Witch Girl Akiko

Note: This is a girls love, breast expansion, and lactation story. If girls love does not interest you then please do not read this story.

The manor was a cold gray, like a stone castle. The structure was a three-story box with rounded edged and framed by slightly taller towers with conical roofs. Trees grew in front of the house, flanking the walkway to the front door. A foreboding gray stone fence topped with black iron spikes separated the manor from the rest of the world.

My new home, and it's all mine, unfortunately.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Akiko Numa timidly walked through the gate and approached the heavy wooden door. Hand trembling ever so slightly, she took the tarnished key and inserted it into the lock. It swung easily, and Akiko grabbed the large bronze doorknob and turned it. The door opened inward slowly with a creak. It was very dark beyond the doorway. Akiko swallowed nervously and stepped inside, where she slipped her shoes off and left them beside the door.

Closing the door, Akiko looked around, her eyes adjusting to the gloom. She passed through the vestibule and the main hall, and opened the twin doors to the sitting room. It really was an impressive home, like a small castle. Opulent baroque furniture and paintings decorated the sitting room. As usual, it was totally free of dust, although Akiko didn't know why since Onee-chan never had a maid and she seemed too relaxed to clean the house herself. It was all rather excessive; her aunt had never been modest, and her eccentricity made her distant from the rest of the family. Not Akiko though; she had loved Aunt Saeko—

I mean, Saeko onee-chan! Not Aunt Saeko! She'd be so bad if I made her sound old!

—very dearly. She would insist than Akiko call her "Onee-chan" and would tell stories about Fae, like Kappa and Tengu, living in modern Japan pretending to be human.

But now she's gone forever, right along with my parents…

Akiko gracelessly plopped down on the soft black sofa, the tears that failed to appear for the past week finally brimming up. Her aunt was dead and her parents were dead. She was the sole heir of Saeko onee-chan's estate and fortune, but what did it matter if she had no one to share it with. Without Saeko onee-chan the manor was just a fancy box to hold the memories of her aunt. It was all so barren and lifeless no that her aunt was gone.

Through the flood of hot tears, Akiko spotted an oil painting of Saeko onee-chan. The painting was very true as to how Akiko thought of Saeko onee-chan: Thick black hair hanging down to her flared hips, oval rimless-spectacles over deep brown eyes, skin like smooth cream, a straight nose, full red lips curled into a mysterious smile, a pinched waist, and, of course, the biggest, most amazing pair of breasts in Shizuoka Town, maybe even all of Japan. In the painting Saeko wore a conservative office lady-type dress, her hands on her hips and looking as though she knew something useful but wasn't going to reveal it.

A memory flashed through Akiko's mind, a silly moment that would never leave her no matter how frivolous it was. When she was ten-years-old, Akiko had walked up to Saeko onee-chan at a family gathering and announced, "I wanna have boobs as big as yours!" Onee-chan had laughed and responded, "Let me know when you want a big pair and I'll help you!"

Akiko smiled sadly and wiped her tears away. Her bust had never really grown much during puberty, and as the years passed Akiko grew more self-conscious of her lack of development. She forced herself off the sofa and approached the painting.

"Saeko onee-chan?" she asked, sniffling. "I'd like that 'big pair' now, at least so I can see you again. Please?"

The painting obviously didn't answer. The house remained totally silent.

Akiko sighed. Then something warm and furry brushed against her left leg. A strange animal sound emanated from below her. Akiko screamed and jumped back, terrified.

A large black cat with a pink collar blinked at her, then meowed again.

Akiko panted, trying to get her heart rate back to normal. It was only Saeko onee-chan's pet cat, Botan-chan. How could she have forgotten Botan-chan? She smiled at the big cat. "Ah, at least you're here, Botan-chan."

Botan-chan meowed.

How old is this cat anyway? Akiko tried to think back, and as well as she could recall, Botan-chan had always been around. She looked the same each time. That meant Botan-chan was older than she was. It slowly occurred to her that a cat usually didn't live longer than 16 years.

