Oh the fairytales ruined my life!

Filling my head with stupid dreams

Disney ruined the way I act

Even when I haven't seen any of those movies in years


I'm in my twenties and the whining doesn't stop

So sad, so blue, so tragic

It's obvious that it can't be my fault!

Being a jerk or a bitch should make me happy!


Some people tell me from time to time

Why do I care about children's stories and fantasies?

Can't they see how make them wish is bad?!

Fantasies when they should face the reality


Everything bad that happens to me it's never my fault

It's always someone else's mistake!

Don't they know that idealism and optimism are wrong?

Isn't behaving like an a-hole the way to be joyful again?


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Why did I write this piece of shit? Because if I had to read about another "Oh, fairytales aren't real" kind of poem I'm going to lose it (WE ALL KNOW IT! Can't you please stop blaming those children's stories to all your failure in relationships?)

OK, sorry…sorry (the last thing I want to do is behaving like a jerk…well…even more so of a jerk) so anyway, enjoy and review! (Specially the last one)