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I don't know about you but the word 'princess' seems to roll off the tongue with as much grace as swimming in a mud pit. There is little refinement to the word. I dare to compare it to 'spoiled,' 'entitled,' or 'brat.' Unlike that of 'enigmatic', 'eucalyptus', or 'impervious', princess feels like rolling a ball of molasses in one's mouth. And once it hits the tip of the tongue tumbles to the ground landing in a sticky goopy mess.

Honestly I don't think I was destined for great things; notice my extreme dislike for my title. Sometimes I believe I am some sort of cosmic gag I have yet to learn of the punch-line. I was born to a family of privilege, wealthy and connection. My father and mother were monarchs of Avalon, King Niccolo and Queen Branwen. My father was the eldest brother of two. His younger brother, Callisto, was his most esteemed advisors. I use past tense seeing as how my parents have been dead for fourteen years.

This could very well be my national pride speaking, but Avalon is a desired ally to hold. We have the largest ocean harbor and one of convenience to many of the inland countries. Our main export is that of timber and silver. Our climate is very agreeable; it remains fairly constant throughout the seasons. We are enormously safe too, largely surrounded by an insurmountable mountain range and desolate grasslands. As much as I hate my title I love my country and people.

My childhood was quite sheltered. I had limited contact with outside people and only read pre-approved literature or music. My mother and I lived at the foothill of the mountain range, Willows Bridge. She shuffled between our estate and the palace, until she eventually stopped coming to Willow Estate. My father would visit occasionally. I was raised by my governess, Rose, from infancy until now. Before they died my parents had little hand in my upbringing.

My uncle was appointed provisional monarch of the kingdom until I came of age, 18 years old, married, or relinquished power to him. So until any of those three things came to be my aunt conveniently stowed me away in a covenant situated in the treacherous heights of Willows Bridge where I was taught all a young aristocratic woman should be by the nuns.

I tell you this not for you to pity me, poor rich little princess who has everything yet wants nothing. No, I only care for you to understand my naïveté, my ignorance of everything. How i was so ill prepared for life, for my life.

A/N: So this is my first story. I'm not quite sure if I will pursue it any farther yet here it is. Any comments are welcome! Please don't be too scathing. :]