"Hey, you can't be Botan-chan," Akiko said to the cat. "Saeko onee-chan must've bought a new kitty."

The cat sat down and regarded Akiko with big amber eyes. "No," the cat said in a high, feminine voice, "I'm still Botan-chan."

Akiko stared at Botan-chan. She had sworn she just spoke. The cat was grooming herself, like any cat would do. Akiko wondered if she was just tired and depressed, and the house had always been a little strange to her. She must have just imagined that.

"Welcome to our home, Mistress!" Botan-chan's mouth and muzzle clearly moved in time to the words spoken by the cheerful young woman's voice.

Akiko, eyes bulging in terror and disbelief, drew her hands to her mouth. Botan-chan couldn't talk. Was she going mad?

"Oh, I guess this is a little shocking for you," Botan-chan said. "Let me get more comfortable…"

The feline stretched out, and began to grow larger and larger. Akiko squeaked with fear as Botan-chan had become the size of a young woman. She stood up with a sigh, and Akiko saw Botan-chan had the figure of a young woman too. Rapidly, the cat transformed, her fur receding and replacing itself with smooth human skin. Akiko couldn't believe her eyes as Botan-chan transfigured into a lithe, muscular young lady a little taller than her with thick, flowing pink hair, triangular pink cat ears poking up from her head. A waving pink tail rose up behind Botan-chan. Her eyes were still a mysterious amber and cat-like, both extraordinarily eerie and incredibly alluring. She wore a thin black one-piece dress that clung to her body tightly enough that she might as well have been totally naked. Her breasts were large and firm, jutting like twin bullets from her chest. Botan-chan smirked at Akiko, who felt ready to faint.

I'm dreaming, she thought. I'm gonna wake up any second now. I'll be here alone and Botan-chan won't be with me.

She covered her eyes and glasses with her small hands. A few seconds passed, and she heard something soft on the hardwood floor. Suddenly, her hands were pried away from her eyes, and found herself vis-à-vis with Botan-chan. She looked cheerful and smiled happily.

"Don't be scared, Mistress!" Botan-chan said. "It's just Botan-chan. I remember you since you were really small!"

"'Mistress'?" Akiko's head spun. "What…?"

"You're my mistress!" Botan-chan said helpfully. "I was Saeko-sama's Familiar, so you inherited me. It was what Saeko-sama wanted."

Akiko didn't understand anything. "What's a 'Familiar'?" she begged. "What's going on here?"

Botan-chan giggled. "Oh, a Familiar is a magic companion to a magic-user. In this case, your aunt Saeko-sama made me her Familiar, making me her servant and protector."

"Servant and protector…" Akiko repeated the words slowly. She dwelled on them, growing angry the more she did.

"If you were supposed to protect my aunt," she seethed, "then why is she dead now? Why did she and my parents die!"

Botan-chan stepped back, shocked and saddened. She raised her hands defensively. "Please, Mistress! I'm terribly sad I couldn't be there to defend Saeko-sama or her loved ones, but Saeko-sama told me not to come with her that night! I begged to accompany her, but Saeko-sama ordered me to stay here and that if she died then I'd become your Familiar when you inherited the estate!"

Akiko glared through angry tears, selfishly wanting someone, anyone, to blame for the criminal act that claimed all of their lives. From what she heard a mugger had killed them with a knife and stole their valuables. The mugger was never caught, vanishing like a ghost. Without an identity Akiko never had anything to really force her anger upon.

Botan-chan began crying too. "Please don't hate me!" she begged. "I loved Saeko-sama so much. I wished I could've died in her place when I found out. I can only make up for it if I protect you now, Mistress!"

Akiko began to cool down, feeling better from getting to yell a little. "I'm sorry," she said quietly, sniffling a little. "I'm still just so sad and angry about my parents and aunt dying."

"It's all right," Botan-chan said, wiping her face. "We have to deal with our grief somehow."

Akiko watched Botan-chan. Her every movement was as fluid and graceful as a tiger. Her muscles were firm and steely; it was clear Botan-chan was very powerful. Beautiful too; Akiko never fancied a girl before, but Botan-chan was making her consider it.

