Circles are beautiful

An old man enters carrying a pair of jade spheres in his left hand. He begins to spin the two in circles around each other, as he too begins to paint circles in the air with his hands and feet. They call this dance Tai Chi on this planet. Some even call it a fighting style. He only knows it as art without dust; without root.

"I don't know much about this world, even though I've been on it for a long time. But I do know this." The spheres slide against each other echoing 'kshht '... 'kshht '.

He breathes in with the completion of once cycle, and continues a breath of story with the next.

"I know that these two spheres are round. They are round not because they were made to be round. Nor are they round because they were fated to be round. They are round because roundness is the most natural shape. A grain of sand is round, a river pebble is round, the seasons are round, the sun is round, the moons are round, Terra... is... round."


"The orbits are round, and so energy is round. Energy does not exert from within us, but rather from around us. We can feel it... always pushing one way. Pulling us in another."

'kshht '... 'kshht ', breathe.

"You want to know why there is suffering, Traveler? Suffering is caused by desire. We desire, and so we suffer."

Turn, breathe.

"But desire is not evil. We desire not because we were made to desire. Nor are we fated to be. We desire because it is natural, because it is part of what is round."

Breathe, turn.

"You must not be afraid to suffer, Traveler. for bitterness has its own unique flavor. Tea is bitter."

Breathe, 'kshht '... 'kshht '.

"But tea has its own life, and it has its own depth. You must not be afraid to taste that which is bitter. Because tasting bitter is round, we taste because it is natural."


"And so we suffer. We suffer joyously and painfully with as much emotion and gusto as we can muster. We don't suffer sparingly, despite our fear of pain. Because, we know we suffer for the things that are worth suffering for. Life, death, friends, enemies, brothers, sisters, families, orbits, Terra, the sun, the moons, pebbles, and even a grain of sand."

A old man exits carrying two jade spheres in his right hand. An empty room awaits for the old man to enter once again. An empty thought lingers in the space.

"Circles are beautiful."