"I'm home!" Aki shouted. "And I brought junk food!"

"Oh yay," I said dryly.

"Yeahhh, and you'll never believe who I saw at the store!" she shouted as she walked into the kitchen. "Guessguessguess!"

"Uh, that weird chick that has the glasses and the weird hair and is super-short and-" I began.

"No, goddammit, who the hell do you think I'm talking about?!" she demanded. "The love of your life, moron!"

"Aki-chan, please stop cursing," Yuriko said softly.

Aki glomped her. "Anything for you, snookums! Eek, you're such a cutie-wootie-patootie!"

Yuriko blushed. I glared at her. She gave me an awkward grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Heyyy, Yuri-pi, let's make some nom-noms for the little old man!" Aki exclaimed, grabbing Yuriko by the hand and pulling her up.

Yuriko smiled faintly. "Yuri-pi?"

"It's adowable, just like you," Aki said, using her "I'm-talking-to-an-adowable-wittle-baby" voice.

"I'm gonna take a shower, do ya mind?" I questioned.

"Be super-speedy!" Aki said.

I stood up, sighing before it finally hit me what she said earlier. "W- wait, Masahiro was at the store?!"

She walked over to the doorway, leaning on it with that annoying smirk that meant that she was about to severely tease me. "Oh, yeah. I suppose I musta just... forgot."

"You didn't forget," I growled. "What's up with him?"

"Oh, you know..." she shrugged. "He was reading shounen-ai."

I stared. "LOLWUT."

"Yup!" she giggled. "I saw it! He was reading a shounen-ai manga magazine! And I'm also pretty sure that he was reading I Love Cake, which happens to be one of the most amazing shounen-ai comics of all time! It's perfectly lovely."

I stared.

And stared.

And stared.

And stared.

And stared some more.

Before it finally hit me.

"Holy mother of cabanas, are you serious?!" I demanded. "He really is a shounen-ai fan?!"

"Yes!" she practically screeched. "He likes guy-on-guy action! He thinks it's smexy and he gets a hard-on!"

"Damn it, now I know you're making shit up!" I growled. "Don't effin' lie to me!"

"Um... Aki-san, where do you keep the measuring cups?" Yuriko interrupted our little fight-thingy.

"Oh, it's in the- wait, it'll cost ya," she said, grinning.

Yuriko blinked in confusion. "E- eh?"

"I wanna touch your tittsssss," my sister replied with a rape face on before returning to normal. "Just kidding! They're under the sink!"

Yuriko stared at Aki, her face unable to decide whether it wanted to be pale or red. Finally, it decided on red while she mumbled her thanks and quickly sped away to grab the measuring cups. Aki grinned while watching her.

"So easy to tease. Now, uh, where were we?"

"Shounen-ai. Masahiro. Reading. Convenience store. Flying balloons."

"Oh, yes. Flying balloons are beautiful. Now shut the hell up about them, ya prick."


"Sorry, Yuri-wa~! Anyway, he was reading I Love Cake. And this could be extremely important! He might be a shounen-ai fanboy, or, even better, he could be bisexual or omnisexual!"

"Omnisexual?" I questioned.

"Let's just say bisexual for now," she replied, flipping her hair.

"Okayyyy, I'll go with it," I said.

"Oh, hey, you should read I Love Cake," she said. "It's really good. For the first four or five, it's absurdly cliche, but it gets really good really suddenly. Like, I totally didn't see what happens happen. It's easily in my top three shounen-ai manga. Too bad it never gets steamy."

No steamyness? Clicheness? Not seeing what is gonna happen? Sounds good. I guess.

I did have to get used to... to... homosexuality. Reading shounen-ai would most likely help me out. After all, I did need to realize that I was... uh... something. Possibly gay. Probably something else.

"I love it," she gushed. "It's the most adowable manga ever, and one of my favorite seiyuus of all of the time got to play the main character! It is absolutely amaaaazing!"

"Ne, ne, Aki-chan," Yuriko said, cutely tugging on Yuriko's sleeve. "The water's boiling... and you should probably let Koji-san take his bath."

"Oh, fine." She stuck her tongue out at her. "Whatever. Go take your shower."

I sighed, shrugged, and nodded. I smelled. And a shower would help me clear my mind. I lazily started walking to the bathroom.

The instant I was inside, I looked at myself in the mirror while shutting the door. Light violet eyes returned my gaze. Those eyes seemed very tired, but still very pretty.

I allowed my eyes to fall down as I started to remove my clothes. Too many things were happening at once. I needed some time to breath... maybe Yuriko was right, maybe I did need a vacation.

I turned on the water, stepping in. I closed my eyes as I stood under the steaming water, thinking about a certain blue-haired guy.

His soft smile.

I was the first person at school to be able to see that warm smile that brightened my day every time I saw it. He was so shy when he first came to school... and Miyuki was such a bully to him, which made him even more introverted.

The instant I got talking to him during lunch, I'm pretty sure he thought I was weird. I insulted him, but he could tell that they were more of my way of showing affection or something.

I invited him to hang out with me after school with Akio at my house. He seemed very surprised. But he accepted.

