Title: Aurora's Dawn

Chapter one


Christopher Raiden pulled at the wrench that was connected to the lug nut that refused to loosen on the car's undercarriage. No matter how hard he pulled the damn thing refused to pull loose. He pulled with all his strength and felt the socket he was using break free, and with one look he realized that the socket had broke.

With a muttered curse he glared at the offending item before he tossed the broken socket up and over the car towards the workbench. A smile tugged on his lips as he waited for the crash that he knew was coming, but frowned when it didn't. Thinking that maybe he didn't pitch the damn thing hard enough he shifted with the intent to get up only to see a pair of boots across the garage from him.

"It's not nice to throw things at people," He heard a soft musical voice say, and he wasn't sure if it was male or female. "I am looking for Christopher Raiden."

"And you're looking for him…?" Christopher let his question trail off. He didn't move from where he was laying half under the car, he actually went back to trying to loosen the lug nut.

"It's important that I get a hold of him," The soft voice said, and Christopher paused with another frown as he tried to place the accent. "I am here with the results of his test."

"Test?" Christopher shook his head as he went back to his work. He had promised his father that he would get the car fixed over the next week.

"Listen, I don't have time to play with you, do you or do you not know where Christopher Raiden is?" Annoyance laced the voice as Christopher watched the booted feet shift from side to side.

"Seems you found him," Christopher nearly laughed at the low growl that came from the room's other occupant. "Now what do you want?"

"I'm from the Untied Planets for Peace, I'm here with the results of you application." Was the reply he got. He could hear the person moving around, and now realized why he couldn't tell if the person was male or female. With this species it was hard to tell even by looking at them.

"They could have called, left the results in a message," Christopher muttered as he managed to finally break the lug nut loose.

"It was important that we connected with you as soon as possible."

Christopher frowned again, he figured that the only reason someone would be here this early would be to tell him that he was rejected, but the way this person made it sound, it sounded as if he was accepted. "Oh? They said it would take several weeks; I've been out of town for the past couple of days. I figure you can't be bringing me good news."

"Actually you were accepted, you came highly recommended by several people," Christopher could hear the annoyance in the voice again as he stood. He let his gaze find the person across the room, all he could really see was the hair that fell to their knees, its colors went from reds to deep browns. And it just proved that this person wasn't from Earth, and was most likely from Trillia.

He was quiet as he crossed the garage until he was standing directly behind the person, realizing that they hadn't heard him. He tossed the lug nut onto the workbench watching as the person jumped then froze. He watched as the person finally turned slowly to face him, and he was confronted with pale peach eyes and pale skin. Christopher let his eyes scan the body still trying to figure out if they were male or female.

He looked up when the person took a step back; wide eyes stared up at him.

"Points for me huh?" Christopher asked with a slight grin.

"What?" He asked, for Christopher was pretty sure the person standing in front of him was male at the moment.

"That I came so highly recommended, that's points for me," Christopher's grin not fading from his face as he reached out to pick up a rag.

"Ora Trilrig." Ora introduced himself, not shaking the hand that Christopher suddenly put out. It was covered with grease and only the gods knew what else. Christopher raised an eyebrow as he worked on wiping his hands on the rag as he watched the person.

"You got something against Earthlings?" Christopher asked watching the Trillian, he couldn't tell how old the person was, so Ora may still be a boy considering he was only about five foot five. He saw him shake his head no, and let another slow smile cross his face. "Good, call me Kit."

"If we hurry, we can catch the next transport," Ora did not step away from the workbench because Christopher was still standing in front of him. He wasn't going to admit that the man's size intimidated him, nor the fact that he had never seen anyone in the fifteen planets this tall. The man standing in front of him had to be six two in his bare feet.

"Sorry but I need to shower, pack and leave my parents a note," Christopher said as he turned towards the door that led into the house. Ora stared after the man, his mouth turned down as he stared at the dirty expanse of the man's back. "So are you full Trillian? You know with the wings and gender changing thing and all?"

