You look up with lifeless eyes

You've lost the will to live

Everyday, beaten and abused

Broken and raped.

You sit in silence in your little red dress

Not even glancing at the TV set

You're young, so young

Life shouldn't be this way.

The men come in

They choose you.

Your mind travels to another place

You hide deep inside it

Scarred from what they do to you

Your eyes slam shut

You can't even cry

You're eight years old

You shouldn't want to die.

Please don't give up, little girl

Somebody out there loves you.

We're fighting for your young life

We're not going to lose you.

There's an army coming to break down that door

You'll be rescued, beautiful child.

Life has so much good in store.

Never give up, hold on tight.

Keep making it through the dark.

We're coming for you, precious love.

We're going to get you out.

A/N: This poem is dedicated to the young girls who are victims of child trafficking, a deplorable form of slavery that still exists today. Those girls are so young, so innocent, and they go through hell every waking moment. I felt compelled to write this for them. I love those little girls, and hope you'll join me in the fight to save them. To find out more, please go to love146 dot org. Any little bit of help does miracles for those children. Thank you, and God bless.