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Warnings: Coarse Language, Violence, and Sexual Content.

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A girl sat still, her face a mask of stone, her eyes dazed as she gazed down at the knife currently held loosely in her right hand. It felt heavy, as if it were going to drop any moment and hit the floor with a cringe inducing clang that would alert everyone in the house of the girls current state. Her grip tightened, knuckles turning a tight, pearly white color as the blood was forced out of them.

Would she be here now if her life was different? If she weren't either being constantly ignored or harassed by every single person she'd ever fucking met in her whole god-forsaken life? Of course not, she wouldn't be sitting on the edge of a damned bath tub with a knife in her hand, contemplating on killing herself. The female felt her skin break out in goose-bumps and she trembled as she rose the knife a little, watching it glint eerily as it was hit by the artificial light that shone throughout the small, disgustingly sterile, bathroom.

Her opposite wrist stretched out and she lowered the knife down, it was just about to touch her skin when their was a shockingly loud knock on the door. The girl flinched and nicked herself a little, but not enough to cause her to start bleeding. "Yes?!" She called out anxiously, blood pumping in her ears so loudly that the sound actually started to hurt.

"Hey, Lark? Are you comin' to watch the movie with me? It looks really funny!" A little girls voice called through the door brightly and impatiently.

Lark licked her lips, moistening them, "Y-yeah... I'll be there in a second, Emery." She replied and heard the little girl snort indignantly at her before the sound of little feet were heard scurrying away from the bathroom. The girl shivered and wrapped the knife up in a cloth carefully, breathing shakily, feeling rather faint.

'Emery... If I kill myself... How will that affect her? She's old enough to realize now her sister won't ever come back. She'll hate me, she won't trust anyone...' Lark thought to herself and swore under her breath, bringing her hands to her face. 'Fuck! All these fucking excuses, for fucks sake... Excuses to die excuses to live, every single thing... I'm just one big excuse, contradicting myself constantly...'

She rose up slowly and left the bathroom, flicking the light off with one long finger as she dragged herself out and into the hallway. Lark shuffled her way down the hall and stopped at her room so she could slide the knife under her mattress, hiding it from her parents and her sister.

Standing straight she let her gaze wander boredly around the plain expanse of space she'd claimed as her own... A simple bed, a desk, a night table, white walls, one window with white blinds... No posters, no mess, no pictures, nothing. If it weren't for the odd warmth and neutral colours of the little furniture she owned, the room would have looked like a jail cell.

"Hurry up, Lark!" The little girl cried out in a whine from where ever she was. Lark gave a barely audible, listless, sigh and turned on one foot, walking out of her room stiffly and going down the hall once more.

She reached the living room and saw her little sister sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on her lap, the little blond, tree-bark color-eyed, six year-old girl looked furious and determined as she stared down the television as if it were her greatest rival. "You... Are a slow-poke, sissy." Emery commented and switched her gaze up at her sibling, scowling at her and then pointed at the spot on the couch next to her. "Sit down." She demanded and then looked away again, stuffing popcorn into her face and chewing it up viciously.

Lark smiled softly. 'What a kid, when she grows up she'll rule the school... I bet she already does now.' She thought and took her seat, flopping down and leaning back, the sun from the living rooms bay window hit her directly, its hot rays warming her chilled body. A small hand grasped onto her hand and her smile grew as her eyes closed. 'What a lovely day...'



Why... Why did it have to be Monday? Why was 'Monday' the worst day of the week, couldn't it be Wednesday or Sunday? What was so bad about Monday that it had to be stereotyped for ever and ever and ever...? And why did the stereotype that Monday was a horrible day have to be so true?

Lark sat up and crawled out of bed, walking in a sleep-induced daze over to her desk and turning off the torturous noise her clock was emitting. She had made sure her alarm clock was at the very other end of the room so that she would have to get up in the morning instead of just flicking it off and going back to sleep.

"I don't want to go to school." The girl said simply to herself, voice hoarse. She left her room after gathering some clean clothes.

Stepping into the bathroom she turned the light on and whimpered as the bright lights momentarily blinding her, she rubbed her eyes and stepped inside, shutting and locking the door behind her. Her clothes were dropped unceremoniously onto the sink counter and she grabbed her tooth brush, squirting a glob of toothpaste onto it before shoving it into her mouth and brushing lazily.

Her eyes stayed trained on her own reflection in the mirror, gazing into her odd eyes. She had what doctors called 'Central Heterochromia'. This eye-condition was when the central part of the iris was a different from the mid-zone of the iris. In Lark's case her eyes went from a brilliant gold hue and faded into a crystalline blue colour. To say the least it was fucked up and caught much unwanted attention from people.

'Now if I had been born blond and white as a ghost this would be a whole nother story, right? They'd think I was beautiful because of it...' Instead of this though she had long, straight, dark brown hair that reached down just past her mid-back and her skin was a dark olive shade.

Lark spat into the sink and turned on the taps, cleaning it out and washing her toothbrush off before putting it away once more. She turned her back to the mirror and pulled her top off and then wiggled out of her pajama pants and black boy-shorts, letting her clothing hit the ground and then stepping out of it.

She twirled around and faced the mirror again, glaring at herself and grabbing onto her breasts, sizing them up, she was a d-cup and was glad of that, no girls could call her flat chests, nor could they call her names like 'Giganto-tits' or 'Mega-boobs'. Lark smiled as her gaze dropped to her flat and toned stomach, something else to be proud of. Her smile disappeared as she checked her hips out, they were curvy, like most Italian woman's hips were, good for 'baby-making' as her grandmother enjoyed to say.

