You are beyond my reach, as I am beyond yours.
What is the distance between us?
A hair's breadth, a boundary of the mind,
And yet the divide is impossible.

When was the moment that you first lingered?
When was the time you first spoke my name?
Did a glance become a gaze, a turning point,
When you edged towards me in the darkness?

Perhaps the same music flows through our veins;
The same rhythm, the same deep call, the same shadow.
Perhaps you and I are the same soul,
The sum of all our hopes, joys and fears.

You are temptation and bliss; happiness and heartbreak.
You are all earnestness, kindness and every good thing,
I know what hold you have over me.
And yet… what strange hold do I have over you?

My darkness searches for your darkness,
The hidden corners of our hearts
Reach somehow across the divide
And your eyes find mine, catch mine, hold mine.

In the world between worlds
Where all things are born from impossibility,
There, you and I could rope in the moon
And touch every lonely, distant star.

We could find each other at the centre,
Close the distance between our fingertips
And realise, at last, that all that lay between us
Was a single breath.