After school we all hung out... just being silly and goofy. Watching comedy anime, eating lotsa junk food, talking about pretty girls that also had pretty good personalities...

Throughout all of it, he didn't smile. Until I said good-bye to him. Then he gave me that gentle and beautiful smile of his and replied with a thank you.

I opened my eyes. It was so simple... liking him. It was so easy to. I knew plenty of girls that had crushes on him because he was tall, handsome, sweet, and just... soft, I suppose. Everything about him was perfection.

While reaching towards the shampoo, I thought about was Aki had said. He read shounen-ai. Plus, he mentioned it to Satomi.

The thought excited me. I had to read this manga as well, to figure out what it was about. I smiled slightly as I wondered if it was possible that he could like me.

Ohhh, damn it, I was acting like a girl! Screw that shit, I needed to wash my hair!

"Masahiro?" Aki questioned blankly as she stared at the awkward boy standing in the doorway. "What you doin' here, boy?"

"I think I did something to make Koji mad," he said quietly. "May I come in?"

"Uhhhhh, yeah, but he's taking a shower right now, so it could be anywhere from five minutes to an hour until he comes out," she replied, getting out of the way of the door so he could come in.

Masahiro entered, slipping off his shoes. Yuriko watched him with interest, knowing that this could only be the boy that Koji was famously crushing on.

He glanced up to her, and she felt faint while looking into his eyes. They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul... his were more like a thin window which you could easily see through. His eyes were beautiful and emotional.

"A- ahm, I'm Shirosaki Masahiro," he said, giving a small bow. "Nice to meet you, Miss...?"

A gentlemen, too. His speech was very formal.

"Pleasure to meet you, Shirosaki-san," Yuriko replied in the polite manner that her parents had taught her while returning the bow. "My name is Tsukino Yuriko. I hope that we can get along well!"

"As do I," he said, sounding nervous, straining to keep his eyes on her face.

That meant either one of two things; he was utterly terrible around girls, or he was trying not to stare at her boobs. She honestly hoped it wasn't the second one because she hated it when guys stared at her breasts.

If Aki stared, however...

She shivered in pleasure. Aki staring would be awesome.

"Why don't cha sit yourself down on the couch?" Aki asked. "Yuriko and I are finishing up dinner. Mm, ramen~!"

"A- all right," he said in a soft tone that Yuriko was sure she wouldn't be able to get used to, sitting down.

"Actually, Yuriko, I'll bring it out, you sit down," Aki said.

"I can he-" the other girl began, but she was cut off.

"I've got it, I don't want you helping. You already made most of the food, so I need to pull my weight. Just sit down, okay?" Aki said, patting Yuriko's head.

She felt faint again.

Aki was such a sweetheart... she pretty, and athletic, and wonderfully nice, and always thinking of others... everything from her looks to her personality was what Yuriko wanted in a girl. She was absolutely perfection.

Sooo, she sat down next to Masahiro, love-dazed.

She glanced over to him. "Hey, are you seme?"

"Seme?" he questioned for all of a half of a second before turning bright red. "Seme?!"

"Yeah, are you? You act a bit uke-ish," she said.

He looked away and mumbled, "I... took a quiz... Koji and Akio and I all did... and... and... I'm... seme..."

"What type?" Yuriko asked, flipping her hair.

"... romantic seme..."

"Aww, so Koji likes romancy semes!"

"Wh- what?! A- Aki must be rubbing off on you! I don't like him!"

"Or maybe you're in denial."

"No! I'm not!"

"That explains why you were reading I Love Cake at the store today," Aki said calmly while walking over and putting bowls of ramen in front of them.

He paled considerably and laughed nervously. "I- I don't know what you're talking about..."

"It's a good manga, don't ya think?" she replied calmly, sitting next to him so that he was in the middle between the two girls. "Especially what with Miyu turning out to be a guy..."

His mouth opened and closed before he weakly whispered, "I didn't... see... it coming..."

Aki grinned broadly. "Shouta and Miyu are good together anyway, though, right?"

"... I was a ShoutaxMiyu supporter from the beginning..."

Finally, she burst out laughing. "You're so shy about it! Dude, admit it! You like shounen-ai! So are you just a fanboy, or are you bi, or what?"

Masahiro looked at his shoes. "Don't tell Koji... but... I'm bi..."

"OH MY GAWD, I KNEW IT!" she screeched, jumping up.

"Please be quiet!" he begged.

"I'm totally gonna get you two together!" she gloated. "And then you'll live happily ever after in yaoi goodness!"

Damn yaoi, Yuriko cursed to herself in her head. Come to the yuri side, Aki. Mm, yuri... girls... boobs... pussies... hah... don't touch there... Aki... so... naughty... nnn...

Yuriko mentally slapped herself. Don't think about that at a time like this! No weird fantasies until later!

"So, um, d- do you like Koji then?" the violet-haired girl asked.

His face turned even redder than before. "... I... that is... maybe... a... little..."


"Please stop screaming," he begged.

"You have to confess!" she cried.

"No way!" he cried back.

"But Koji to-" Aki began before covering her mouth. "Ooops, can't say! That's something he has to say himself..."