Italian. Now... That was the biggest culprit right there for the way she looked. Her parents said she was beautiful, most people in her family did, actually. But honestly? Your parents have to tell you that you're good-looking, you're their child. Lark huffed, no one at school thought she was good-looking, they didn't even spare her a second glance, unless, that is if they felt like stopping by to torment her for a while.

Lark turned from the mirror and stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed and turning the water on, it was cold at first and she squirmed, but it quickly grew warmer. She stepped under the spray, tilting her head back and wetting her long hair.

'Tormentor.' She thought blandly, butterflies fluttering in her stomach at the though, anxiety rising. 'I haven't been to school in three weeks... Maybe he's found someone new.. Maybe...' Her thoughts trailed off and she shook her head to herself, it wasn't realistic that the boy that tortured her constantly everyday for the past three years would just up and forget about her.

Had it really been three years? Lark frowned. He hadn't exactly noticed her until grade ten and now she was in grade twelve, seventeen years old, turning eighteen in June. It had been three years... Well almost three years, this school year had just began two months before.

Larks fingers massaged her scalp through her hair, getting the shampoo in there nice and deep before she rinsed it all out thoroughly.

She took great care in keeping her hair grease-free, not wanting any more reasons to be picked on by all of the self-proclaimed popular people that loitered at her school.

She stepped out of the shower finally, dried her hair and body and put on her clean clothing, then she blow-dried her hair, brushed it and made sure her long straight bangs hid her eyes from sight, she didn't want to get attention at all, it only caused problems for her.

After one last quick check over she left the bathroom, putting her dirty clothing into her hamper in her room and then running off to the kitchen to make her lunch before she had to walk the short two blocks to her school.


She walked stiffly, her head tilted down, eyes on the ground as she passed many other teenagers, all in their own cliques, laughing and smoking or making fun of one another, pushing each other around and what not. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a boy push another boy in her direction, she narrowly dodged him as he fell backwards, almost hitting her.

Lark hurried her pace up, walking quickly across the field and then into the front entrance of the school.

There were a couple of teachers, standing near the staffroom door, drinking coffee and chatting loudly with one another, laughing about stupid things that they'd done or heard at a meeting. Lark shook her head to herself, but sighed and relented, it wasn't as if her teachers had much to do, their school barely had 600 kids in it, and it wasn't like the teachers gave a fuck in the long run anyways.

Her eyes darted around from behind her shield of bangs, she didn't see any of her tormentors yet, which meant they must have all been in a group somewhere, either outside or scouting around for someone interesting to hang with or pick-on.

Swallowing hard she dashed for her locker, making it there in no time flat and opening it up, she stuck her bag in there and pulled out her biology text books, smiling in relief, her biology class was just down the hallway, so that meant she wouldn't get caught that day-

Her locker was slammed shut harshly, it crashed closed, the sound resounding about the area.

Apparently she'd thought to soon, because here she was, standing there, eyes glued to her locker as she was surrounded by a group of boys and girls. "Well if it isn't lil' Miss. Larkie. Where ya been all these weeks, eh? To good to come to school, think you're to smart to hang with all us low lives and learn some shit?" One boy spat out sourly at her, gaining chuckles and high-pitched giggles of agreement from his comrades.

"Hey! Look at us when we're talking to you!" Someone growled and turned her around, pushing her back into the locker, she held back a grimace of pain, keeping her face stoic.

"Ugly skank, look at your clothes! Ha, you clearly don't know what season it is!" A blond-bimbo squeeled girlishly and more laughs erupted from around her. Lark remained silent, looking the girl over. No. It was obvious that she didn't know what season it was, because clearly it was fall-nearly winter-not the fucking summer of slutty bitches. For the love of... Well, fuck, that girl was wearing a mini-skirt and outside it was actually starting to rain and the winds were bloody howling! What the fuck was this dumb bitch on, anyways?!

There were numerous more insults and cusswords but Lark just blocked them all out, she felt rather confused, her main tormentor, the 'big daddy' of her school wasn't there with his posy, ridiculing her like he usually would be. She felt anxious about it, this probably meant that the boy was cooking something especially cruel up for her.

Finally the bell rang after what seemed like ages and everyone departed, leaving off to class to go and pretend that they were learning something when in all actuality they were just texting under their desks or out rightly speaking with one another during a teachers lecture.

She stepped into her class and took her seat at her lab desk, her assigned seating partner wasn't there, they never were. Lark just sat there until the teacher came in and rushed over to her, asking where she'd been all these weeks and then telling her all of the projects and assignments that she'd missed. The girl just sighed and listened to the biology yap on and on, she dazed off, wondering about where the man of the hour was.

Apparently her teacher had said something important to her because there was a sudden silence... A silence that only came after a teacher had asked a question about something. "Uhm... Mrs. Yardings... Would you please repeat that for me one more time?" Lark asked, swallowing a lump in her throat.

She earned a disapproving look, "Oh dear, you must listen more carefully. I'd like you to go up into the old classroom and work for a while by yourself, to catch up." Mrs. Yardings pulled out a single key, dropping it into Larks unknowing palm. "I trust you won't lose that. Now please, get going, you've got a lot to do." She said, dropping a large stapled booklet on Larks desk and then waltzing off.

Lark looked at her hand, surprised, she slowly stood and gathered her things, leaving silently, no one watched her leave, no one noticing her departure, let alone noticing her arrival to that class in the first place. She sighed again, walking up a flight of stairs, when she reached the top she continued heading straight, not noticing two blond barbie dolls that had been at the previous confidence-thrashing session. As she walked by one of them stuck their foot out, tripping her, her books flying everywhere along with the key. Lark landed on her knees on the ground, biting her lip to stop herself from crying out.

