Ripped and shredded
left untouched
Scattered among the worlds
fluttering a bit too much

My heart has forsaken me
gone and lost and doesn't want to be found
scared if pain will be brought upon it.

Run dear heart run as fast as you can
for if you return a truth will be revealed
a truth that will change your life completely

Broken and beaten
no tears left to shed
senses numb to the bone
feeling heavy like lead

My mind is drowning with thoughts
both those good and bad
reflecting my hidden truth, my darkest secret

Run dear mind run as fast as you can
convince yourself that the truth is a lie
toss away your feelings and follow what you have learned

Distant and clouded
filled with colorful images
reliving memories
that were of great privileges

My dreams are bright and vivid
collections of people and places
each associated with certain feelings and emotions

Run dear dreams run as fast as you can
reality is not too far away behind
and with it brings love and hate

I ran I ran as fast as I could
but the truth caught up
and now I have to make my stand