You were too busy working to notice...

That your oldest daughter was crying herself to sleep at night.

That she came home with her body covered in bruises.

That she spent hours in the bathroom, picking all of the chewing gum out of her hair.

That she was being bullied.

You were too busy planning to notice...

That your elder son barely ate anything at dinner.

That he ate something else after the meal instead.

That he then went and threw it up in the toilet.

That he was bulimic and needed help.

You were too busy "relaxing" to notice...

That your youngest daughter had turned into an egotistical brat.

That she didn't care about anyone else but herself.

That she was hurting her other siblings, both verbally and physically.

That she was becoming an awful bully.

You were too busy sleeping after a "long day at work" to notice...

That your youngest son was failing terribly at school.

That he was spending a lot of time in detention for doing badly.

That he had given up on his schoolwork entirely.

That he was actually dyslexic.

You were too busy shouting at dad to notice...

That he was the only thing holding this family just about together.

That he does more for us than you ever did.

That he is stressed out and thoroughly miserable.

That he devotes his life to us, when you don't.

You were too busy blaming me to notice...

That my life isn't as perfect as you thought it was.

That I care about my dad and siblings.

That I was watching my family life crumble around me, and was powerless to stop it.

That I was never the one to blame.

Home life is terrible.

The damage is done.

It's fallen down around you.

Have you noticed yet, mum?