I stood up, super-pissed. "If you can't fight for yourself, then what the crap are you doing with your life?! Everyone will step on you like you like you're a bug!"

Masahiro shrunk backwards. "I- I'm sorry... it's just... she's..."

"Miyuki is just a bratty girl," I said, sitting down while eating some rice. "You can't listen to a word that chick says. I'll kick her butt."

Masahiro, my best friend, looked down, blushing. He was always being a wimp, unable to stand up for himself. He depended heavily on me, ever since he transferred here.

Because of his size and appearance, most people wouldn't pin him down as a fifteen year old. Most ask if he's in college. He gets tons of college girls flirting with him, which always makes him turn bright red.

I have a similar problem... sorta. It's actually the opposite; people think that I'm a girl in junior high. Which pisses me off. Because I'm a dude! Very much so... except for when I... oh, not now.

"What should I do to become more sure of myself?" Masahiro asked in a tiny voice.

"I think that you should rescue a girl!" Akio said dramatically, sparkles flying around his face.

I brushed the sparkles that had fallen around my face away with a big frown on my face. "Where the hell do you get those sparkles?"

"I keep a pouch of them with me at all times. One of the few things I can't live without," he said, stealing some of my food. "Other things include porn, a volume of manga, and an RPG."

"Otaku," I heard a girl mutter before all of her friends broke out in giggles.

Akio is the biggest anime geek on the face of the planet. Okay, maybe not that far, but at least in our school. He even has those big pillows with anime girls on them! I went in his room once, but I never went in again... my mind... scarred...

"So... so what did you mean by that?" Masahiro asked.

"What does it sound like I mean? Everyone gains more confidence by saving people. Like, a prince in armor or whatever," Akio stated, pushing his glasses up his nose. "Just find a girl to save. You might even get a date."

Masahiro blushed and I rolled my eyes. "That's completely idiotic. Get your nose outta magazines, will ya?"

"Then what do you do when you're nervous?" Akio demanded.

Apparently, pretending he was a knight in shining armor made him not nervous.

"I'm never nervous," I stated flatly.

"There has to be something..."




"Being up high?"


"Getting beat up?"


"Meeting a rock star?"

"No dice."

"You're impossible," Akio stated, folding his arms. "There's something wrong with you. There has to be something."

After thinking about it for a second, I realized that there was something that made me nervous, and I found myself getting a worried look. Because if they found out...

Akio grinned after seeing my face. "What?! What is it?!"

"Nothing," I said quickly,.

"That's not what you're face says! What-"

"All right, class, put away you're lunches, it's time for class," one of our teachers said, saving me from humiliation.

Okay, I have a deep dark secret... a deep, dark, embarrassing secret. It's not anything weird like I secretly like yaoi or have a tentacle fetish like my sister, but it is pretty bad. Worse than those two things, in my opinion, but not as weird.

After school, once I'm done with my homework, I... I...

I slammed my head on the desk, and my teacher looked at me.

"Sato-san? Is something wrong?"

"N- no..." I mumbled.

I can't think of it at school. It's too horrible. Give me a minute to skip ahead to after school, okay?

Twirling around, I smiled. "This one looks good, don't ya think?"

Aki grinned at me. "Yeah, so cute."

I glared at her slightly. "Don't make fun of me."

"Hey, big brother, I'm not making fun of you. You honestly look adorable in that skirt," she said, snickering slightly.

Shut up.

I know you're laughing, too. I'll hit you, I swear I will.

My greatest embarrassment and greatest love is crossdressing. I love wearing girls clothes with all of my heart. I can't help but feel absolutely right when I'm wearing a skirt and blouse. And, weirdly enough, I love wearing panties and a bra, as well... okay, just being a crossdresser is weird, but you know what I mean. I was never sure if it would fit inside my panties...

Okay, I've gotten to the point of too much information. But you get the point, right? I love wearing girl's clothes, even if it is wrong.

No, I'm not a gay fag or whatever. I am still completely straight, even if I pretend to be a girl constantly. I do like girls a lot... I love them! So don't make me look gay or I'll punch your lights out, okay? Glad we have that straightened out.

"This scarf looks good with the belt," Aki said, handing me a scarf. "And it matches the panties you stole."

"It's not my fault that I like the lacy ones," I muttered, putting on the scarf.

Aki found out about my crossdressing tendencies after catching me wearing her school uniform. She was never mad at me or freaked out about it, but she did get mad that I was stealing her clothes. She requests that I ask when I take her clothes, but she never lets me wear her good underwear... which is why I'm going shopping today.

"Oh, big brother..." she sighed. "I'm so proud of you! Going shopping all on your own! Maybe you'll run into your true love while you're out!"

I rolled my eyes. I think that the main reason that she was okay with me crossdressing was that she thought that I was going gay on her. Which I'm not. Just to clarify if you weren't sure already.

"Or you may run into Masahiro-san... gosh, then he'd fall in love with you for sure!"

She also is certain that I'm secretly in love with Masahiro. Um, ew.

"Ohhh, just get out there, already!" she squealed. "You adorable little boy!"

"Call me little one more time and I'll call you a guy," I growled.

"Do that and I'll squish you," she replied, pushing me out of her room.

I think she stole my manliness, and I stole her cuteness. I'm good at sewing, picking out clothes, gardening, and cooking. I'm really small and have a super-girly face and body. Meanwhile, she's good at sports, woodworking, reading tons of comics, and procrastinating. She's the tallest girl in her school (she goes to an all girl's middle school and is currently in her third year), and people think that she's a guy until they see her skirt.

"Good luck!" she cried.

"Yeah, whatever," I said.

"Use your girl voice that we practiced!"