"How clumsy of me! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to!" A girl cackled and the both burst into hysterical laughter as they walked away from her, leaving her to pick all of her papers up.

Her head hung low as she gathered everything up, crawling on her hands and knees, severely glad that their were no other students out in the halls to witness this pitiful scene. Yet again though, it appeared that she'd thought to soon as she felt a pair of hands grip onto either shoulder and a soft set of lips brushing her left ear.

Lark trembled and the person behind her laughed hotly, "Oh, little Lark, where'd ya fly off to for so long?" A very familiar smokey and husky voice questioned and let out a laugh as Lark scrambled away from him across the ground.

The boy, same age as Lark, stared down a her with a twisted smile on his soft lips. He was tall, lean and muscular, black hair and brilliant green eyes, he was a gorgeous specimen of a young man. The girls eyes studied his face but she didn't look into his eyes, she looked at his feet, frightened of him and what he'd say to her. "I-i..."

"You, you... What? Where did 'you' go?" He snapped impatiently, yet sill able to sound wickedly amused at the same time. The boy bent down and gathered her textbooks up, but he didn't make any move to start giving them to her. "What's this... Well, lookie here... Little Lark has the key to the spare classroom." He cooed mockingly, glaring down at the poor girl with unsympathetic eyes.

She forced herself to gather up some courage and stood up, stepping a couple feet back to put more space between her and the sinful boy before her. "I was... Visiting family in Italy, Devin. I don't see why you'd even care." Lark said, voice surprisingly far firmer than she'd initially thought it would be.

Devin, the boy, sneered at her ruthlessly, he held her textbooks behind his back and slipped the key into one of his pockets. "Why wouldn't I care about one of my best friends?" He smirked. "Now, how about you and I go to that spare classroom now? I've got some things i'd like to speak to you about, and i'd rather not be in the hallways doin' it."

Lark crossed her arms insecurely in front of herself, eyeing him with pure unease. But she couldn't deny him, he had her belongings held hostage and the only way to get them back was to go with him and allow him to speak with her. "A-... Alright... Let's go." She whispered and Devin grinned at her, showing her his beautiful teeth.

He leaned forward, grabbing her forearm and pulling her down the hallway, past all of the class rooms without a care. Not one teacher walked out and questioned them, neither did any of the other students that happened to be walking down the hallway, though they did react with quite a bit of surprise.

They stopped at a door and Devin unlocked it, shoving Lark inside and following her, he shut and locked the door behind him, tossing Lark's text books onto a desk that was in there.

The room itself was filled with a couple shelves of books and stacks of desks lining one of the walls. The large windows allowed light too shine in, showing all of the dust that drifted around, it had an oddly comforting feeling in there, dozy and peaceful.

A silence fell over the both of them and he just stared at her while she looked pointedly away from him, her bangs covering her eyes.

Devin walked over to her and shoved her back onto a desk, "Why the fuck didn't you tell me you were leaving?! None of the staff would tell me where you went too, you skank bitch!" He snarled into her surprised face.

There had certainly been some sort of moodswing just then.

"It's not any of your business!" Lark gasped out, trying to stand up for herself, she moved further onto the desk but Devin grabbed her, pulling her close again.

"None of my business? You've grown mouthy since you've been gone. No one to put you in your place over in Italy it seems...," He paused, smirking at her, "i'll have to fix that." Devin whispered and he pulled Lark's t-shirt up, revealing her stomach to his hungry eyes.

Lark cried out loudly and tried to smack him away but stopped suddenly as she saw the look on Devin's face, the boy looked furious.

Her eyes followed his and landed on her stomach, she winced, having forgot what she'd done earlier before she went to school that day.

"What is this?" Devin asked, one hand on her stomach, feeling that bandages that Lark had half-hazardly tossed on herself before she'd left her home. "Who did this to you? Were you lying to me about going to Italy, you fucking slut?! Is this why you weren't around?" He growled at her and undid the bandages, pulling them away so he could see her stomach.

"Please don't, Devin!" Lark begged him, shoving at his chest as hard as she could, Devin just slapped her hands away, giving her a dark, penetrating glare. She cringed and stopped moving.

Devin's scowl grew and he let out a shakey breath, "These are fresh, some of them are still bleeding. Who did this to you? These are to fucking straight to be by accident." He pointed out and Lark started to cry silently, tears pouring down her cheeks.

That morning, after Lark had finished getting ready she'd stopped in the kitchen, noticing that the coffee pot was half-full. This was a sign that her parents and her sister were out of the house, and she was all alone.

Well... Not completely alone, because as her eyes scanned around the room they landed on the knife block. After seeing this she'd gone off to her room, pulled her own knife out and had gone to cut her wrists, but caning her mind she instead lifted up her shirt and sliced the left side of her abdomen straight across. She'd then down it twice more on that same side, making three straight cuts.

Lark hadn't been able to finish herself off though, so she'd instead ran to the bathroom, wrapping herself up in bandages and then hiding her knife away before rushing off to school.

"Well?!" Devin snarled, snapping Lark out of her daze.

She took in a deep breath and sat up, eyes still leaking salty, clear, tears. The girl sniffled, "I did it..."

"... What?"

"I said," She paused, voice trying to become firm, "that I was the one that did it." Lark breathed hard, her shoulders shaking.

Her assailant looked stunned, disgusted, and angry all at the same time. Lark was actually impressed with him, she hadn't thought that he knew how to feel those sorts of things, him being a jerk and all.

"Why the fuck would you do something as stupid as that, you tryin' to kill yourself or somethin'?"

