The introduction of a new number caused ruckus throughout the planet earth and aroused riots in several countries.

On January 899th 9945 Ad, the president of the new republics of the American republics of the Soviet Union announced that the introduction of a number 'perhaps between six and seven' would help solve the world's current economic turmoil. When flabbergasted Antarctican of penguin origin asked president Joe Bush the reason behind this absurdity, he simply said 'because it's cool' and that numbers where 'funny lookin things' and that the would like to have a 'funny looking number with more squiqqly lines and more twisty looking lines that arnt all strait'.

Tom Cruise, the universes leading Keynesian Quantum Money scientist said that this 'new number' would inevitably help solve all the worlds current dilemmas, some of which include Aids, cancer, Aids, Drugs, gays, random falling buses, Paris Hilton and Aids. Among all this, George Washington, who recently resurrected from the dead, and became the worlds leading social analysis, recently came out with abusive remarks relating to the introduction of the number, as he said it would inevitably 'reduce drugs', which was supported by king of Macedonia Jon von jovi who was concerned by this, as the nu revolutionary digit would see the abolition of harmful hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, LSDs, methamphetamine, and facebook.

This revolutionary new number is expected to look like the deformed child of an 8 and a 70, but researchers say that this would inevitably cause peoples heads to explode for no particular reason. So the American institute of dancing penguins issued a search warrant on all scientists currently involved in this affair, saying that it's a matter of public security. What they found were several piles of hustler magazine, a used condom and a toothpick, which aroused shock and disgust throughout the world.

'This is an outrage, we cannot afford to be blinded by the lewd and twisted minds governing us today, they are sick and twisted' said child molester, porn star and serial killer Michael Jackson on Tuesday the 777777777 th of novembersday, on Saturday.

Following a press conference between PETA (pansies eating twat omelet) and the UN (uneducated ninnies), Bob 'fuckstick' Dylan came to a conclusion that the new digit would indeed be between 5.7. and 5.8, and look like this q, the press conference later ended as Bugs Bunny spontaneously combusted.

Despite this, some individuals are still strongly against the installation of 'number Sexynine' as general Jeffrey Dahmer condemned it at as 'stupid' and 'probably the fucking shittiest single thing ever to go down in history', but was subsequently crushed by a random falling bus.

Unfortunately, the inauguration of number sextynine only lasted two days, as Rambo received a prank phone call from Winston Churchill who called him an 'Oversized pack of condensed meatballs' which lead to Rambo blowing up the world with a bazooka.