"Yes," Ora hissed out through his teeth as he followed the man through the door into a nice airy house. He didn't want to be here, he didn't want to be on this rock any longer then he had to be. But the higher ups had told him to stay with this man until Christopher Raiden was in the peace center.

"Make yourself at home," Christopher tossed over his shoulder as he disappeared behind a door, leaving Ora alone in the living room. He looked around letting his eyes wander over the homey living room and noticed that it had a warm feeling to it.

He saw a grand piano with pictures along the top, and walking over he picked one up to study the people in it. It was a picture of Christopher and the man's family. Ora set it back down, noticing that most of the pictures were of Christopher and his family, scattered among them were friends, and it even looked like some family pets.

Pacing nervously Ora hoped that he would hurry; he wanted to be off this rock as soon as possible. Stopping in front of a large bay window, he looked out over a manicured lawn, the gentle wind making the flowers in the garden sway back and forth. It made him feel utterly sad inside for some reason.

"Beautiful, aren't they?" Ora jumped at hearing Christopher speaking beside him. He turned his attention to him, his eyes widening as they landed on his wide naked chest.

"Yes, they are," Ora tore his eyes away from the Native American's chest and back to the window.

"Tonna's pride and Joy," Christopher said smiling down at the boy.

"Tonna?" Ora asked before he could stop himself, he was trying to push the image of the way the water clang to the man's darkly tanned chest out of his mind.

"My step-mother," Christopher turned away from the boy. Ora glanced over moving to follow after him as Christopher made his way back towards the room he had come out of. "She loves to work out in the garden, says it gives her a sense of peace and helps her deal with stress."

"Oh," Ora replied stopping in the doorway of what was obviously the man's room. His eyes swept the room, taking in the colors and warmth, it was neat and clean. A colorful handmade quilt covered the bed, giving the room an even homier feel; his eyes were drawn upwards to the huge round spider web-looking wall hanging that sat above Christopher's headboard.

"Come on in," Christopher said as he fished a tee shirt out of his drawer. Pulling it over his head he turned back to the bag he was packing. He saw that Ora had moved to stand beside his bed, the boy's peach eyes were glued to the wall hanging. "It's a Dream-catcher."

"A what?" Ora turned to him.

"A Dream-catcher, it catches bad dreams and lets good dreams through," Christopher replied with a grin.

"Oh," Ora looked up at him, pulling his eyes away he looked around the room again. He noted that most of the pictures were Native American in origin, and the only thing that was cluttered was a peg board that hung above his desk. Walking over he looked at all the pictures and small notes and card attached to it.

"Ready?" Christopher asked as he picked up the note he had been writing. He glanced at the boy before heading out of his room. Sticking the note to the fridge he headed towards the door looking back to see Ora was following him. Ora paused as he saw Christopher heading down the walkway.

"We're walking?" Ora asked softly.

"Sure, why not. We have time," Christopher looked back at him.

"Alright," Ora said falling into step with the man. He guessed he didn't have anything to worry about, Christopher was with him. Besides it looked like a nice neighborhood, but they had only walked a few blocks when he heard someone yelling. Drawing closer to the tall man beside him, Ora looked around.

"Hey Kit!" Christopher paused and looked around, a smile on his face as he found who was calling to him.

"Hey Todd," Christopher said as the guy paused in front of them.

"Where ya going, Kit?" Todd's eyes slipping to Ora before going back to Christopher.

"I'm headed over to start my training," Christopher replied, he hadn't missed the look Todd had given Ora.

"But, what about Baja?" Todd asked; his mouth turned down in displeasure.

"It'll have to wait, you know how important this is to me Todd," Christopher watched Todd, seeing his friend was working up a huge argument.

"Hi Kit," they heard behind them, turning they saw a petit blond woman smiling up at Christopher.

"Hey Bella," Christopher returned the woman's smile. He turned to look at Ora when he heard a low growl from the boy

"Kit is leaving, Bella," Todd said to her, his eyes on Christopher still. "He's blowing off Baja."

"But," Bella said, a pout coming to her face, "you promised that you were going."