Lark finally pushed him away from the table and jumped off of it, giving him a look for of despair and silent anger. "Yes, I was trying to kill myself, and do you know why, Devin?! Because of you! You and your pack of wild dogs, you, the alpha-fucking-male of that pack, and those jerks that tear me apart whenever i'm sighted in the area!" By the time she had finished speaking she was sobbing. She went over to the door of the room, leaning against it, silently crying.

Devin shook his head furiously and stormed after her, "You're just saying tha-"

"Am I? Do you really think i'd lie about something like this. I want to kill myself because of you, because every damn day you torment me, call me names, push me around, I haven't been happy in almost three years because of you... I have no fucking friends because everyone is scared they'll get bullied too." Lark slammed one of her hands into the door, pressing herself against it for support, her knees were giving out, she couldn't stand anymore. Slowly she slid down to the floor, landing on her knees, her arms wrapped around herself.

She heard foot steps coming toward her and squished herself more closely to the door, her cheek pressing against it, her eyes tightly closed.

Hands grabbed her, prying her up and into a strong, athletically built body.

"You whiny little bitch, you want them to stop? I'll make them stop, we'll all stop... And who the fuck needs friends when you've got a guy like me around?" Devin asked, arms tightly around her mutilated waist, his face buried in the crook of her neck. He was quite glad that her back was to him, since this gave him the chance to press his hip into her lovely rear.

Lark flinched, still crying, "Y-you're a h-horrible man, I hate you! You fucker! I hate you so much, you're sick!" She wailed, she couldn't take this. "Y-you're just teasing me, you won't r-really make them stop..."

Devin smirked into her neck, giving it a little lick with the tip of his tongue. "I'm a lot of things, Lark, but I am not a liar." He purred, scraping his teeth along her collar bone. "I'll call my dogs off, if you do everything I tell you too, and that includes bending over and letting me fuck you." He chomped into her neck, teeth piercing the flesh. Lark screamed but her mouth was covered, being muffled my a large, rough hand.

They stood still for about two minutes, Devin keeping his hand glued over Lark's mouth, forcing her breathing to become more regular. "So tell me... Will you do as I say in order to be able to live your school life normally or will you continue to be humiliated each day?" His hand slipped off of her mouth and pressed against her breasts, cupping one of them. "It's your choice."

Lark turned her head, staring at him with one, tearful eye. "Do you promise?" She asked him, voice broken, she looked at the clock and groaned, there was still more than an hour of this block left, and it seemed Devin was set on staying there.

"I promise." He replied honestly and turned Lark around so she was facing him, he stared into her eyes with his own bright and leering ones.

The woman swallowed hard and slowly nodded her head, "Devin... I'll do it, just please make them stop." Lark begged, looking away from him, starting to cry again. A hand touched her face, wiping away some tears and then a mouth landed on hers and she was pushed back against the door, her arms pinned to her sides.

Lark's eyes opened and she stared at him for a while, feeling shocked and confused. Her eyes slowly closed and she relaxed back, just going with whatever he wanted. Her fear of him was so intense that she didn't even think twice about doing whatever he told her to do.

They sunk to the floor in a heap and Devin turned there bodies so that he was sitting leaned against the door and Lark was straddling his hips. "Kiss me back, you little bitch." Devin ordered, leaving no room for argument. The girl did as she was told, putting her hands on either side of his face, tangling her fingers in his hair and giving him a firm kiss.

It was horrible to think that her first kiss was to the boy that she hated and who hated her in return. Devin's hands gripped her hips tightly and she groaned into his mouth, her cheeks turning red. Her tears had altogether stopped by this time.

They paused for a moment and Devin rose his hips, unzipping his pants and pushing them down past his hips. He smirked at Lark, looking at the long, breezy black skirt she was wearing, "It's almost like you knew this was going to happen."

She blushed and frowned at him disapprovingly. "You're horrible." Lark whispered and gasped, burying her face into Devin's chest as he slipped his hand beneath the skirt and touched the sensitive area between her legs through the fabric of her underwear.

"You won't think i'm so bad once you and I get to know each other a little better." Devin replied and moved her underwear to the side and touched her slick opening. "Seems like you're already beginning to like me." He taunted lightly, sneering at her. "Whore."

The young Italian panted, squirming in his lap like some horny slut, she bit her bottom lip, silencing herself, she rested her forehead on his shoulder, hiding her face in his neck.

Devin unbutotned his boxers and allowed his cock free, he awkwardly put a condom on and then guided himself in between Lark's firm thighs, all this was hidden by her skirt. "You ever had sex before?" He asked, looking almost shy now, very much unlike his usual confident self.

"No... You're my first." Lark muttered into his neck, eyes closed tightly.

"You're my first too." Devin said and then pushed himself inside of her before she could comprehend what he'd just told her.

Lark bit his neck, getting revenge for earlier when Devin had done the same to her.

Grunting he buried all the way up into her, feeling hot tears fall onto his neck. He ignored it, cringing, getting used ot the odd tightness that surrounded him, this wasn't like he'd expected it... But it was definitely already feeling better than his hand did.

The two of them were shaking, one of them was in pain while the other was excited by nervous.

"Y-you're... L-lark... You'll have to... To help me... M-move..." Devin stammered out, having a tough time breathing. He received a whimper and the slight rocking of hips, both of them let out whines at the feeling. "Quiet... Stay quiet."

Uncomfortably they moved together in the odd, virginal act of their first time becoming intimate or fornicating with any other human being. Soft noises espaced them, pants, whimpers, and grunts of pain or discomfort.