"Yeah, whatever," I repeated, this time using the voice that we had practiced with.

"Omigod, you sound like Yui Horie!"

"Shut up!"

"So cute!"

As I walked along, I tried to remain calm. Usually, Aki took me out and helped me with everything. This was the first time that I had been in a skirt all on my own. And I have to admit... it felt pretty good.

To make sure people didn't know who I was, I wore quite a bit of makeup (but not enough to make me ugly), a cute pink wig (I got to pick it out!), and I wore fake breasts (thank god that I could buy stuff through my parent's credit card and they wouldn't even look or care).

To be honest, I looked like an entirely different person. The only thing that gave me away was my dark pink eyes. They were the same as... well, my own. If you could tell that me and girl-me were the same by anything, it would be my eyes.

As I walked by an alley, several strong arms grabbed me and covered my mouth. I got slammed into the wall, and I gasped into the person's hand, feeling throbbing pain overcoming my head.

"Nice pick," I heard a stupid voice say.

I opened my eyes against my own will, not wanting to move since my head and back both hurt really badly. When I did, my eyes widened. There were four men, most likely ranging anywhere from their early twenties to their late forties. I felt sick to my stomach.

"She's a pretty one," another guy said, touching my leg.

I shivered and tried to kick him, but he grabbed both of my legs, pinning me up against the wall further. I couldn't move at all, now that three of the four guys were holding onto all of my limbs and my mouth.

Of course, I'm not an idiot, so I still tried to move. I screamed and bit into the guy's hand, but he didn't move it because he was wearing some sort of protective glove. Maybe these guys were smart rapists.

The only guy who wasn't holding onto me walked over to me with a wicked grin on his face. "I wonder what's under that skirt..."

I tried to look over to the opening that led into the alley, begging for someone, anyone to come. I certainly didn't want anyone to find out that I was a guy, and, even more, I didn't want to get raped if they didn't care whether I was a guy or a girl.

The guy squatted down and started slowly lifting my skirt. I screamed into the guy's hand, feeling tears beginning to verge on coming out.

"Leave her alone!"

Oh good heavens above.

I knew that voice.

Please not him.

Please not him.

Please not him.

The attackers loosened enough for me to look over to see who it was.

It was him.

Masahiro was standing there, wearing some sort of rainbow uniform for work, holding a trash bag, while giving them the death glare. I wasn't sure whether I should laugh because he looked funny or cry because I was still gonna get raped.

"Whose gonna make us?" the idiot who was covering my mouth asked. His breath smelled like plums.

I expected him to give some form of weak retaliation, but instead, he put the trash bag down, walked over to the plum-smelling man, and punched him in the face hard enough to send him to send him flying a couple of feet, bringing the other three guys and me with them. Well, almost me, anyway, he grabbed me before I could fall over.

For an instant he held me, and he looked at me, and I looked at him, and he looked at me, and I looked at him... and I realized that he had really good reflexes. However, according to his blush, he was thinking about something else.

"Th- thank you," I squeaked out in my anime voice.

He let go, blushing even deeper. "Uh, it's no problem. I- I'm gonna call the police o... on these goons, okay?"

"Goons?" I repeated.

"Rapists," he said, pulling out his phone and dialing a couple of numbers.

As he talked to the police, explaining what happened, I felt kinda funny. On my back, where he had held me, it felt hot. I couldn't help but wonder if I had gotten sick.

A man walked into the alley, looking worried. "Shirosaki-kun, what happ- who is this?"

"Okay, bye," Masahiro said into the phone before turning into the slightly older man. "H- hey, Arai-san. I just... w... well... umm..."

"He saved me from being raped," I inserted.

Arai-san's eyes widened. "He saved you? He even managed to talk to you?"

I nodded.

"Amazing," he marveled. "He can't talk to girls."

"Don't say that!" Masahiro exclaimed, blushing bright red. "That's so embarrassing!"

Arai-san seemed worried, again. "Should we call your family, Miss... ?"

"Sato-" I began before realizing I was about to say my last name. I mean, it was a common name, but I still shouldn't use it to make sure that no one to guess.

"Satoooooooooo..." I said, trying to think of a girl name. "Satoooo... mi. Satomi! Yeah, I'm Satomi! I'm Yamane Satomi."

"Nice to meet you, Yamane-san," Arai-san said. "Should we call your parents?"

"No!" I said. "I mean, um... they're not home and they... they're probably on a plane right now."

Please buy that stupid excuse. Please buy it.

"Oh, are they on a business trip?" Arai-san asked. "Well, we should still tell the police and have them notify your par-"

"That's okay!" I exclaimed. "I'm fine, there was no real harm, so it should be okay, right?!"

"Bu-" Masahiro said.

"No, really," I insisted. "I'll just go home, it's fine!"

I quickly half-walked half-jogged away, blushing. That was a really close encounter... who knows what would've happened if anyone had figured out it was me! Now I had to remember this name in case I saw either of them ever again... Ya... Yamaguchi? Yamato? Oh, damn, I already fo-

"Yamane-san!" I heard Masahiro call.

I stopped with a frustrated look and turned. "I'm in a bit of a hurry. What do you need?"

"I..." He blushed. "When can I see you again?"

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"I'm worried about you," he managed. "And I want to be able to talk to girls. I was thinking... maybe... maybe you could help me."

Help his self-confidence? Well... maybe...

"Please," he begged. "When?"

I saw a police car coming down the road and felt panic grab me. "T- tomorrow, okay?! In front of the candy store at six!"

"Okay," he said. "P- please come!"

"Whatever!" I squeaked, jogging away. "See you later!"

Aki was gonna kill me.

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