"I know, but my application was accepted, I have to go now," he shrugged his shoulders slightly as he glanced at Todd to see the man was staring at Ora. "There'll be other times to go."

"I thought we were going to spend time together," Bella said as she glanced over at the person beside Christopher, her eyes scanning the boy. "You're Trillian, aren't you?"

"Yes," Ora clenched his jaw before he turned to Christopher. "We need to get going."

"Yeah, you're right," Christopher nodded to his friends, "I'll call you guys, later in the week when I have time, and I'll let my dad know you can still take the old Jeep."

"Okay," Todd said; he wrapped an arm around Bella's shoulders as they watched the two walk away.

Christopher glanced at the boy beside him; Ora had a very feminine quality about him, the boy's slenderness and small heart-shaped face made it possible to mistake Ora for a female at first glance. Of course his skin was pale, the only real color the boy had was his hair, which reminded Christopher of a desert sunset.

"So, you got something against Earth or just Earthlings?" Christopher asked a short time later, he saw Ora glance at him, the boy's eyes impossible to read. "Or is it earth women?"

"I have nothing against your people or your planet," Ora replied turning his eyes back to the ground. He knew Christopher was waiting for him to elaborate, but he wasn't going to say anything else.

"So you find it primitive?" Christopher's voice held humor as he glanced once again at the boy. He couldn't help but let his eyes scan the boy again. Ora was wearing a pair of what looked like muted white leather pants, and a white poet's shirt.

"I find it a little primitive, yes," Ora replied, his voice soft. "But I come from a planet that has had space travel and peace for nearly three thousand years.

"And we've only joined the United Planets five hundred years ago," Christopher's voice still held amusement.

"True, but it was one of yours species that invented the transport system and made it so much easier to travel between planets," Ora said, his voice still soft and his eyes still on the ground.

"That's true," Christopher said; he decided to change the subject. He wanted to know a few things before actually getting to the building. "So who's my partner?"

"I am," Ora muttered; his eyes fixed on the scuffed toes of his white boots.

"You don't sound happy," Christopher wished the boy would look up at him.

"I don't know you, so I have not decided on an opinion of you yet," the boy said; he glanced up quickly before moving his eyes back to his boots.

"First impression?" Christopher inquired, but all he got was a shrug of slim shoulders. He decided to give him space; he figured he could get it out of him later. They were going to be partners as it was, and if he had to guess, it was fear he saw in the boy's pale peach eyes.

Ora glanced up as the transportation center came into view, he could already feel his heart start to pound as he looked at the short squat little brown building. It had one double glass door and two windows; the rest of the building was dedicated to the system that transported people over billions of miles in a blink of an eye. He wanted to slow down as they approached, but knew that he couldn't.

Christopher held the door for Ora as they entered the transportation center, his eyes trailing down to the boy's perfect little ass. He couldn't help the smile that crossed his face as he walked behind the boy. He stopped behind Ora as the boy got into line. Glancing around he saw that it was a very busy day and knew they would have a bit of a wait before leaving for their destination.

"Hey," Christopher pulled Ora's attention back to him.

"What?" Ora said, his voice tense.

"Have you had any training yet?" Christopher asked; he glanced down at the boy again. He really couldn't tell how old Ora was, but he was going for somewhere around fifteen.

"I have been training all my life," Ora turned his attention back around. He stepped up slightly as the line moved.

"What's it like?" Christopher asked.

"What is what like?" Ora wanted to know, sounding annoyed.

"Training," Christopher shook his head as the line continued to move slowly. There were only about four people ahead of them now.

"It's just training," Ora replied with a shrug. Christopher stared at the back of the boy's head; he wasn't sure how to respond to that. He looked up as Ora stepped up to the counter; the boy already had his card out.

"Destination?" the bored receptionist asked.

"Trillia," Ora replied handing her his transport card. Digging out his, Christopher also handed it to the girl, seeing her eyes look at him somewhat surprised. Taking Christopher's card she started to fill out the correct papers.

"We're together," Christopher said with a smile.

