More than Just Bitter

Ah, the joys of being a teenage girl in high school. Of course, you had acne to look forward to, and then the ever elusive question as to 'does he like me back or not'? Indeed, unrequited love was without a doubt perhaps the most troubling of all issues the average teenage girl had to deal with.

Samantha Kurts, however, had only one thing to say about the issue of romance and happily ever afters.

Kiss my ass.

Yes, alright. Maybe she was a bit cynical, but you would be too if your boyfriend of three years left you for some blonde bimbo who's only talent was giving blow jobs in bathroom stalls. Well, that and blowing the biggest bubbles Sam had ever seen.

Then again, Sam really shouldn't be that surprised. After all, the dumb whore did have plenty of practice as far as blowing things went. Rumor had it, though, that most of the time, she practiced blowing other things, and apparently her boyfriend, well now ex-boyfriend, had just gone to the top of that list.

Stupid whore. Whatever. If that's what her ex Steven was after, then he obviously wasn't worth wasting any more of her time on anyways. God knows three years was sure as hell more than enough.

At least school was over for the day, though getting through it had been painful. Yup. She had the pleasure of having her ex and his new girlfriend in two classes, and she'd had to keep her gag reflex in check every time she glanced across the room and saw him swapping spit with his new whore.

She'd never been the jealous type, but there was just something about seeing the boy she'd said 'I love you ' to just a week ago sucking face with a walking STD magnet that tapped into her violent side.

Gah. Just thinking about it made her blood boil again. Right now, she just needed to calm down and head home before she decided to indulge in one of the many fantasies she'd been contemplating, like keying Steven's car.

Freezing mid stride, Sam cringed at the sight that welcomed her, cursing inwardly.

Standing there, leaned against her car with his messenger bag slung across his shoulder was none other than the school's golden boy, Jared Avers.

Christ, hadn't she had to deal with more than her fair share of self-absorbed, egotistical jackasses today? And what the hell was he doing touching her car? She really wasn't in the mood to patiently maneuver around his narcissistic persona, but at this point she really didn't have a choice.

"Excuse me?" Sam said, proceeding forward cautiously as if approaching a wild animal. "What are you doing?"

Jared Avers flashed her one of his 'I'm all that' smiles, lifting a hand to brush one of his shiny golden locks away from his face. "Waiting for you."

"Why?" She asked bluntly, making it sound more like an accusation than anything else. If he expected her to kiss his ass like all the other girls who turned into useless heaps of estrogen every time he was around did, then he had another thing coming.

"I wanted to give you back the pencil you let me borrow."

Ah, so this was the jackass who'd taken her pencil when she'd had to excuse herself during fourth period English after having witnessed a rather violent episode of face sucking between Steven and his new whore.

"It's not borrowing if you take it without asking." Sam shot, snatching the pencil from his now outstretched hand.

"You're welcome." Jared replied, his smirk widening slightly, obviously ignorant of the dangerously violent mood Sam was in.

"For what? Are you kidding me? You took my pencil. And now you want me to thank you?" Sam barked, glaring at him in repulsion.

"Yes." He replied simply, as if the answer was obvious.

"Gag me." Sam shot, rolling her eyes. He really needed to leave her alone, before she did something that would ruin that pretty little face of his.

"It's just a pencil, you know." He drawled, still quite relaxed despite Sam's hostile disposition.

"It's not the pencil that's the problem. It's you." Sam snarled, making no attempt to sugar coat her words.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Do you even know my name?" Sam asked testily, crossing her arms in front of her.

"Sam. Short for Samantha."

Well, what do you know. Pretty boy had some brains. Then again, even a god damn parrot could be trained to learn the name of its master.

"And what. I suppose you want me to thank you for that too?"

"No. But I was hoping for something else."

"Really. And what might that be?" Sam asked, a disinterested look on her face. Honestly, at this point she was just humoring him in an attempt to get him to leave her alone.

"A date."

Sam's face went lax, as if she'd just been slapped across the face.

"What, is this some sick joke one of your friends put you up to?" Sam asked, trying to walk past him and get to her car. Jared blocked her way, equaling each of her side steps with one of his own.

"No. It's not. And I resent that you would even think that."

Sam let out a harsh laugh, shaking her head. "It's not like you haven't done worse."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're just a bit bitter?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Probably just about as often as people tell you you're a stuck up jerk."

"You know, I pretty much just get that reaction from girls like you."

"Like me?" Sam asked, anger flashing in her eyes. "And what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Girls like you that don't like me just because you think I'm sexist or shallow or whatever."

Wow. Sam really hadn't thought her day could get any worse. She honestly hadn't. But, what do you know, it just had, thanks to Jared Avers.

"Correction, Jared. I don't think you're sexist. Shallow, definitely. Sexist, not so much, just ignorant."

"Well, thanks. I think that's the closest thing to a complement you've ever paid me." He replied, smirking again.

"It wasn't meant to be a compliment." Sam barked, shaking her head. All she wanted was to be left alone. Was that too much to ask?

"You know what I think?" Jared mused, tilting his head to the side.

"I really don't' care, honestly." Sam replied bluntly, letting out a bored sigh.

"I think you're scared. Scared to go out on a date with me."

Sam's eyes flared with anger. "Not scared, Jared. I'm Repulsed."

"Then prove it." He challenged, crossing his arms. That cocky smirk of his was back, the one that made her want to slap him right across the face.

Sam paused, her eyes narrowing as she stared up at him before she let out a dark laugh, pushing past him and reaching for her car door.

He was baiting her, and she knew it. Yeah, like she was actually going to fall for that. Even if she did have a temper, and was sometimes a bit too quick with her words, she wasn't stupid.

"Yeah right. Like I give a fuck about proving myself to you."

Pulling open her car door, Sam froze as she felt something hard and cold wrap around her other wrist, followed by a distinct Click.

Looking down, Sam felt all the color drain from her face as her eyes spotted the source of the disturbance. Wrapped around her wrist was a shiny, silver handcuff, a small chain linking her cuffed wrists to Jared's.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Sam hissed, panic tainting her words.

Jared grinned, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Doing things the hard way. I did try to ask you nicely, you know."

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