Author's Note: Writien for Rynnie:D

Rynnie: Happy Birthday! Hope you like this story. Very cheesy, but yeah:D



What does that word mean to you? To some people, it means presents and chocolate cake and balloons. To some people, it means partying the night away and getting drunk. To some people, it means another year gone. Yet to some people, it means yet another hectic, stressful day, which is more, maybe even less, the same. For me, it usually meant that people will forget my birthday. But this year, something almost magical happened.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lynn. Just plain Lynn. I am keeping my name a secret because when I grow up famous in future, I don't want anybody stealing my story. Even if it is a pathetic coming-of-age story. Rest assured, it is not a pathetic coming-of-age story anyway.

So some background information? I study at this secondary school. Let's just call this school Yishun High School. As usual, I may or may not live in Yishun. Chances are, I may not.

I am also the youngest kid. Actually, the younger one, since there are only two of us. My mother is always out working, while my father is out. Just out. We shall not specify. Luke's going to finish his NS soon, that is, if he doesn't get himself into the barracks. Which I am secretly hoping for.

Enough digression. Let's start at the beginning. Not at the beginning beginning, but at the beginning I deem relevant.

Friday was a nightmare. I had four horrendously difficult, mind-numbing tests. Alright, maybe only three. The fourth one was a graded assignment. But still, SS graded assignments were one of the worst.

So I was seemingly depressed. After school, I had extra Chinese and Math remedial, which I was absolutely not looking forward to. It seemed against my own values that I should be subjected to extra hours of torture by those evil people known as teachers.

Of course, I do not have any grudge against any of them. I just have a grudge against the system, the subjects, the people in charge…Alright, so I hate them. Hate them all.

But that's beside the point.

It sort of started during lunch. Again, I emphasize on the "sort of". I had no knowledge of any kind about any covert operations my friends would have made. So don't sue me.

Anyway, Petrina slid up to me while I was picking on my beehoon.

"Hey, going out tomorrow?"

"Probably not. I have homework."

Hui Yi gave a snort.

"Yeah right."

"Yes, that is right. I have tons of homework that I have yet to do."

Both of them shrugged, an amused expression still lighting up their faces.

"So you're doing it at home?"

I sighed in exasperation.

"Yes! Where else would I go? The toilet? I'll be home, alone, studying in peace and quiet!"

With that, I walked away, dumping the contents my not-very-empty bowl into the dustbin. Waste of my dollar. I was going to regret that during my remedial later.

I admit it: I was a little cranky on Friday.

See, Dad was, well, being Dad. Mum was out working the whole day. Again. I think she secretly enjoys going to work, what with her boss being so hot and all… Back to the point. Luke might be out. Correction, he will be out. Only I will be at home to honor the house's peaceful demeanor on a nice, quiet Saturday, which also happens to be my big day.

After the remedial, I went straight home, not stopping for a quick bite at Macs or anywhere else, which was rather strange for me. See, I had a lot of homework to do. And I wanted them done immediately.

At night, I had a pint of Chunky Monkey and had massive brain freeze. So I went to bed early without watching those crappy Channel 8 drama serials. Which was sad because I wanted to see what… Wait, it is crappy anyway.

The next day was even crappier than any drama serial Channel 8 could produce. In addition to that massive headache that came from that massive brain freeze, I tripped over this massive bag while trying to get to that massive fridge where all that panadol was kept.

Luke was probably out with a few of his kakis, probably out with his girlfriend despite it being only seven in the morning. Seven? Crap.

Why did I wake up so early on a Saturday? Oh yeah, because today was my birthday and I assumed that somebody would remember. After fourteen, no fifteen now, I still never learnt.

"Well, happy birthday to me. I'm finally freaking fifteen."

It was so amusing. I just started giggling, even though it made my headache worse.

Then I just slumped back into bed without my panadol.

Within no time, I heard the bell ring.

"Argh. Time for the next lesson."

See. That was how stoned I was. By that massive headache, I meant.

"Hey! Lynn! Are you still sleeping?"

Whoa, what a nice question to ask. My mind was barely working amidst the sleepy, painful fog that shrouded me.

"Uhm, hold on. I'm late for school, ain't I?"

"Late? It's Saturday!"

"Oh, right."

Oh, right. Saturday.

I dashed into the toilet and splashed cold water onto my face, thereby effectively drowning out the fogs of sleep and pain.

"Lynn! We're still out here, in case you've forgotten."

"Wait! I'm brushing my teeth."

I heard them giggling outside.

"Take your time. We've got something for you."

They said take my time. I took my time alright. One hour later, I went to the door, smelling of Johnsons baby soap and Head and Shoulders.

Petrina glanced at me and groaned.

"I was joking when I asked you to take your time."

Hui Yi and Janice started laughing.

"Are you done with your homework?"

I nodded my head.

"Then get out of that house! We're going to give you a treat!"

I grinned. Somehow, I had sort of anticipated it, what with all their murmurings and whisperings over the past few days. But still, I was pleasantly surprised. And very happy.

That day was a truly magical day for me. I would never forget what my friends did for me.

We went all over Singapore, traipsing up and down Bukit Timah Hill, going to Ion Orchard all sweaty and laughing at Ben's and Jerry's at Raffles City. And at the end of the day, we went to the Kopitiam near my house and settled for a nice meal there. After that, we went back to my house and they produced such a beautiful durian cake.

My friends never fail to amaze me, for all their resourcefulness and their ingenuity. It was a fabulous birthday. And it made me wonder, what does your birthday mean to you?

In the end, for me, it was never about the actual day itself. It was about hanging out with people who you loved and who you know cared about you. It was about enjoying yourself with three energetic classmates who would not stop ordering Chunky Monkey even though you had a massive brain freeze from that very same flavour. And you still ate it. It was about watching monkey fondle around while enjoying the cool refreshing breeze from the hill. It was about running around Orchard and getting weird stares from everybody, even the old ice cream man. It was… Yeah, you get the gist.

At the end of the day, all that mattered was that my friends actually bothered enough to try to make me feel special. And I appreciated it.

Now don't quote me. This is still my story. And I'm still going to get famous.

And Petrina, Hui Yi and Janice, you're all going to get famous with me. After all, who won't do that for friends gave me the best birthday celebration ever.

And the massive brain freeze returned the very next day to haunt me. Stupid Chunky Monkey. Yummy!