concern.

However, today I'm devastated as I've learnt that "I love you" are the words you never
Wanted to hear from me and furthermore you only continued to linger in my consciousness
Because dreams where I was dying for true love would only manufacture
Predictable nightmares and you wanted me to experience the spiritual bliss
You felt I earned, but now I understand that you simply need me as a friend

And you may assume that my affection for you has become obliterated,
But the reality is, I deem that even when you're afraid to find magic,
It may still locate you, therefore I view our current friendship status as a gamble
And my emotions merely modified to endure this experience of time with hope you'll eventually
Recognise that this sentiment is programmed for my survival and maybe yours as well.