This is until Devin got used to the feeling of being within her, he grabbed her hips and slammed her down, his head falling back against the door in pleasure. He growled and thrust upward the bed he could, making Lark move above him.

She too began feeling the better part of this after a while and moaned into his neck. "Faster, Devin... Please." Lark begged and her bully did as he was told, he switched their positions, lying her on the ground and ramming into her harshly, his lips attacking hers in a ferocious act of possessiveness.

Devin stiffened and hissed, breaking his kiss with Lark, pressing his face into her chest instead, muffling the noise. He pulled out of her, being careful of his condom, and replaced himself with his fingers, pumping them in and out of her quickly. The teen had expected this, that he wouldn't be able to last as long as Lark would, but that didn't mean he would just allow Lark to stay unsatisfied.

The girl squeaked and squirmed, feeling a dull ache throbbing beneath the pleasure that she was receiving from him. She whimpered when she was bitten on the neck once mre in the same place. Lark arched upward as she finally climaxed, bitching her bottom lip so hard it bled, her eyes watering and a couple of tears dripping down her cheeks.

Devin sat up, pulling his condom off and tossing it into a little trash bucket, he fixed his jeans back up and fixed Lark back up and then laid down next to her on the ground, one hand under her shirt, splayed across her stomach, feeling the bandages.

"You just allowed me... To completely enslave you, my little Lark, you've been caged... And don't expect me to liberate you anytime soon, it won't be happening." He growled into her ear, his breathing hard, he'd had to pause a couple of times between speaking in order to work what he wanted to say out properly.

The girl moved away from him, sitting up and wrapping her arms around herself, surprisingly calm even though her virginity had just been taken by the most dreadful person in her small world. She nodded curtly, "I know, Devin..."

"Good. I want to go home with you today after school, introduce me to your parents, tell them i'm your boyfriend." He sat up, smirking at her mockingly, their was no warmth at all in his expression.

Her breath came out, it was shakey and pitiful. "Why?"

Devin rolled his eyes and grabbed her, pulling her close, one arm tightly around her injured waist. "Because... I don't want you to have to lie when they ask you where you're going."

Lark moved closer to him in order to get his arm to loosen a little bit in order to lessen the pain. "And where will I be going?" She asked and felt Devin let go a little, she sighed softly, letting herself relax slightly.

"You'll be with me of course, and i'll be using you as a practice dummy for fucking." Devin said, kissing her neck where he'd bit it. "Don't you ever expect me to be this gentle with you again, i'm only like this before of what you did to yourself." He explained before Lark got a chance to ask about it.

She clenched her eyes closed. "Fine, i'll introduce you to my parents, now can you leave so I can do my work?" Lark asked and started getting up carefully form the ground, still a little shaky. Devin followed her and patted himself down, straightening out his clothing.

He nodded and turned her around to face him again, he glared into her eyes, "Meet me after school." Devin snapped and gave her a rough kiss and then left the room after dropping the key into her open palm.

Lark watched him leave and then turned and slowly walked over to the window, she set her hands on the ledge and looked out of it, feeling the warm rays of the sun touch her face. She started to cry again, unable to stop herself from doing so. Sniffling she wiped away a couple of tears but stopped herself, feeling that she may as well let them out now and cry herself out a bit.

Glacning at the clock she noticed how quickly time seemed to be passing and tensed, she was absolutely dreading the end of school, she didn't want to have to have to meet Devin and take him to her house. Lark took in a deep breath and took herself a seat, opening her textbooks, she had to at least get a little of something completed.


Since first block she'd been trying to figure out an excuse to get away from Devin but also get him to stop bullying her. She'd thought about pulling the 'rape' card, but she wasn't the kind of girl that did things like that, especially since she'd given herself to him willingly.

And because if Devin went to jail his friends would get her back for what she'd done to him.

Now, at the end of school, she'd come up with nothing, and instead of meeting Devin like she'd said she was going to try and make an escape.

Lark was trying as hard as she could to blend in with all of the students that crowded the hallways, and discretely, when she thought no one was watching, she slipped out of the side door and outside.

Her eyes scanned around and she sighed in relief before heading off, she was going to go around the back of the school, climb a fence, and take another route to her house. She smiled a little bit, incredibly relieved for the time being.

She slipped a hand into her pocket to grab out her mp3 player but stopped as her eyes met that of another students. Lark stopped walking and stared at the blond boy that was leaned back against the fence, watching her with a smirk on his lips.

"Devin said that you were supposed to be meeting him in front of the school... Which confuses me because you're ith me, and i'm at the back of the school." The boy commented and pushed away from the fence, swaggering over to the girl and leering at her.

Lark looked away from him, searching for an escape route. "I forgot, i'll go meet him now." She turned, starting to walk away, but his hand on her arm stopped her and she was reeled back.

"Meet him? No, i'll let you leave... If you let me fuck you like he got to fuck you." He said, pulling her close so that their chests touched.

Lark gaped at him and tried to pull herself away but he squeezed her wrist so tightly that she could feel it crunches. Her eyes watered in pain but she made no noise. "Let go of my wrist, I have to go and meet Devin." She demanded.

The boy glared at her, "What? You gave it to him and you fucking hate him! What's the difference between him and me?"

"You mean him and 'I', use proper grammar you fucking shithead." A voice snapped form behind Lark, she looked over her shoulder, seeing Devin their with a furious look on his handsome face. He walked over and grabbed Lark, tugging her forcefully away and pushing her behind him. "You stay the fuck away from my damn property you cunt." Devin snarled darkly.

"Oh yeah?! And what if I don't?! What the fuck are you going to do about it?" The boy replied cockily, sneering at his new oppressor.

