You are all that I seem to think about.

It weird, I can't seem to think of anything without you lingering in my thoughts.

Have I fallen that hard for you?

Everyday I'm drawn to the phone to text you hi.

But just at the last second I decide not to.

Every time I'm around you,

My insides tighten and burn.

Why is it that you have this effect on me?

Am I the one to blame?

Did I let this happen to me?

Oh why do you torture me the way you do?

Funny how the girl always falls for her best friend,

But soon you'll be gone,

And I'll be left broken.

Picking up the pieces day to day.

It'll be hard at first but hey,

You'll be back to visit.

After all, we did have our moments,

Our ups and downs.

Our boring yet fun time together.

But I can't help think:

I wont be able to have you