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Love You Always

They couldn't have been better together. The smiles, the laughs, the kisses, the beautiful moments they shared together. He would never be ashamed to call her his girlfriend, and she would never stop talking about him to everyone. Together, they were a so called perfect match sharing a so called perfect day.

Jessica loved the sparkle in his brown eyes, the softness of his light brown hair, the perfectness of his smile.

And Jack loved the laughter in her blue crystal eyes, the wave of her dark blond hair, the smoothness of her laugh.

Anyone smart enough could see that they were meant to be, the few of the people who truly had found their soulmates. Everyone thought they were the match made in heaven, sent down to earth to show the world what a true couple was supposed to be like. And everyday was the same. The giggling, the silly arguements, the playfulness, the sweet words they shared secretly or by everyone.

Jack meant everything to Jessica. Her home life was not perfect in every way, but with him, she could pretend that it was. He took her out every night, so she did not have to endure her always fighting parents or her annoying little brother. And Jack loved to make her happy.

He walked her home after school everyday, holding hands. Sometimes, they talked, sometimes they just let the silence talk for them. That day was one of a peaceful silence. They walked down the street smiling at each other through the corners of their eyes as if they had just met for the first time and showed a liking towards each other. Once they finally came to Jessica's house, Jack pulled her in an embrace and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Want to meet me at the park tonight?" he asked after they parted. Jessica, smiling slightly, only fluttered her eyelashes and replied, "Well, what do ya think?"

Jack knew the obvious answer and gave her a quick kiss and told her good-bye. Jessica, still with butterflies in her stomach as always from their encounters, watched him leave with an ache. Oh, how she cared for him, that she couldn't wait for tonight.

As she walked in to her house, she found a horrible surprise to her dismay. Her little brother with her CD collection smashed on the floor. Even though, her little brother was only seven, he knew better than to go into Jessica's room and take her things, yet he did it all the time. Jessica lashed out.

"What have you done?!" She kneeled on the floor besides the shattered pieces and looked through the wreck. One Time Thing, Poetic Tragedy, Mr. Mister... all her favorite CDs were gone. Her anger boiled to its top peak as she looked back at her brother. He knew what was about to happen as he ran up the stairs, with Jessica right on his tail only for them to bump into their mom, who was not happy to see them. Jessica already knew how this was going to end up. Her mom would defend her, her father would defend her brother, they would fight, her brother would cry, her mother would blame her father, and her father would go out to who-knows-where. To spare her family the trouble, she gently thumped her little brother on his back where her mother wouldn't notice and told her, "Go downstairs. You're in for the usual."

With that, she stomped off to her room where she slammed her door. Unhappily, she sighed, until she opened her phone to find a text from Jack written "Miss you already." Jessica only thought about that evening at the park. She set an alarm on her phone and decided to take an hour nap, only lulled in by the shouts downstairs.

Feeling refreshed, she left her house and made her way to the closest park near her, practically skipping. She got there in record time due to her anticipation only to find it empty. Feeling a bit disappointed, she occupied a swing and waited.

One hour later, she was near tears. He had not arrived. For the first time in their six month relationship, he had stood her up. She got off the swing and just as she was about to leave, she noticed something red and glistening on a field not far off. With a couple of tears escaping her eyes, she walked up to a bouquet of roses lying on the ground. She picked them up carefully and examined them. Written on a tag on one of the roses was "Sorry I couldn't make it. But just know that I love you. And I'll love you til the last rose dies." She was bewildered. He left his love on the judge of roses, which were going to die in a few weeks. Still, she carressed them and made her way home.

The next day, she did not bring the roses up while they were talking. He pretended as if nothing had happened. It was all back to the perfect couple, even if the thought of the roses did haunt her. A week passed, the roses were still as beautiful. Life was the same. He loved her, her parents still argued, her brother was still a nuissance.

By the second week, some roses had started to wilt at the crust and edges. He still loved her, her parents still fought, her brother still did his worst. By the third week, most of the roses were dark or black and practically wilted. All but one. By the fourth week, on their seven month anniversary, nine of the ten roses were dead. The tenth one was still as bright as ever. Jessica was very confused and decided to ask Jack about it that evening when they were out on a date celebrating.

Ordering nothing but a glass of a juice cocktail, Jessica brought the drink to her lips. After taking a small sip, she set the glass down and looked at Jack who was cutting a steak up. "Jack," she murmured his name to get his attention. Just as he was about to put a piece of the meat to his mouth, he stopped and looked up to see her intently watching him.


"Um..." she looked at her hands set on her lap, "Do you remember... the roses you gave me?" Jack slowly put his fork down and smirked. "Yes," he answered, "I believe I do. Why?" Jessica chuckled a soft laugh and grabbed for her glass again. "Well..."
Jack was still smiling. Jessica blushed as she said, "The note. About you loving me til the last one died. Only one is left, and it's in perfect condition. How?" It was Jack's turn to chuckle. He looked back at his plate.

"It's a fake, Jess. It'll never die. Just like how I feel about you." Once again, Jessica blushed and let the matter drop, only happy with how her boyfriend felt about her.

Weeks passed, and everything could only seem to go better. The rose was kept on display in her room on her desk next to her laptop. Everyday she would look at it and remember the reason for it, only to grin every single time. Their eight month anniversary passed, and they only got closer. Everyone thought they were going to get married at school. Everyday they believed it. Everyday she looked back at that rose and could only think that they were going to.

Until one day. She went to school that Thursday, thrilled to see Jack, only to have him resent her. She was very startled at this sudden feeling. After lunch, not able to comprehend what was going on, she pulled him aside.

"Jack, what's wrong?" she asked, rubbing his arms to soothe him. Jack only turned away and sighed, "Nothing." He tried to pull away to join his friends, but she wanted to get to the bottom of it. She would not let him go so soon. Holding on to his hand, she tried to make him stand. "Jack." When he realized that she would not let go, he gave up trying. "What?" he snapped at her. Jessica, hurt by this notion, loosened her grip but still would not let him go.

"What's the matter?" she asked again. He yanked his hand away from her, shocking her even further. "I said nothing," he growled. Jessica was so stung by this, she did not even stop him when he walked away. She went to her next class, set her head down on to her arms and cried.

By the end of the day, her eyes had settled back to their normal color until she met up with Jack to walk home together as usual. His smile vanished as Jessica came up to him, and the girl he was talking to sneered at Jessica and left. Jack rolled his eyes and began to walk away until Jessica grabbed him fiercely. "What's going on?"

Jack grabbed her hand and pushed it away. "Can't you take a hint? It's over. I don't have the same feelings for you anymore." Jessica's heart shattered, and the sobs came.

She walked home alone that day, shaking with her bawling. When she came to her doorstep, she heard shouting. Jessica opened her door to find her little brother once again with the rose broken in half. Next to the rose was the ripped part of the note: And I'll love you til the last one dies.

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