Devin chuckled and gae a very forcefully charming smile, "I'll fuck you up." He winked, pulled back his fist and hit the boy across the face, he smiled when he heard a resounding crack occur and the boy went down to the ground, holding his jaw and moaning in pain.

"You tell anyone about that and you're dead." Devin snorted and turned to face Lark, he didn't look very happy with her. "Take me to your house. Now." He told her coldly, face straight.

The girl nodded slightly, being silent, she hesitantly held a hand out to him and Devin grabbed it, tugging her a little closer. Lark turned and started walking, taking him to the gate that lead out of the field and then down a side road.

Devin wouldn't say a thing, thus Lark stayed silent as well, just showing him the way to her home. She felt his hand tighten and then loosen again as it grasped onto hers. At one point he was holding onto it so tightly it actually forced a groan of pain out of her.

They reached her house after what seemed like an eternity of uncomfortable silence and very stiff walking. Lark glanced into the drive way as they approached her home, "My parents aren't home." She told him simply, thinking that would deter him from wanting to come inside.

"So what? You don't have a fucking key to your own house?" Devin snapped, not looking at her, just glaring at the door, his eyes full of deep hatred.

Lark looked down at her feet and used her free hand to pull her keys out of her back pocket, she pushed the key into the lock and unlocked the door, hesitant. Pocketing her keys again she stepped inside and Devin followed closely behind, shutting the door behind him as he entered.

The female swallowed hard and worked up the courage to look at him again, he didn't seem as angry anymore, but he still was irritated. "You don't have to take your shoes off." Lark told him as she kicked her own off.

Devin just gave her a slight glare and slipped his own off before tugging at her arm, "Show me around."

"Fine." She replied, minorly snappish with him, just because she was scared to death of him didn't mean she also couldn't get a little irritated from time to time.

Lark took him up the stairs and slowly showed him around, it was a rather quiet few minutes as she did so, neither of them wanted to say much to the other.

She finished the tour and stopped, looking out a window silently as they stood together, Devin's hand still tightly on her wrist. Lark really wanted to rip her hand away but knew if she pulled that sort of stunt it would only lead to her getting in trouble.

"Well?" Devin asked expectantly, voice grumpy.

"Well what?" Lark replied, looking up at him from beneath her long eyelashes.

He pulled her body close to his quite swiftly, nearly knocking the wind out of Lark. "Where's your room? You showed me everywhere but your room..." Devin breathed out into her face, his breath, instead of being disgusting like Lark had imagined it would be after a full day at school, was actually a spicy and fresh cinnamon scent.

What was she even thinking? She'd had his tongue shoved in her mouth and he had tasted delicious, she really should have known better than to think he had bad breath... No, she hadn't though he had bad breath, she'd hoped he'd have bad breath, she wanted so badly to humiliate him for one of his faults but it seemed the only fault he had was him being an asshole.

Too bad Devin didn't give a shit about his own personality.

Apparently Devin was getting impatient because the next thing Lark knew her wrist was being twisted sharply and she was shrieking out of surprise and pain. "You jerk!" She cried out and pulled her wrist away from him, rubbing it tenderly. Devin hadn't broken it, but there was going to be a bruise.

Devin glared at her. "You should have fucking answered me sooner then." He commented bluntly and ignored her name calling, brushing it off easily. "Now show me where it is."

Lark bit her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out of frustration and walked down the hall, stopping at a door and opening it up, allowing Devin into her plain room. She watched as he looked around before he walked over to her bed and laid himself down on it. The girl blinked and shut the door, then walked over to the bedside, looking down at him curiously.

In half a second she was down on the bed, surprisingly pinned beneath his strong body.

He glared down at her with an odd coldness, "Time to have a little chat, Skylark."

She shrunk deeper into the bed, closing her eyes and turning her face away. "About what?" Lark asked, voice returning to its original timidness, her fear creeping back.

"What the fuck do you think I want to talk about, our 'feelings'?" Devin replied sarcastically, scowling in response. "No, you were going to fucking run away from me today, you bitch. I thought we had a deal."

The girl winced at his name-calling but reminded herself that sticks and stones could break her bones but words could never hurt her. 'Devin' could hurt her though, and he could hurt her bad too, if he felt like it.

"I wasn't going to run away..."

"Oh yeah?! Then what were you doing? Don't tell me that you just forgot, that's bullshit."

"Go fuck yourself!"


A silence washed over them after Lark finished cursing at him, they both gazed into one another's eyes, sizing them other up, waiting for something to happen until finally one of them moved.

Devin heaved Lark up into his chest and then rolled her over and sat up so that she was in his laps, their groins rubbing together. Lark gasped at the feeling and blushed but didn't break her eye contact with Devin, not wanting to give in.

There was a slight bit of movement as Devin undid the zipper of his jeans and opened the front of his pants up, then shimmied a little bit and pulled his boxers out of the way, releasing his half-hard erection.

Lark went to move away but a sinewy arm held her in place, she recoiled but remained in his lap, a shiver continuously running down her spine. She shook her head at him. "No." The girl muttered, she had a feeling that he wanted her to suck his dick and she was definitely not ready for that.

Devin's eyebrow rose and he smirked, enjoying her resistance and confusion. He grabbed onto her hand and pulled it down to his cock, forcing her to rub it.

She squeaked and bounce in his lap, struggling to get away and unintentionally rubbing herself against him, causing Devin to harden completely.

"Lark, you stupid bitch! Just fucking do it." Devin demanded and pulled her firmly to him, releasing her wrist. "Remember our deal." He whispered, eyes full of malefic joy. The teen waited patiently, his cock standing at full attention, ivory precum dripping from the tip.