"So…" Akiko started, "my aunt was a…magic-user?"

"A Witch," Botan-chan said. "One of the Fae."

One of the Fae? "So those stories she used to tell me were true?" she asked.

"Yes." Botan-chan smiled nostalgically. "I remember those stories she used to tell you."

Akiko felt dizzy. "So Saeko onee-chan was a Witch. How did she become a Witch?"

"She was born a Witch," Botan-chan said. "Witches are an all-female race of Fae. Magic is in your genes. Your mother was a human but your aunt was a Witch. And you're a Witch too."

Akiko felt like a bold of lightning had stuck her. "Me!" she gasped. "I'm a Witch!"

Botan-chan nodded. "Uh-huh. Well, Saeko-sama said you are. She wanted to begin your training earlier, but your parents didn't want you to know magic; they thought it might attract 'unsavory' elements. They were right; Saeko-sama had to deal with many magical problems, and made a lot of enemies. But Saeko-sama felt you needed to learn your destiny, so she wrote instructions to begin your training. But only if you chose to follow the path of a true Witch."

Botan-chan locked eyes with her, suddenly very serious. "I can't make you chose one way or the other," she said gravely. "I must support whichever way you want to live."

Akiko blinked, nervous about her situation. It still felt too impossible for any of what she just heard to be true, but the proof of that impossibility was looking her in the eye, wasn't it? Botan-chan turning into a cat-eared girl right before her eyes was all the evidence she needed every word was true.

If Akiko was a Witch then that meant she could learn magic. It sounded amazing to her. She remembered countless stories where people could cast magic spells and do incredible feats. She would be able to clean up perfectly, make amazing meals with no effort, finish all her homework, and enchant herself to be the prettiest girl in school. Akiko grinned excitedly as the infinite possibilities.

But something held her back. Botan-chan had said Onee-chan had many enemies and got involved with some bad elements. Akiko guessed that it was a magic-user who killed Onee-chan and her parents; that was why no one was ever caught for the murders. What if Akiko made enemies too? What if it was all a terrible mistake to use magic?

"Was Saeko onee-chan happy?" she asked. "Being a magic-user I mean?"

A small smile tugged at Botan-chan's lips. "Saeko-sama wouldn't trade her magic for anything. She loved being a Witch."

Akiko nodded, her mind made up. "Then I'll follow her path," she said. "Please show me her instructions."

Botan-chan's smile grew broad, her eyes grateful. "At once, Mistress!"

Beneath the playful gaze of another oil painting of Onee-chan, Akiko sat down in the chair at a large ebony desk in the study room. Large books in a multitude of languages lined the shelves. Akiko hoped she wouldn't have to look in those musty old tomes for a while. Just one looked like it would take years to read even if she knew the language.

Botan-chan placed an ancient heavy book in red leather binding on the desktop, followed by a silver laptop. "Saeko-sama wanted you to read these first," she said. "Instructions are on the laptop. The user name is 'Saeko-chan' in hiragana and the password is 'CUTE milky', 'CUTE' in romaji and 'milky' in hiragana, with a small I at the end."

Akiko smiled, and activated the laptop. "Thank you, Botan-chan," she said, and entered さえこちゃん into the user name and CUTEみるきぃ into the password. The laptop accepted the terms, and moved to the desktop. There was a document labeled "For Akiko", and she clicked on it. A message appeared on screen.

Dear Akiko, Onee-chan regrets not being able to teach you the joys of being a magic-using Witch. I can't tell you yet why I'm not here to teach you, but you'll learn eventually.

So, you might be wondering what it means to be a Witch. Basically a Witch is a type of Fae, like Vampires, Mermaids, Werewolves, and Tengu. Witches physically seem no different from a human female, but we all have magic in our blood since birth. All it takes is some focus and practice to be able to harness that magic.

Now, each Witch is born with a particular attribute in magic. The magic attributes are alteration, conjuration, cybermancy, divination, illusion, protection, and elementalism. You'll learn more about those attributes soon. There is also alchemy, which involves making magic medicine. With my wand you'll soon be able to determine which attribute you are.