"Sign here," she pushed papers towards them. Once done she nodded, towards a small device on the counter and each ran their thumbs over them. The girl's eyes were still on Ora as the boy cringed, but after a second Ora's face resumed its normal look. Christopher couldn't quite figure out what the girl was waiting for but he saw her look disappointed.

Moving to the line for the transport to Trillia, Christopher glanced at the boy as he started to shift from one foot to the other. He waited a few minutes before looking over at him again, once again noting that the boy was shifting from foot to foot. "Something wrong?"

"No," Ora replied, his voice tense.

"You sure?" Christopher asked watching as he started to fidget. He glanced to see the others in the line had turned to look at Ora. He could see that there were no other Trillian's in the line and was glad for that.

"Yes," Ora hissed as they stepped into the box with eight other people. He kept his eyes on Ora watching the Trillian as the box around them started to shimmer, he then felt his body start to tingle, it was then that Ora's eyes got panicky and it looked like the boy was going to hyperventilate.

Before the boy could really get worked up, they were at their destination, and Christopher watched as Ora bolted out of the box. He followed at a slightly slower pace, catching up with him outside the transportation center. He glanced up at the pink tinted blue sky before glancing at Ora. He watched as Ora drew in a deep breath before the boy pushed away from the wall and started walking towards the Hope Center.

Christopher smiled as the huge thirty stories grey brick building came into view. One of his favorite pictures was of his mother standing in front of this very building. As they approached the door Christopher noticed the large winged guard at the door. Ora glanced at the man as he paused, his face even paler than normal. "This is Christopher Raiden, he's a new recruit, and Director Max asked me to get him."

Christopher couldn't help but notice how quiet the boy's voice was. He watched as the guard just looked down his nose at Ora before nodding. He followed the Trillian through the door, his eyes glancing at the guard one last time before turning his attention to the Hope Center. The open floor of the entrance was white and black marble with a dark brown wood reception desk to the left and a small sitting area to the right.

Christopher followed Ora towards the elevators; he nodded to the woman behind the reception desk as they passed by. Once the elevator's doors opened he stepped in with the boy, seeing Ora push two buttons he raised an eyebrow at it, but didn't comment on it. As the door closed he saw Ora reach into his pocket to pull out a packet of papers, which he held out to Christopher. It was a few seconds later that the door opened to the twenty-first floor.

"Aren't you coming?" Christopher asked as he paused just outside the elevator.

"No," Ora said meeting the man's eyes for a second before the elevator door slid close. With a sigh, Christopher turned to see the woman behind the desk was watching him. Crossing over he held out the papers that Ora had given him.

"Have a seat Mr. Raiden," she said with a smile. Christopher moved to a line of chairs to sit down, he looked around the elegant office.

"Christopher?" Max said coming out of one of the offices. Christopher stood, a smile on his face, as he faced an old family friend.

"Hello Max," Christopher replied following the man into his office.

"We're excited to have you here and working, your mother made a wonderful agent," Max said, his voice softening at the mention of Christopher's mother.

"I'm glad I've finally made it here," Christopher said, a small sad smile finding his face. He sat down in the chair that Max indicated as he watched Max take a seat behind the desk.


Ora glanced up as a knock came at his door, slowly getting up he frowned as he moved towards it. It wasn't often that someone would intrude into his sanctuary. Opening the door he looked between Max and Christopher before he let his eyes land on Max. Ora knew it was too early to start training and was wondering why Max had felt the need to bring Christopher here.

"Are you going to let us in?" Max asked with a raise of one eyebrow.

"Why?" Ora asked not moving from the doorway.

"Ora," Max started; Ora gave a sigh before he moved out of the doorway letting the two into his small apartment. Christopher glanced around, his eyes starting to hurt at all the white.

"Now, why are you here?" Ora asked; he saw Christopher's look and knew the man was drawing a bad opinion about his home.

"Kit will be living here with you." Max said as wide eyes snapped to him. He watched as the young Trillian paled as the boy shook his head.

"He will not," Ora said; his voice stern as he spoke. When Max went to speak again Ora let out an angry yell, the boy's eyes flashing.