Lark glowered at the menacing organ and sucked in a deep breath, her fingers curling around the astonishingly smooth skin. She felt eyes on her and she slowly looked up, her anxious eyes meeting his desire-filled ones. Her cheeks went red and she looked back down at what she was doing. Slowly she began to pump her fist up and down his lengh, feeling him twitch and shudder as she did so.

A groan emitted and she looked up, eyes wide, frightened she'd done something to piss him off but instead she was greeted with the sight of his flushed face, his head tilted back and his eyes closed. Lark leaned closer and rested her forehead against his shoulder and continued to slowly and firmly jerk him.

After what seemed like forever she felt a hand on top of hers and then she was pushed right off of his lap.

Devin got off of the bed, waddled over to the door and looked into the hall, seeing no one there he rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind him. In there he dropped his pants to his ankles, gripped his cock hard and pumped at a furious pace, using his free hand to grab some kleenex which he then put over the head of his cock and came into.

Lark was laying on her bed, her eyes closed and her breathing ragged, there was an intense heat pooled in her abdomen and she knew exactly what had caused it. Fuck. She was disgusted with herself, she was disgusted with 'him'.

One of her ears seemed to twitch as she heard the toilet flush, the tap turn on, the tap turn off, and then a pause before the bathroom door opened up again. Lark didn't move or open her eyes though, just laid there with her arms folded back beneath her head.

The girl didn't even move as she heard her bedroom door shut and then foot steps walking over to her bedside. The bed sunk a little for a moment and the springs gave a quiet creak and then she felt a body laying itself down on hers heavily but she still didn't move.

"You did a good job."

There was only silence as an answer.

"Aren't you going to look at me?"

Another moment or two of silence and her eyelids remained closed.

Devin was unnaturally quiet and Lark felt a bit of moment and then she screeched as her left nipple was pinched through the fabric of her shirt 'and' her bra. Her eyes snapped open and she gave him a disgusted look.

The teen just snorted and rested his chin between her breast, his eyes half-lidded. "So, admit it, tell me that you were running away from me after school, you didn't fucking forget." He murmured, reminding the girl again how this had all came to be.

Lark frowned. "You already know the truth."

He smirked widely and shook his head, giving her a horribly innocent look that made her insides crawl. "No, I don't know the truth, why don't you tell me?" Devin asked, voice husky and hot once more.

She swallowed and turned her face away from his, face red. "I... was running away.... I hadn't forgot." Lark admitted hesitantly, chewing on her bottom lip so hard that she released blood.

"Good, see how easy that was? I would have been so much nicer to you if you'd just met me in front of the school, your wrist wouldn't have had to get a bruise." Devin purred and then moved up her body a little more, flicked his tongue out and licking the blood off of her bottom lip. Lark gasped, allowing Devin to shove his tongue into her mouth and give her a hard kiss.

Not a moment later did Lark's bedroom door open to reveal her mother standing there, looking at the both of them with curious eyes, not at all shocked or angry.

Devin break the kiss and looked over at Lark's mother, giving her a charming smile and jesting his cheek against the base of Lark's throat.

There was a long silence before suddenly Lark's mother smiled, a light blush on her tanned cheeks. "Lark, is your friend hungry?"


"Your friend... Is he hungry?"

"Ma I-"

She was squeezed and cut off, looking down at the boy laying on her chest, confusion clear on her face.

"No thank you, Mrs. Valentine. I'm quite alright." Devin's voice was kind and warm, so unlike how it was when he spoke to Lark. He sat up, getting off of the girl and looking at her mother instead. "We haven't had the pleasure of meeting one another before. My name is Devin, it's nice to meet you." He got off the bed completely, approaching Larks mother and taking her hand, giving it a kiss.

The older woman blushed, "My, such a polite young man... My name is Adriana, you can call me Mrs. Valentine or Adriana... Oh! You can call me Ma if you like!" She smiled, absolutely hypnotized by the teens charm and good looks. "Are you sure you're not hungry, my love?" Adriana cooed, her eyes a little misty.

Devin smiled patiently and shook his head, "I'm sure."

Adrian frowned a little but nodded, not arguing with him any further. "Maybe you'd like to stay for dinner?" She offered and looked over Devin's shoulder. In the background Lark was shaking her head, waving her hands around, not wanting Devin to remain in the house any longer than necessary. The woman frowned disapprovingly and looked back at the boy, deciding to ignore her daughter for the time being.

"diner?" He paused and then nodded. "Yeah, i'd love to, thanks Ma." Devin leaned down and kissed the top of her hand one more time, his lips lingering over her soft skin.

"Oh, not a problem at all, Devin! I love to feed people, you can make up for all of the food Lark doesn't eat... Honestly, that girls been starving herself lately. The silly thing." Adriana gave a dramatic sigh and then smiled once more at the boy, winking at him jokingly before leaving the room, acting as if she were walking on clouds.

As soon as the door shut Devin was on her again, pulling her up by her shirt collar and glaring down into her eyes. "So along with cutting yourself up you're not fucking eating? How much of a stupid cunt can you be?" He hissed quietly so that none of her family would be able to hear him getting angry with her.

Lark looked away, closing her eyes and swallowed, she felt his grip on her shirt loosen and then something warm and a little scratchy brushing the side of her face, making her turn her head.

"Open your eyes." His voice was softer now, but still demanding. She knew that if she didn't do as she was told that he wouldn't be afraid to punish her for it.

Finally she did what she was told, her eyes opening so that Devin could have the chance to look into the them. They sat there, both on their knees on the bed, his hand cupping the side of her face and her hands clutching the blankets of the bed.