My documents on this laptop shall help guide you, and Botan-chan shall provide you with whatever you need to the best of her ability. I'm sorry that I can't teach you in person. I know you won't make the same mistakes I have though. You're smart and responsible, more so than I was. I hope magic can improve your life beyond your wildest dreams. At least, you can give yourself the big pair I promised you but never delivered. This laptop has a database to look up spells and potions to direct you to the book you might need for the instructions. Technology's awesome these days, eh? How did Witches ever survive without it?

Saeko Onee-chan.

Akiko blinked some tears away after reading, and turned to Botan-chan. "Onee-chan said I could use her wand…"

"Oh! Yeah! That's right!" Botan-chan pulled a sleek velvet box out and opened it. Inside was a lacquered black wand about 35 centimeters long with a silver cap at the tip. Akiko grasped it by the handle, pleased with the length and weight. It was like holding an electrical object of high power; she could feel something hum inside the wand. She waved it experimentally.

"I like it," she said.

"So you wanna cast your first spell?" Botan-chan asked excitedly.

"Maybe." Akiko opened the database, and entered a search for the first thing that popped into her head, toads. She got a list of spell names that ranged from turning people into toads to making toad Familiars to summoning giant toads.

Akiko rubbed her eyes and closed the laptop. "There're so many spells," she said. "I need to start small."

Botan-chan patted her shoulder. "Just relax and chose when you feel like it, Mistress."

Botan-chan helpfully brought in what little luggage Akiko had to the bedroom Onee-chan used to sleep in. "You might as well claim this room," she said. "You're my mistress now, and Saeko-sama would like it if you took her place.

Akiko looked at the large carved canopy bed with black curtains and sheets. The wallpaper and carpet were a dark green with black curtains over the windows. A full-length mirror and a lavish wardrobe stood at attention for all of Akiko's dressing needs. A vanity was available too. The bathroom beside the bedroom had a large marble bathtub that looked like it could fit perhaps three people at a time. The toilets were thankfully not as oversized as the bathroom, and seemed sensible, the room having a toilet, a marble sink, and that was it.

Akiko looked through the wardrobe, feeling weird for seeing her aunt's clothes. She didn't want to just get rid of all her clothes, but none of it fit her. She found all kinds of sexy black lingerie, garters, pants, sweaters, skirts, and strange outfits she could only think of as "Witch dresses". Everything was so lacy and pretty that Akiko would love to wear it. There were also more conservative suits that looked very classy and sophisticated.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she took a huge lacy black under wire brassier and raised it up for a better look. "This is…!"

"The G-cup bra for Saeko-sama's magnificent 102 centimeter tits!" Botan-chan laughed. "Good luck getting that on! Even I'd have room to spare with that amazing thing."

In awe, Akiko held the bra to her own chest, her mind boggling at how huge it was compared to her own small chest. She walked over to the mirror and looked at her reflection. She looked so small and plain with her big glasses, short black hair neatly combed, and skinny figure with no real difference between her bust, waist, and hips. She wore a plait long skirt and a thick green sweater with matching green stockings. She didn't look interesting at all, and hardly anyone paid attention to her. She turned to look sadly at the sexy clothing she had just been looking at.

I can't even hope to wear any of this…unless…

A grin slowly spread over face. "Hey, Botan-chan."


"I think I know what I want my first spell to be."


Akiko ran her hands down a silky black dress. "Onee-chan wants me to take her place. So, what if I become her?"

Botan-chan cocked her head, a look of bemusement on her pretty face. "Eh?" she asked.

After a quick bath and a few hours of studying the spell database and the big book Onee-chan had recommended, Akiko had everything ready. Her heart pounding, she went over her inventory one last time: a lock of her hair, some strange herbs, a vial of cow's milk, and a paper with the details she desired written on it. She had changed into a white T-shirt and a pair of white pants, thinking it was all right around Botan-chan.

Botan-chan sniffed the air and grinned. "Ah! I remember these smells! Some of this was used by Saeko-sama many years ago herself!"

