Premise: I had to write about ten years of my life in three-word sentences. I chose to write about my relationship with this guy I was in love with for a long time. :D


In second grade. That's our beginning. I knew you. You knew me. Shared a class. We were enemies. Second grade, remember? I loved you. First sighted love. You feared me. Yet still loved. You did, too! Don't deny it. You told me. Yeah, that's right. Remember being chased? Everywhere, it seemed. Bathroom, playground, blacktop. Our lives blurred. Like the world.

Our third grade. Still have you. The same class. The same fear. All from you. The same rivalry. I loved it. No helping it. I couldn't resist. Girls versus guys. It was war. We, the leaders. Against each other. It was fun. Into the bathrooms. Over the blacktop. Around the playground. Didn't know then. We'd limited time. If I'd known…

Fourth grade changes. First time separated. It felt weird. You weren't there. But Jan was. Your best friend. Well, no longer. He became mine. It wasn't intentional. We were similar. We shared memories. You linked us. Still, wasn't enough. I missed you. Jan couldn't compare.

Fifth grade, us. Yes, "us" again. We're drawn together. So much drama. Sorry for it. Not my fault. I wasn't stalking. I swear it. It wasn't me. Principal's office, remember? The hormone talk. Fun, fun times. I realized then. We're growing up.

Sixth grade flew. Last of elementary. So very scary. And quite sad. A year left. Remember science camp? You and I. The same group. You were terrified. I was delighted. The paranoid glances. Pictures secretly taken. Chasing you again. That was fun. We just reconnected. That last night. Before we "graduated." I risked it. I asked you. You said yes.

You became mine. I became yours. Albeit, three months. Ended by October. Such short time. What a rollercoaster. We never kissed. You ran away. You even lied. You broke it. What you broke? My very heart. Seventh grade sucked. You found another. I did not. I watched you. It hurt immensely. Then I learned. Jealousy was cancerous. So I stopped. Never have since.

My eighth grade. Just mine alone. I saw you. You saw me. That's about it. You dated others. Then got dumped. I grew wiser. My world opened. Politics became life. Music became air. We both changed. I changed more. But missing you. That never changed.

Our freshman year. It's "ours" again. We had a class. First period, remember? Takes me back. We sat away. Three rows between. We barely spoke. Barely contacted eyes. Felt déjà vu. The class passed. We separated again. At year's end. We started talking. We hung out. The past lingered. Had unfinished business. We fixed that. We finally kissed. My monkey boy. I, riot girl. Our little nicknames. Then it broke. My heart again. Again, your fault. You little liar.

Sophomores without "us." You just disappeared. I found someone. You were replaced. Kevin's his name. He lasted long. The entire year. I loved him. He loved me. His mom, however… I did hope. Seeing you again. And I did. Swift glances met. You looked away. My stomach dropped. I missed you. But only sometimes. Then Kevin went. The reason: Mom. Typical Asian mom. Study, study, study. Breaking up hurt. But was amicable. We stayed friends. No hard feelings. Unlike between "us."

Junior year promises. We talked briefly. We flirted again. I'll write books. You'll write songs. Dedicated to "us." But that's it. Just mere promises. I don't know. I'll keep mine. What about you? Will you remember? You left quickly. Junior prom went. Without an "us."

Senior year, awkward. I saw you. You saw me. We talked once. We were strangers. Yet we weren't. Some lingering tension. Mostly from me. I was bitter. You hurt me. So many times. I can't forget. I won't forget. The feelings remain. I missed you. My childhood sweetheart. We've grown up. Good ol' days. Those are gone. Will you remember? They're my treasures. I'll keep them. Forever and ever. I'll remember you. Don't forget me.