"Aurora!" Max shouted to drown out the boy's frantic yelling. The sudden silence seemed to boom across the apartment and Ora crossed his arms over his chest as he glared at Max. "Kit will be staying here, you have another room you do not use, you have the room and he's your partner. Most partners share apartments and you will not be allowed special treatment."

"Yes sir," Ora said softly dropping his eyes from Max.

"Good, his things will be delivered within the next two days," Max replied nodding towards Christopher before turning to leave the apartment. He paused before glancing back at Christopher, "Call me if you should need anything."

"Alright," Christopher replied watching the man leave before he turned to Ora. He watched the boy fidget, seeing he was very uncomfortable.

"Your room is there, stay out of mine," Ora pointed to a door on his left, before he turned to walk into another room, the door slamming behind the slender boy. Christopher stared at the door for several minutes before shaking his head and turning to the doorway that Ora had pointed out.

Entering the room, he wanted to moan as he looked from the white on white. Except for the bed frame, that was a light pale wood color that was common to Trillia. Setting his bag onto the bed, Christopher glanced around glad that his stuff would be there soon. He wasn't sure he could take this much white for very long. Unpacking his bag, Christopher glanced around the room again.

Leaving the room, Christopher took another look around, his eyes not finding anything but white and light wood. Entering the kitchen he found white and chrome. After finishing investigating the kitchen Christopher walked back into what was the living room, his eyes scanning the room again. He couldn't find a speck of color in the rooms, other than the chrome.

Christopher searched for a bathroom, finding it he sighed as he found white again. It made him wonder; he knew a little about Trillians and as far as he knew they liked color. Then again, so far what he had seen of Ora the boy struck him as strange. He glanced at the door the boy had disappeared through, and wondered if there was at least color in his room.


Christopher knocked on Ora's door again, a frown on his face. He knew the boy hadn't left the apartment, so he should at least answer his door. Leaning against the doorjamb he continued to stare at the door willing it to open. "Ora come on, let's get something to eat."

"The cafeteria is on the second floor," Ora's muffled voice came through the door.

"I don't want to go by myself," Christopher said; he straightened up as the door opened. He looked down at the boy, seeing Ora's pale peach eyes glare at him.

"You are a big boy; I think you can go on your own." Ora replied.

"Still don't want to go alone," Christopher grinned down at the Trillian, but saw that it wasn't making a difference. "If you don't want to go, then I could make something here?"

"No thanks," Ora said moving to close the door.

"Hey come on," Christopher said; he made sure to put a pout into his voice as he continued to look down at the boy. Ora just glared at him before the boy turned and slammed his door shut. Christopher sighed, before he turned to the living room. When he heard a knock at the door a smile found his face. Moving towards it he pulled it open, his eyebrow rising at Max. "I hope you're not here to get Ora to go to dinner."

"Ora very seldom leaves his apartment," Max replied softly; his voice almost sounding sad. "But I did come by to invite you."

"Actually I was thinking of making something here, I was hoping to get to know Ora a little better," Christopher replied shrugging as he let Max into the apartment.

"Good luck with that," Max said, a small grin on his face.

"He's not the most social of people is he?" Christopher asked; he watched Max's face, seeing the man looking at him with another sad look on his face.

"Well, he does what he does," Max said moving towards the doorway. He paused to look back at Christopher, his eyes watching the young Native American man. "I'll see you tomorrow for training."

"Okay," Christopher said watching as the man left. With another sigh he turned back towards the kitchen, he glanced around trying to figure out if there was enough food in the kitchen for him to make something. He glanced over surprised to see Ora come out of his room.

"Oh, I thought you had left," Ora said; his eyes narrowing at the man. With a sigh, the boy crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator where he pulled out something that Christopher couldn't identify and wasn't sure he wanted to. He watched as Ora took it to the table, he noticed the boy was working hard to ignore him. Shaking his head Christopher turned and went to find himself something to eat.


Christopher glanced around the workout room; his eyes glancing up at the high ceiling. He glanced around taking in the people, dozens of them with their white or pearly grey wings, with the exception of him and Max. Christopher hadn't known, but he found out that Max wasn't from Trillia, but had come from another of the fifteen planets, he just wouldn't say which one.

