That's easy

We do it from the minute we're born

Fighting for our first breath

For the attention of out parents

For food



The essentials of life

Always fighting

Life is an uphill battle

To get to the top

To make as much

As you can

To get beyond the essentials

All you need is love


That is what we say

And yet we don't believe

We fight to be famous

Fight to have money

Fight to be loved

Hurt so we're hated

He can beat you

Any day

With fists

With words

She can destroy you

In an arena of words

I'm not condemning mankind

I'm not praising it either

Simply stating

The facts.

We have to fight

To stay alive

To be loved

And therefore;


We must do battle


For our opinions to be


From day one

Second two

We are fighting

To breath.