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It was just before midnight on a Wednesday when Lucy Francis decided she wanted an adventure. She was sixteen, on the brink of starting college and growing up, and things had become far too serious and adult for her to handle.

It was fortunate, then, that as she sat and stared out of her window, occasionally catching the reflection of lengthy curly caramel hair and bright blue eyes in the black, that she heard the low creak of a door opening.

She turned suddenly, and saw that there, in the space of wall just at the foot of her bed, was a square door, raised somewhat off the ground, opening very slowly.

It wasn't the fact that the door was opening, that alarmed Lucy most; only the fact that the door had never been there in the first place.

She leapt up, and slowly walked towards it, craning her neck in the hope that she would see the insides before being seen herself. This proved to a failure however, as the entire door swung open, revealing a boy of similar age to her. He was on hands and knees, and he had the sandiest brown hair which hung messily over his forehead and around his ears.

When he saw Lucy, he smiled widely, and stared at her with bright grey eyes that told her she was the person he was looking for.

Lucy of course, wasn't as welcoming as this strange boy had probably hoped she would be.

"Who are you!?" She demanded, scrambling around for a weapon and ending up with a lamp. She brandished it, tugging the plug out of its socket with a jerk and bracing herself for the moment he would fully emerge from his hidey hole. "How did you do that? How did you get in my room?" She threw questions at him, hardly expecting a decent answer. The door hadn't been there mere minutes ago, and suddenly it was, that couldn't be explained...At least, in terms of her world it couldn't.

"Well you wished me here." Said the boy, and he swung his legs around so his feet landed on the floor. From there he eased himself out and brushed himself off. Lucy looked him up and down. He was dressed nicely, but for a climate quite different to English rain. He wore three quarter length jeans, red Converse trainers and a light green t shirt. He didn't look cold, and from the sudden bright sunlight that shone from within the tunnel, Lucy had to admit it made sense; to an extent.

"I did not." Lucy said sharply, and she raised her weapon higher as he approached. "Stay away from me, I'll hit you. I will!"

"Will you though?" He smiled slightly. "I'm not going to hurt you. Honestly."

"Right." Lucy scoffed, and she took a step back. "Get out of here. I'll scream bloody murder, seriously. I don't know how the hell you did that thing with the door, but it's weird and invasive!"
"I put a magic door in your wall and all you can call it is weird and invasive? You are an interesting one. I've never had that comment before." He smiled slightly, watching her with apparent admiration. Lucy was not impressed by any of this, and gritted her teeth. "Anyway, we have to go, there isn't much time-"

He had stepped forward, and he was holding his hand out, but Lucy was having none of it. She swung the lamp down, smashing it over his head with all the force she could muster. He collapsed like a lead weight, out cold.

Lucy was worried for a few terrifying moments that she had killed the boy, but found soon afterwards that he was in fact alive and breathing, just unconscious. She stood there for a few moments after this realisation, and wondered aloud what she should do with him.

"I could tell mum and dad." She muttered, and she glanced warily at her door, as if she could see her parents sleeping bodies through it. "But..." And she looked at the door, with its warm light spilling through onto her carpet. It looked very exciting. Did she want her parents, or the police to know about it? It was other worldly, most definitely. If this boy was some sort of violent intruder he wouldn't have come through a magic door. A magic door that was not there mere moments ago. She watched it, unnerved, but fascinated, and remembered what the boy had said... 'You wished me here...'

"Adventures." She muttered, and she knew it was her who had done this. Was adventure awaiting her beyond that door? She had no clue, but that boy did.

She got onto her knees, pressed her palms flat on the carpet and peered at him. He was very handsome, and he looked harmless, but could she be sure? He could be tricking her, he could have come through the door from hell or something, like in Silent Hill.

The thought of Silent Hill made Lucy leap back in alarm, and she slowly looked up at the door again. So she didn't know what was in there. If it was Silent Hill it looked very pleasant.

She sighed. She wouldn't know until she pressed this boy for answers. Lucy liked to consider herself a good judge of character, she would be able to tell if he was lying or not.

It was settled then.

She got to her feet and went to her wardrobe, where she removed a scarf. Hurrying back to the unconscious boy, she hooked her hands under his arms and dragged him to her window seat, leaning him against the base of it there. She then set about tying his hands behind him with the scarf, which proved very difficult with a limp body and no knowledge of knot tying.

When it finally seemed tight enough, she pushed him upright and took a step back. She observed him for a moment, slightly amused now by the entire situation, and briefly considered the possibility of her parents entering the room. It was half past twelve at this point, as long as she stayed as quiet as possible, they wouldn't stir.

All she could do now, was wait. She slowly crouched down on the floor, directly in front of the boy, and sat there with her legs crossed, observing him. She would wait however long was necessary, this was far too interesting.

It was a good fifteen minutes before he finally woke up. He stirred slowly, groaning a little, and it was a further minute before his eyes fluttered open. He looked at Lucy, who simply watched him, and then he moved his arms. His eyes opened wide when he realised he couldn't move them, and he looked around, quite animated, as he tugged against his binds.

When he realised he was bound, he slowly turned his head to face Lucy. She looked at him firmly.

"What's your name?"

"Charlie." He frowned at her. "You knocked me out, and you tied me up."
"Yeah, so?"

"So, that's pretty impressive." He smiled slightly. "Wasn't expecting that."
"Wasn't expecting what?"
"For you to be amazing. That's all."
Lucy reddened, and she looked away.

"Shutup. Why're you here?"
"Well you wished me-"

"No none of that, I want a proper explanation." Lucy folded her arms and stared at him fiercely. Charlie cleared his throat awkwardly.

"I work for an organisation, that takes people from your world on adventures. If you wish hard enough that is. Dimension seven gets painfully boring, I wonder how you deal with it."

"Dimension seven? What?"
"We're Dimension one, you're Dimension seven. You just haven't perfected the magic door yet." He flashed her a grin.

"Magic door." Lucy said quietly, sniggering slightly. "Is that a technical term?"
"It is actually. Much easier to understand."

"Okay. Other worlds. I'm open to that. Science and stuff. Why did you come here though, why me?"
"You wanted an adventure, you're going to get one. Of course there's not much I can do tied up." He gave her another smile, and then suddenly pulled his hands from behind his back, the scarf dropping to the floor. Lucy's eyes widened in horror and she scrambled to her feet. Charlie jumped up just as quickly, grabbing her and cupping a hand over her mouth. "Don't scream bloody murder!"

Lucy slapped him away.

"I wasn't going to!" She straightened her flowery dress out and inwardly cursed her terrible knot tying skills. "Last thing I want is my mum and dad finding a strange boy in my room."

Charlie shrugged.

"Precautions, Lucy." And he took her hand. She looked down at it and dragged it away.

"You know my name!"
"Yeah. I do. You wished, we heard, we came. We know your name." He smirked, apparently amused by his rhyming skills, and took her hand again. "You're coming, then?"
Lucy wasn't sure. His hand was warm and comfortable in hers, but perhaps it was meant to me? She had wanted an adventure, and the only other thing she would do at this hour was sleep, so she slowly nodded.

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