The girl swallowed hard, licking her bottom lip, her eye running over Devin's face slowly. "You told people that you fucked me." It wasn't a question, it was just a blunt statement, she frowned. Earlier she'd hadn't pointed it out due to how angry he'd been, but not that they were in her home and he'd calmed down she thought it might be a good time too.

"Yeah, of course I did. You think I was just going to keep that to myself? Ha, right, like fucking hell I would." Devin chuckled and dropped his hand away from her face. "I told everyone I could, told 'em all how I fucked you and how tight you were and you told me to go 'faster' how you 'begged' for me like a little slut."

Lark bristled and wound back her arm, preparing herself to punch him across the face. Devin caught on to this thought and before she could ty to hit him he had wrapped his arms around her tightly and was kissing her. His mouth suckled and caressed hers, he wasn't exactly highly skilled, actually it seemed like he rarely had ever kissed anyone. But this didn't make it feel any less... Right.

When he kissed her she didn't feel the disgust she knew that she should be feeling. Instead she felt like his lips were meant to be there, and it felt good, and caused something odd that she'd never felt before to rise up into her chest. It was an unrecognized feeling, similar to other emotions but still not enitrly clear enough for her to figure out what it was.

Her body melted against his and he quickly oftened the kiss, slowing down and loosening his grim on her a little o she could move. They each hesitantly began to touch lips, brushing them lightly and tenderly. Lark's hands rose and she wrapped him around hi neck cautiously. Devin took this as a good sign and pulled her even closer, the kiss becoming a little harder and more confident.

And as their mouths opened and their tongues began to touch Lark decided that she should try to embrace what was happening... If only slightly. It would be good to get a little bit of practice so that later in life she wouldn't be naive to what sex was lik. She was sort of glad that she wouldn't continue to be a virgin into her twenties.

They broke away from one another, catching their breaths, leaning against each other and keeping there eyes to themselves.

"Devin...," Lark trailed, her eyes closing, "why were you still a virgin until today?"

He stiffened in response, his arms tightening around her and bracing around her waist like a vice. Lark could feel his warm, moist breath on the side of her neck so she kept her head turned away,not wanting to look at him.

"It's none of your fucking business. You should know beforehand that I don't like when my toys start asking me questions, so never ask anything like that again or else i'll have to punish you." To put his point across more clearly his grip became like that of a anaconda's, squeezing its prey.

She could only dread what sort of pain he'd put her through. Her body giving a shiver as horrible things like getting beaten up or having her feet broken crossed her mind. Lark wouldn't put it past Devin to do something as sickening as that.

Devin know that Lark would be far to terrified to ever tell anyone what happened if he was to hurt her badly. Lark knew it too, and she knew that he was absolutely right.

Her head finally turned and she looked at him, he looked back at her, both of their faces were red, both from different feelings that they were experiencing. Neither of the feelings were positive.

"I'm sorry."

"Never mind it, Lark. Alright? Let's just fucking pretend you never even let the question pass through those pretty, little cock-sucking lips of yours."


"Good girl." His arms relaxed and he rubbed her sides absently, soothingly, looking rather thoughtful. "I'll announce it at dinner time that we're dating. Everyone already knows at school, speaking of which you'll be hanging out with my friends and I now."

Knowing that nearly made her want to break this whole agreement off but she knew it was too late. Devin already had info on her that he could use to threaten her with.

Seemed as if she'd really got herself into a bad situation.

"Tomorrow you should come meet my parents, they'll need to know about you too. We're going to make this real believable, we'll act like the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend, very happy and in love. Flirting and going on 'dates' and maybe i'll even get you a present every no and again, for those stupid monthly anniversaries girls are always talking about." As he spoke he released her, getting off of the bed and walking to the door, he locked it , looking very nonchalant and at complete and total ease.

He made his way back to the bed, getting on top of it with her once more. "You've got to help me out here though, my pretty little lark. I can't act all by myself , it takes two to make a happy couple." One of his hands slipped beneath her skirt and fumbled around a little. Lark gasped and fell forwards, her chest against his. Devin had pushed his fingers inside of her and was now slowly, and a little nervously, pumping them in and out.

"Ow!" She hissed and clutched onto him, her eyes closing tight.

Devin paused, looking scared of her reaction, he pulled his fingers out and looked at them, they were wet with her heat even though it had apparently hurt her.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sore, I don't think that you should touch me there, please it really hurts."

"Oh, so now you're the one in charge, are you?" Devin seemed to have taken it the wrong way because now he looked angry and cocky.

He shoved his fingers back inside of her before she even knew what was happening. Lark bit back a cry of pain and chomped down on her tongue. Her womanhood was aching and tender from the loss of her virginity, sh wasn't ready for him to be probing around inside of her yet.

Devin smiled, watching her face was obvious and malicious glee. He loved to see her in pain and submitting to him, he felt himself growing hard. Lark didn't know it but he had been waiting to do this to her for quite a while now... Quite a while indeed. And now that he was able to he wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to stop himself. Feeling her and having her in his possession made him feel good, better than just when he had been tormenting her and ruining her high school years.

He could feel her nails starting to dig into his back and he laughed, enjoying it.

Getting her to climax would take a while, especially since she was in pain, but fuck it would be worth it, all of this would be worth it in the end.

And as these thoughts flitted through him he felt her tenseness begin to ease and then her body press closer to his. He could feel her soft, panting on his throat and then he heard the faintest of moans. She sounded a little bit better now, a little less uncomfortable.

Yes, it would certainly be worth it in the end, for the both of them.

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