Chapter 8-

I turned up the radio when I heard the opening chords of Problem by Ariana Grande. I started to hum softly to myself while tapping my fingers on the steering wheel.

"Awh, hell no, not that song again," Jake groaned from the side.

I stifled my laugh and proceeded to increase the volume even further. My soft singing turned into a full on jam session.

"Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders…" I sang loudly.

Jake scrunched his nose up and placed his hands on his ears.

"You sound like a dying cat."

I glared at him and continued singing.

That was pretty much the summary of our car ride to the beach.

He practically bolted out as soon as I parked. I rolled my eyes and followed him.

"You know, you did come out here to hang out with me," I shouted, running to catch up with him.

"Not with you, your friends," he muttered.

"You're such a player," I told him.

"The ladies still love me," he grinned.

I mentally moaned when I realized that probably all of Lucy's friends were going to fan girl over him as soon as they saw him. I had come here to socialize, not witness Jake's meet and greet.

"Hurry up, Lexi!"

I looked up to see Jake several metres ahead of me. I sped up and tried to be positive about the hang out.


"You brought Jake? That's so cool! I'm Clara, by the way."

That was the first thing that was said to me as soon as I joined Lucy's group. The group consisted of four girls, including Lucy, and three boys. They all looked like models. What was up with everyone looking so hot in LA?

Clara had curly blond hair that reminded me of sunshine, golden skin and sea green eyes. She wore a white bikini that made her skin pop out. Needless to say, she looked stunning.

"Gee Clara, get a grip," scolded Lucy.

Then she turned to me and introduced me to the two girls standing next to Clara.

"Melody, this is Lexi. Lexi, this is Melody."

"Hi, I'm Lexi," I smiled at her.

She smiled back and said, "I'm Melody. I love your flip flops."

Melody was a sweet looking girl with light brown hair falling all over her shoulders in waves. She had opted for a one piece instead of a bikini. As soon as Clara had taken Jake's name, Melody had rolled her eyes and I decided we were going to be good friends.

Finally, Lucy introduced me to Stacey. Stacey looked to be a shy girl and only waved when I greeted her. She seemed nice though. She had pale skin with jet black hair. I envied her immediately because of her beautiful hair.

I looked around to see where Jake was and noticed him hanging with the guys who had walked closer to the ocean.

"Don't be so rude, you guys, say hello to Lexi," Lucy yelled at them.

The boys turned around and ambled over to us. I heard a chorus of hellos and I smiled and nodded. Jake just stood with a laid-back way not even acknowledging me. Not that I cared.

"Heyyyy, Lexi," said a particularly enthusiastic boy. He scooped me a bear hug and lifted me off the sand.

I must have looked freaked out because Lucy said, "Josh! Don't scare the poor girl!"

To me, she said, "Josh is over friendly with everyone." She rolled her eyes.

I smiled weakly. "Hey, Josh, nice to meet you too."

Josh scowled at Lucy and pretended to be hurt.

"I'm not being over friendly, I'm being nice," he pouted.

Lucy laughed and pulled his cheeks. Josh grinned and put his arm around her waist.


Were they dating?

I couldn't believe I hadn't asked Lucy if she had a boyfriend. Some friend I was.

My suspicions were confirmed when he lifted her and kissed her passionately.

Awwwww, that was so cute!

"Get a room, guys," said Clara exasperatedly.

Josh and Lucy broke apart sheepishly.

I raised my eyebrow at Lucy.

"I should have mentioned it, I know! I'm so sorry, Lexi," she pleaded.

"It's not your fault! I should have asked. I'm sorry too," I smiled.

Lucy's eyes lit up and she beamed.

"Wait, why are you not wearing a bikini?" asked Clara from behind me.

I blushed. After looking at all these girls with their perfect bodies, I wasn't so sure about exposing my own body. I was usually pretty confident about it, but today, with all these gorgeous people around me, I felt self conscious.

"Uh, I'm wearing it underneath my dress," I mumbled.

"Well, then take it off!" urged Lucy.

"Alright, you guys go ahead, I'll join you," I urged them toward the ocean. I didn't want an audience around me while I stripped.

They nodded enthusiastically and ran off. Josh had literally swept Lucy off her feet and was now carrying her towards the water bridal style. I sighed at their cuteness.

Finally, I decided to take off my dress and looked around hesitantly. I noticed Jake staring at me with a mocking expression, silently daring me to take off my dress. I couldn't understand why he hadn't gone with the others.

I stared back defiantly and promptly took my dress off. As I stood, bikini clad, I saw his eyes widen.

Ha, that showed him.

I smirked at him. He narrowed his eyes and advanced towards me.

"Not bad, Grey," he murmured.

"Don't call me that," I said disgustedly.

"You look hot."

By now he was standing so close that our chests were almost touching.

"Nice try but find someone else to flirt with." I said nonchalantly.

"I mean it, Lexi." he breathed.

I was looking directly into his brown eyes. God, they were beautiful. Why didn't they match his personality?

"Get away from me!" I scoffed and pushed him away.

He didn't miss a beat and pulled me back by my waist. He placed his right hand on my face and started caressing my cheek. Meanwhile, the hand around my waist pulled me closer to him. I was now squished against him. He was still staring into my eyes. I couldn't help but shiver at our close proximity. I could now see why all the girls loved him. He was by far the most attractive guy I had seen.

"What are you doing?" I whispered.

He didn't answer and brought his face close to mine. He positioned his face such that I could almost feel his lips on mine. My heart started beating furiously and I could feel myself heat up.

I couldn't breathe. What was wrong with me?

I could tell he was going to kiss me.


Why suddenly?

Out of instinct, I closed my eyes. I could feel his breath on my lips.

Any second now…


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