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I mentally shook my head as I made my way up the roof as fast as I could, not caring about all the rules I was breaking right now. I didnt care about anything, except stalling. Stalling until my brother could get here, until he could come and stop this ludacris idea that Natalie got. She had to stay alive, not for me but for her and for my brother.

I opened the door and scanned the roof to see her perched on the edge ready to throw herself any second.

"Natalie" I whispered walking closer to her. " Get down from there."

"Why should I listen to you?" She seethed not even looking back.

"Because were friends, sister even." I got closer to were she was and looked down towards the floor. We were four floors up, and if she did infact throw herself she would die. I shook my head getting rid of those horrible thought of her lying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood as she slowly slipped away from this world. " I dont want you to get hurt, please... just get down from there and talk to me."

"Oh please, now you want to talk? Now you want to listen to all my freaking problems" She yelled at me. "You could have prevented all of this, you could have stopped me from using those drugs . You could have stopped him."

Tears started running down my face as she kept screaming the truth at me. I could have prevented all of this, if only I hadnt taken her to that party. If only I had been more careful this wouldnt be happening right now.

"I know." I whispered looking at the front of the building and seeing a crowd already forming. " It's all my fault, I should have been there for you. I should have listened more, but I didnt and I cant change the past. But I can change the present, so please just get down from there. I'll help you through everything just get down from there."

"Why dont you just shut up!" She exclaimed as she angrily wipped at her tears." No one loves me, Im just causing everyone problems. Im better of being dead away from everyone."

"Dont say that" I yelled at her. "Alex loves you. I love you. My brother loves you!"

She shook her head as I tried to convince her. " It dosnt matter if you guys love me when the only people I really want there love from couldnt give a dam."

"Then Fuck them" I yelled at her. " You dont need them, there a piece of shit if they cant see what a wonderful girl you are. "

" I wish I could, but there my parents" She said laughing without humor." I wish I didnt give a dam, but they made me. I cant help but care what they think about me." She took a step closer to the edge only leaving one more step left so she could complete what she came to do up here.

"What about my brother?" I asked. " What about Jonathan? Your saying fuck him too?... He cares about you Nat, we all do."

I noticed her reluctance now, making me keep talking about my brother. I knew he was her love and vice versa. If someone could stop her from doing this it was him."Do you know how much pain you will cause him if you do ... this? He loves you Natalie please dont hurt him, please just come with me and together we will figure out everything."

"Natalie dont you dare take one more step." I heard my brother yell from the open door.

Surprised she turned to look at him, her eyes immediatly changing to that ocean blue color it always gets when ever she's around him.

"J-John She whispered more tears spilling from her eyes.

"Please dont do this." He pointed towards were she was." I know I've been an idiot and I know I havent been truthfull but I guess death does open up eyes" He gave a small chuckle trying to distract her as he got closer to her.

"I-I love you Nat. I guess I've always have, but I didnt want to realise it. Your my sisters best friend and im only her kid brother, I didnt and still dont think you feel anything for me." He gave her a small smile and reached for her hand. " I-Im risking being heartbroken over here but your worth it. Do you... Do you want to be my girlfriend?. I dont promise being the best boyfriend ever, but I do promise to try my best to be the best boyfriend. I'll be there for you, I'll love you no matter what. And If Im not then I give you permission to slap me."

I was pretty sure her guard was down and all her previous thoughts were forgotten when she gave out a small giggle. A smile playing at her lips as happy tears ran down her face. I relaxed a bit knowing very well that after this she wouldnt try anything else. Kevin was her life, and I knew it. I wasnt her best friend for nothing.

She giggled a small smile playing at her lips and happy tears running down her face. "Ofcourse I love you silly."

"Really?" My brother exclaimed a happy smile taking over his face.

"Yup, Yup" She said nodding her head letting him pull her towards him. When she was finally in his arms is when I finally relaxed. My best friend would stay with us, and nothing would change that.