Shyer Than Ere' We Were Born coloured our countenance, our eyes so abridged by the morning light, trodden, to the earth, that dawn's meager din felt not, chilled, chilled like our courage, born of shame, borne by longing hearts, repentant minds, unchallenged but by fate and the weight of progenitive souls, challenged to aspire to something more than were possible, ever sound, ever quiet, I and your whose in quietude the other must resolve, the hope to exist as far as imagination wanders, which is not far, missing the straw, by a breath, and cowing us to disappear into the other's memories, a chance, nev'r restored, that were as precious as life, strife, age, and death, before we meet before the Gate, and again, see if Gods are greater in all things, as we in our shyness, gazed, and swayed, today.