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Charlie climbed inside the door first and Lucy followed, clambering up onto the ledge. She was half blinded by the brightness that emanated from within, but just as quickly as it had shocked her senses, she got used to it as an entire world suddenly opened out before her.

It was what looked to be a brightly lit conference hall, built in a swift circle. The ceiling was made entirely out of glass, drenching the hall in sunlight. Lucy blinked against it and brought her hand up to shield her eyes, glancing behind her to find the door had vanished. She gasped and went to the space it had once been in, but Charlie gently pushed her forward.

Lucy was nervous. She gulped as she went forward, taking in all the hustle and bustle around her. Wooden booths surrounded her, curved against the walls so they fit the unusual shape of the building. People sat behind each booth, smiling and beaming at pairs of people just like Lucy and Charlie. Most looked to be in their teenage years, but there was a smattering of twenty something year olds, dressed sometimes in pajamas and looking sleepy. Charlie hadn't been kidding when he had said this was a company; everything was moving swiftly, like a well oiled machine. There was a lot of busy chatter, sounds of paper being stamped, and footfalls on wood. It was very professional.

Lucy only realised, after some time of ogling her surroundings, that Charlie had guided her into one of the queues, and they were now waiting to be seen by one of the many clerks.

"Are all these people like me?" Lucy asked slowly, daring to look at Charlie. He smiled at her, all too willing to answer her questions.

"Yeah, all of them. They all wished for adventure, for a release, so then came the door."

"And the clerks, what are they doing?"
"Assigning adventures to everybody. They'll give you a small test, and then based on your personality traits, they'll give you the correct adventure."

Lucy blinked, and peered around the person in front- a rather tubby seventeen year old in Halo: Reach pajamas, and watched as someone was questioned at the kiosk ahead. Before she could see enough, Charlie took her arm and tugged her back against him. When she glared, he gave her a scolding look.

"No cheating."

"I wasn't cheating!" She argued, aghast, tearing her arm from his grip. "I was only looking."
"Looking, cheating, it's all the same side of the sword." Replied Charlie sternly, returning his gaze forward.

Lucy sulked, and decided on giving Charlie the silent treatment. She soon realised it wasn't working, as he made no effort to speak to her. She wondered if he was so obsessed with spoilers he refused to speak to her at all? She took a new approach.

"What's your favourite colour?"

He looked around at her, bemused.

"You heard." She said moodily, stepping forward as the queue shuffled onwards.

"Okay. Green." Said Charlie with a shrug, and suddenly the queue dispersed, and they were at the front.

An entirely boring woman in what looked to be her mid forties was waiting for them behind the booth, dark brown hair hanging in curtains around her chin, eyes staring up at the two in a terribly bored fashion.

"Francis, Lucy." She stated, without so much as flipping open a file. Lucy looked taken aback, and glanced at Charlie for support, who wasn't looking her way, but at the woman.

"Brennan, Charlie as your guide." She said again, and Lucy began to wonder if she was simply stating the obvious, or whether or not there was an autocue behind her head. "Place your hand on the counter please, Ms Francis." Said the woman curtly, and Lucy did as she was told without much thought.

The woman, who Lucy now noticed was called Gladys, from her nametag, suddenly darted her hand towards Lucy's, armed with a sharp prong. Lucy, acting on impulse, whipped her hand out of the way and seized Gladys's wrist.

"What the hell?" She demanded, not letting go for fear of a repeat performance. Gladys simply looked at her in a fashion that suggested she was entirely uninterested, and then turned to an open notebook. There, she scribbled some notes, which, as much as Lucy tried to see, she couldn't make out due to the ridiculously scruffy handwriting left there. Giving up on this, she looked sideways at Charlie and muttered under her breath; "I think you should sack her."
"That was part of the test." Responded Charlie with a roll of his eyes, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world and Lucy was an idiot for not realising.

"Oh, well silly me for not taking that into account while she was trying to spear me." She whispered back, agitated. This was all very silly. She just couldn't take it seriously. How was it that Charlie and Gladys were so business like?

"If you had a choice between saving an old friend and an acquaintance, who would you choose?" Asked Gladys, in that snooty, monotonous tone of hers. Lucy shrugged nonchalantly.


Gladys raised her eyebrows and scribbled more notes down, while Lucy could see, from the corner of her eye that Charlie was watching her with interest. The first sign he had shown since she had assaulted him back at her house. She purposely avoided his gaze and waited for the next question.

"You look awfully fat in that dress, Lucy." Gladys said simply, and Lucy looked down at her attire of unzipped navy hoody, flower print dress and converse all stars.

"Do you want a smack?"

Gladys busily made notes in response, as Lucy turned to Charlie with a disgusted look on her face.

"This is the stupidest test ever. See you later." She turned to leave, ready to barge the people behind her out of the way, but Charlie caught her arm and swung her around.

She slammed into him, and his hands were suddenly at the small of her back, and his lips were upon hers. The kiss lasted all of two seconds, before he let her go, and reverted back to standing up straight, arms folded as he faced Gladys. Lucy frowned to herself, looked to the side and turned her body in the direction of Gladys also.

"Fine, I'll stay."

More notes were made.

"Oh for God's- That was part of the test too?" Becoming increasingly frustrated, Lucy felt ready to have the kind of tantrum she hadn't had since the terrible twos. "This is stupid. This whole thing, is-"

"Welcome to Adventurum." Gladys stamped the paper, filed it away beneath the desk, and then slid a key across the counter. Lucy stared at it for a moment, and then looked to Charlie for answers, even though she knew he wasn't going to give her any. He did just that, ignoring her entirely as he scraped the key up.

"What next then?" Asked Lucy sarcastically, sick to the teeth of 'Dimension one' already. "Another magic door?"
"It's just that." Smiled Charlie, walking around Gladys's booth and towards the nearest section of wall. Lucy followed, frowning deeply, dragging her feet somewhat.

They stopped just by the curved wall, and as Lucy scrutinised it for a handle of some kind, he eyes fell upon a golden key hole, which Charlie promptly stuck the key into. Instantly the rim of an oval door appeared around it, just Lucy's size, and light shone from the gaps around the edges, inviting her in. Charlie stepped back, gesturing his hand to the door.

"After you."

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