Yuriko felt sympathy towards the poor, very confused young man that was sitting next to her. He obviously had no idea what to do since he was crushing on his best friend, and he had no idea that his best friend felt the same. And Aki was going to make things complicated as well.

"So, are you in looooove with Koji?" Aki purred, leaning in close to Masahiro, who leaned away.

"N- no..." he mumbled, blushing. "I mean... he's... I like him, but... it's not love..."

"How much do you like him?"

"Um... I dunno..." Masahiro looked down, giving a tiny smile. "He's just... always there for me. And even if he likes to pretend he doesn't care about anyone, he really does. And... he's just... I dunno, I really love seeing him happy. Sometimes I feel like he's a brother, sometimes he's my best friend, and sometimes... sometimes, I'm in love with him."

Aki was giving her best "awwwwww, that's adowable!" face. Masahiro blushed more, looking down at his shoes. He was uncertain of exactly how he felt about Koji, but he'd figure it out.

Yuriko smiled. Getting Koji and Masahiro together could be fun.

"Hey... Masahiro," Aki said slowly.

"Y- yes?"

"Do you know how guys have sex?"

His eyes widened and his face turned brighter red. "E- excuse me?!

"Do you know how guys have sex?" she repeated.

"U- uh... well... n- no..."

Aki grinned. "Great. Lemme tell ya."

"Hey, you insane girls, I'm- oh shit," Koji said while walking into the living room. The apple of his eye, the syrup to his waffle, the chocolate chips to his cookie... he was in the room. He was also blushing intensely, indicating that they were discussing something of the sexual nature.

"Hey, big bro, I'm just explaining to Masahiro how gay sex works!" Aki exclaimed, turning around on the couch to face him. "How you put the penis inside-"

"Aki!" I practically screamed. "SHUT THE HELL UP!"

"Aww, come on, you wanna know, don't ya?" she purred flirtatiously.

I grabbed her by the front of her shirt, pulling her close up to my face. "Don't say shit like that! You bitch, what the hell?! Nobody here wants to know how that works besides you!"

"Actually, I'm kinda interested," Yuriko said.

"Shut up," I hissed. "Aki, don't talk about that to him!"

"Koji..." Masahiro said slowly.

"What?!" I snapped.

"It's okay," he said.

"Huh?" I said dumbly, releasing the front of her shirt.

"Um, it's okay," he repeated. "I... I kinda... wanted to know."

Aki grinned and I stared stupidly. "Huh?"

"Just... curiosity," he said innocently. "I mean, I always here Aki talking about it, so I kinda wanted to know how guys do it... I mean, I know how girls do it because of you and Akio, so... why not know how guys do it?"

At this point, I wasn't paying as much attention to what he was saying as I was to his beautiful eyes. Sparkly... pretty... wide... durr hurr...

Damn it. So cute. Why was he so cute when he was being all innocent and crap?

I stood there, oogling at his adorableness for a bit more before I snapped back into reality and interrupted him, asking, "Hey, wait a minute, what are you doing here?"

"Oh," he said abruptly.

I felt nervous. Crap, did I just ask a bad question?

"Just making sure you're okay. You left school really suddenly," he said, his voice cool.

I hated that voice. It always meant he was lying or trying to hide something.

"I just... don't like talking about who I like," I said softly.

"Heyyyy, Yuri-pi, let's go in my room and watch porn," Aki said, picking up her bowl of ramen.

"Um, actually, can we just watch anime instead of watching anime porn?" Yuriko questioned, hastily picking up her bowl of ramen and following Aki as she started walking down the hall. "I mean... that is..."

Her voice faded away, leaving Masahiro alone with me.

"Why?" he asked, sounding slightly shaky while not looking at me.

"Because," I replied.

"That's a bad answer," he murmured.


"Why won't you tell me?"

"... I don't want to."



"I've told you who I like."

"I know."

"So tell me."

"I don't wanna."

He suddenly stood up, turning on me. "And why the hell not?!"

I jumped back a bit, feeling a bit scared. "W- well... I just..."

"I just what?!" he snapped. "You except me to share my secrets, and yet you won't let me know anything about you?! Koji, you seriously are pissing me off! I mean, you have to know everything about your friends, but you won't let me know any little shitty fact about you!"

"I... I..." I managed, bringing up my arm and shaking slightly. He never swore. Not unless he was really angry.

"You are so stupid! You are always acting so hypocritical! Saying you hate Miyuki, then dating her! Saying how stupid romance is, then having a crush on someone and not telling me! You're always hiding stuff! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Koji, you are a complete idiot! I wish-"

I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and hugged him.

He faltered, not moving with his eyes wide. "Ko... ji?"

"I'm sorry," I whispered, trying not to cry. He hurt me a lot by saying those things, even if it was true. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm a really bad person. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"H- hey..." he said weakly.

I pulled away from him, still holding onto the front of his shirt. "I'll let you know anything you want to, but that one thing. Anything."

Masahiro was hesitant before he replied.

"I wanna know what happened to you in junior high when your parents both became CEOs. I wanna know how you got so messed up."

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