"There's Ora," Max replied softly; he nodded towards the doorway. Christopher turned, his eyes finding the only Trillian dressed in all white. Christopher glanced over the boy, Ora was wearing a pair of tight white jogging pants and a white tank top. "Ora."

"Why are we here so early?" Ora asked softly; his eyes scanning the others in the room.

"Because I wanted to get you two in," Max said; he watched the boy. He could see that Ora had wrapped his arms around his slender body.

"Can it not wait until this evening?" Ora asked pale eyes looking up at Max.

"No, it can't, I have a meeting tonight," Max said; he glanced over at Christopher to see the man was watching Ora. With a sigh he shook his head. "I want the two of you to spar."

"But…" Ora started only to stop at the look that Max gave him. With a last glance and a sigh, Ora moved towards one of the unoccupied mats. Christopher glanced at Max before moving towards Ora, he wasn't sure about this but trusted Max. He was unprepared for the slender foot that caught him in his side; his eyes widened as he looked at Ora.

"That was a cheap shot," Christopher hissed as he glared at the boy.

"And you think the bad guys are going to announce their presence to you?" Ora asked; his voice low.

"Of course not, but I would expect something better from you," Christopher said.

"You don't know me, so I'd keep your opinions to yourself," Ora said shifting his weight slightly. Christopher watched him, his eyes narrowed. He managed to block the next kick that Ora aimed at him; he turned catching the boy across the knees and knocking him down.

With a low growl Ora launched himself at Christopher; the Native American's eyes widening as he barely caught the boy. With a grunt, Christopher barely kept from falling over. Tossing the boy away from him; the man twisted catching Ora across the side of his head. He watched as Ora went down hard, the boy managing to pull himself to his knees.

Christopher watched as Ora seemed to be trying to pull air into his lungs. The man glanced around the room, seeing several of the other Trillians and Max were watching Ora. He went to move towards Max, but stopped when the man motioned him back. Turning back to Ora he saw the boy had gained his feet, but was still breathing funny, his face was twisted in what looked like pain.

He acted on instinct as Ora came towards him, the boy's foot heading towards his face. Grabbing Ora's foot Christopher twisted flinging the boy away from him. His eyes widened as he watched as Ora hurtled towards the wall. Surprise came to his face as a yell came from Ora, the boy's body twisted as his feet hit the wall and brilliant desert sunset wings sprouted from Ora's back.

Christopher didn't have time to contemplate much as his chest was hit with what felt like a hundred pound weight and he was knocked onto his back. Pulling breath into his lungs was painful and he saw black dots dance in front of his eyes. Reaching up he grabbed the boy's shoulders, he needed to know that Ora was okay since the boy was shaking badly.

"Ora?" Max said softly.

"I hate you," Ora whispered to him. Christopher managed to pull himself up, making Ora slip to his lap, the boy's eyes were filled with tears and he had color in his cheeks. His eyes wide as he took in the color of Ora's wings, they were the same color as the boy's hair. Christopher had seen several Trillion's over the years, but he had never seen one with wings other than white or the pearly grey.

"Ora," Max said again as the boy gained his feet.

"I hate you, Max," Ora said softly again as a single tear slipped down his cheek. "You did this on purpose and it's not fair."

"You never show your full potential, Aurora, it's about time you do," Max said; his voice hard as he stared at the boy. He glanced over at Christopher to see the man was still staring at Ora's wings.

Christopher wanted to reach out and touch the boy's wings, the red and orange colors that matched the boy's hair made his fingers itch to touch. He saw the boy's eyes swing to him, finding it weird that the normal pale peach color was a dark caramelized peach. He saw anger rise in the boy's eyes before Ora pushed past him storming from the room.

"You did that on purpose?" Christopher asked; he could hear whispering around the room. He knew they were talking about Ora and it made him angry.

"I did," Max said, turning as he moved to leave the room. Christopher gave a huge sigh as he turned also to leave the room. This wasn't going as well as he had wanted it to.


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