"I know," Akiko said, scanning the instructions. "Some of this alchemy was specified in Onee-chan's notes."

She wondered if Saeko onee-chan had been a plain high school girl too at one time. Did she mix up the same potion many years ago too, for the same reasons?

Maybe I'm literally following in her footsteps.

Mixing the ingredients together in a large bowl, she dipped her wand into the strange brew. She channeled her magical power through it, and gasped as the milk, hair, and paper blended together into a warm white cream. Taking her wand from the cream, she picked the bowl up and slowly drank it. It was thick and slimy, but the taste was surprisingly good.

When she finished, Akiko took a deep breath, setting the bowl down. She burped a little, feeling very full suddenly. "I hope I did that right," she gurgled, clutching her stomach.

The potion would take effect in minutes. She walked back to her bedroom, Botan-chan following close behind. Akiko sat on the edge of her bed, her stomach feeling funny. Was it just the potion or was she really nervous and scared too?

"Hey," she said to Botan-chan, "could I have some privacy? If this works like I want it too then I'm gonna go through some pretty serious changes."

"I have to be here in case something goes wrong!" Botan-chan protested. "What if you got the potion wrong and I have to save you? Come on, Saeko-sama always had me nearby."

"All right," Akiko grumbled. What felt like a huge bubble popped in her stomach. Akiko doubled over at the weird sensation, and burped loudly. Then it felt like the contents of her stomach were fizzing like cola. Her body was getting hotter all over.

"It's happening!" she cried. She forced herself off the bed and ran to the mirror. She was shocked to see her hair was growing out, become thick and wild. Already she looked more like Onee-chan with wavy hair.

Botan-chan clapped with delight. "Look! Your hair!"

Akiko grunted as she began to grow taller. Her waist shrunk slightly even as her lips and hips were more sensually plump. Her sex tingled at her transformation, but the best had yet to begun.

It started with her nipples growing rock hard beneath her shirt. Akiko groaned lustfully as she felt a pleasantly warm pressure building behind her breasts. She could feel fat filling her breasts, forcing them out into soft orbs and pushing her shirt out.

"Oh! That looks so awesome!" Botan-chan cheered.

Akiko gasped as she watched her reflection's chest expand. Her bosom tingled wonderfully and she wanted to touch them, but she didn't want her view of them obstructed.

The neck of her shirt was pulled down by the increased weight, cleavage magically forming. Her nipples were growing too, sticking out from her shirt. The sensitivity in her breasts was increasing along with their size. Akiko thought she would achieve orgasm just from her nipples rubbing into the T-shirt. Something unexpected began to happen. Wet stains formed over her nipples, throbbing with a sweetly hot ache. The stains spread, Akiko feeling their warm wetness.

"What the…?"

"I smell milk!" Botan-chan said. "Oh, that's your milk! You're leaking! That's so sexy, Mistress!"

"Milk…?" Akiko was astonished, but her arousal increased at the new information. Milk began to drip from the engorged nipples, slashing to the floor. She began aware of how tight the shirt had become, and she grimaced with pain.

"This shirt…it's too…small…!" Akiko grunted. She heard ripping, and the T-shirt's seams burst open from the pressure she was putting on it. Colossal breasts fell out jiggling wildly, warm mother's milk coming out in short spurts to splash the mirror.

The transform was about finished. Akiko stumbled back from the mirror, her sex feeling like it was on fire. Groaning, she landed on the bed and grabbed her hugely enlarged breasts. She gave a strange, crazed laugh as forceful streams of milk sprayed out. She burned between her legs, and she shuddered with climax. She pants soaked with her release, Akiko collapsed onto her back, panting. Failing to notice Botan-chan licking milk off the mirror, she lost consciousness in seconds.

The October Sun shined through the open curtains of Akiko's bedroom, the light falling against her uncovered skin. Her breasts in particular felt warm and tingling from the light. Akiko yawned and scratched her breasts, and her hand collided with a soft, warm mass.

