Cooke 1

I awake. There is a soft breeze moving through the open field where I lay, the grass tickling my face. I slowly sit up and take in my surroundings. The colors around me are so vivid, it is difficult to distinguish whether I am in a dream or reality. I see that I am encircled in a sea of bright green, yellow, and white. I lie back down again and look up to a sky of azure blue and remember why I am here- I await the arrival of my lover. I realize I had fallen asleep while waiting for him. The time passes slowly by as the sun continues on its path and the clouds move lazily across the sky. As time goes on, I notice the clouds begin to darken little by little until I hear a distant rumble of thunder. I rise to my feet to find that a fierce storm is fast arriving. I look around and find the forest and run as swift as I can. As I reach the natural shelter, the first cool drop of rain hits my head and I run for cover. The thunder and lightning are frightening and the rain comes down in sheets. The storm seems to last forever. When it finally ends, I am sitting. Cold, wet, and miserable; my lover has forgotten me.