Nine years ago two towers fell but I no longer care
For they were just money and material, and that we can do without
Nine Years ago a hole was blown into the pentagon but I don't care
For it was money and material, and we can do without

But I care about the 2,997 people whose lives were taken too early
For they did were innocent and have much worth in hearts
And I care about the thousands of families still with holes in their hearts
For they too are innocent, and they cannot do without

And I care about the millions of Muslims who are viewed evil
For they cried just as hard as we did nine years ago
And I care about America as a nation
For she was innocent, and we couldn't do without

May we never forget what really happened on that fateful day
For too many people already have and ruin America's image
May we remember that Muslims are innocent as any group
For they too found a home here, and cannot do without

May our nation rebound from this very soon
For America cannot do without
May God Bless America
For we cannot do without