Eh? Akiko opened her eyes to a pair of huge fleshy orbs sitting on her chest. She sat up immediately in shock, a strange but lovely undulation making her breasts rock alluringly. She stared in shock, the memories of the previous night slowly returning. Her hands flew to her chest, running over the perfectly smooth surfaces. Her nipples protruded like bullets from her rose-pink areole. She traced them with her fingers and watched in astonishment as they grew longer and harder, as thick as her thumbs. She pinched her nipples, then fell back onto her silk pillow moaning at the electric wave of pleasure that ran through her. Her breasts wobbled, and the nipples felt wet. Milk was leaking from the tips.

Panting happily, Akiko became aware of her luxurious black hair lying thickly about her head, when previously her hair was been very short. She touched it and laughed, amazed at her transformation. "This is so amazing!" she giggled. "I really am a Witch!"

She left her new bed, clad only in her pants, aware of how marvelously heavy her new breasts were. They somehow didn't strain her back and shoulders though, and it felt good to just let them swing about ponderously. She went to her mirror and examined herself carefully.

Akiko was amazed at how she had truly become a 16-year-old version of Onee-chan. Her areole had expanded to become the width of pancakes spread across her fabulous breasts. She smiled and tried to look as sexy and mysterious as Onee-chan, but she couldn't really pull it off the same way. She might have to practice extensively. Her face did look extremely cute though. She was beginning to feel extremely aroused, looking at herself.

There was a knock at the door, and Akiko became aware of a delicious smell. "Come in!" she called.

The door opened, and Botan-chan came in, pushing a cart of breakfast food. She was dressed as a maid, the skirt extremely short. "Oh, Mistress!" she cried exuberantly. "You look just like Saeko-sama now!"

Akiko grinned at Botan-chan, not caring about her own state of undress. "That smells wonderful, Botan-chan."

"I made it just for you." Botan-chan offered pancakes to Akiko. Akiko was hungry, but she wanted something else even more.

"You look great in that dress," she said, eyes pouring over the maid uniform.

Botan-chan grinned cheekily. "It pleased Saeko-sama to see me in tight, skimpy costumes," she said huskily. "Does it please you?"

Akiko grinned too. Looking over Botan-chan's powerful long legs, ample breasts, easy grin, and cat features, she suddenly wanted her devoted servant very badly. "Yes," she admitted.

"Perhaps I can service you some other way?" Botan-chan pushed the cart aside and grinned roguishly. Akiko's heart raced. She may have giving herself a body that personified sex, but she still felt very innocent. She was a little scared, but when Botan-chan's extremely fit arms embraced her all her worries melted away. Looking into the bright amber eyes, Akiko was very sure she wanted that. Their breasts pressed together as they shared a soft kiss. As their lips touched, Akiko's mind lit up with a brief flash, and for a second she clearly envisioned Saeko onee-chan and Botan-chan sharing the same kiss.

These lips touched Onee-chan's! Her arousal soaring to critical levels, Akiko clutched her servant tightly against her, her kiss growing hungry. Their tongues wrestled vigorously, swapping saliva. Akiko felt so warm and complete in Botan-chan's embrace. She reached up and caressed the warm, furry ears, feeling them flick at her touch.

Botan-chan broke off the kiss and lowered herself to Akiko's breasts, focusing on them with an incredible intensity. "Just like Saeko-sama," she purred sensually. "Your potion affected your fertility too, and now your tits are full of sweet milk."

"I didn't expect that," Akiko said. She squeezed her breasts gently, and milk came dribbling from her nipples. "I like it though. This milk feels good."

"Like you're coming through your nipples?" Botan-chan asked. "That's how Saeko-sama described it. Not waiting for an answer, she fixed her mouth onto the right nipples and began to suck contentedly. Akiko groaned loudly, tilting her head back as she experienced her wonderful letdown. The pressure Botan-chan was applying was forcing milk to flood her mouth. Akiko felt the servant's tongue licking in slow, agonizing circles around the fat nipple. Her unattended breast began to spray milk in fine streams upon Botan-chan, coating her in a fine misting of milk.

