Going Solo

Bitter pills only swallowed,
silent resentments just held back,
none will see what's covered.
Beneath this masquerade of plastered smiles,
I am but a tempered, tattered doll.

Utilized by the faces known as friends,
having marks leeched from clenched fists,
frustrations are exceeding limits.
Under this layer of insane exterior,
I am but an alone, afraid soul.

Angst that penetrates beings,
lost in an abyss of clashing emotions,
fury that can only burst veins under this skin.
Behind this expressionless mask,
I am but a haywired, erratic living.

Invitations to a black parade,
faces of perplexed expressions,
just another piece to add to their trash.
Outside this intricate mind,
I am but a forgotten, behind the scenes helper.