"Ah, Botan-chan…!" Panting, Akiko slipped her hand into her pants and sank a finger into her dripping cleft. She followed with a second finger, fingering herself furiously under the oral ministrations of her loving servant.

A strong hand grasped her wrist, and slowly pulled it out of her pants. Botan-chan grinned. "No, Mistress, allow me to do that…"

The Familiar slowly pulled the wet pants down Akiko's left leg and closely examined her sex. Akiko could feel Botan-chan's breath on her clitoris and labia. It was driving her crazy, but she waited as patiently as she could.

"Your clit's so big!" Botan-chan marveled. "Just like Saeko-sama too. It's almost like a little cock!"

Akiko felt the Familiar's hot mouth envelop her clitoris, and she screamed at the sensation of Botan-chan's lips sucking on her. She tensed up and placed her dainty hands on Botan-chan's head, fingers entwining with pink hair. Then a hot tongue slid inside her quivering slit, passing her lower lips. Tears of joy running from her eyes, Akiko thrust her pelvis against her servant's face, trying to get more of the invading tongue inside her.

"More! More!" she begged. "Please Botan-chan!"

Botan-chan made a surprised noise, and it felt like her tongue was moving deeper inside. Akiko panted, her eyes widening as the tongue moved impossibly far inside of her until it touched the back of her vagina. Akiko laughed in glee at being so filled. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, her climax exploding wetly. At the same time, her breasts began to spray milk in continues streams. She squeezed them, forcing more milk out to rain over the carpet. Akiko was dimly aware that it was true what Botan-chan had said; she was coming with her breasts, ejaculating through her huge nipples.

Akiko finally cooled down after half a minute, stepping back on rubbery legs and Botan-chan's tongue slid out of her vagina. She trembled as she tried to relax, juices dripping down her smooth young thighs. Botan-chan dropped to her knees, her tongue grotesquely extended. Her eyes were huge with shock. Akiko's were too. Did she do that?

Slowly, Botan-chan's tongue shrank back to normal. She panted, her face covered in Akiko's nectar. "Shit, Mistress! You did that just from willing it!" She grinned and licked her lips. "You're gonna be unbelievably powerful with training!"

"I…didn't mean to…" Akiko stammered. "Are you all right, Botan-chan? It didn't hurt did it?"

"No, you didn't hurt me!" Botan-chan laughed. "That was amazing! It was scary too, but I got into it. I wanna do that to you again sometime. I mean, you're cunt's really tasty…"

She caught a drop of milk on her outstretched tongue and licked her lips slowly. "Your udders too."

Akiko sat down and smiled at her servant. She planted a kiss on her lips and stroked her beautiful pink hair. "Do you want me to pleasure you now?"

"No thanks, Mistress." Botan-chan smiled back and stood up. "I'm here to serve you, not the other way around. But, let's do some more fun later. But now, breakfast!"

They ate breakfast in Akiko's bed, Akiko still naked. They laughed and giggled, gobbling down syrup-covered pancakes. Akiko spotted drops of syrup on Botan-chan's face, and immediately moved to lick it off her. Squealing, they started to wrestle around, Botan-chan winning easily, being much stronger.

"Let's get you cleaned up, Mistress," Botan-chan said. "Come on, I'll start the bath."

"Thank you."

As Botan-chan left, Akiko turned to a portrait of her aunt and smiled gratefully at it. Thank you so much, Onee-chan! I promise to find who killed you and my parents, and bring him to justice.

Akiko stood up and peered at the Sun. It was Halloween, wasn't it? The perfect time to discover you were a Witch. She would be eager to go out that night. Who knew, maybe she would meet some other Witches.

Akiko was going to have an interesting life ahead of her.


The end

Author's note: I had the idea for "Witch Girl Akiko" for more than a year now, but it took me a very long time to finally write the story. I'm pleased immensely by the results. Some details changed since I originally thought of it, like changing a cute, sarcastic white bat to a hunchback named Selso to the cat-girl Botan-chan (really, I needed something sexier than the first two options).

This is the first of my Halloween stories this year. Please watch for the others, each one with a different cast of characters. Please read and review, darlings!