Warnings: this is slash (or boy on boy), drug use, prostitution, cross dressing (kinda…some make-up and high heels sort of thing), angst, and all that other fun stuff….


So here I am. Currently I am on my hands and knees in some dirty apartment that looks like it's never been cleaned in my entire lifetime. Seventeen years, to be precise. And what, may you ask, am I doing there? Well, I'm snorting cocaine that I cut with my insanely high, clear, plastic heels, like the girl that played Cherie Currie does in that movie, The Runaways.

I don't usually make a habit of doing drugs, but when they're offered after a job on a particularly hard day, like the one I had today, it's just too good to pass up. So in the hopes of forgetting my latest 'session' I inhale more of the white powder off the floor. It doesn't help.


I had stood in the cold air, trying not to shiver or look like I feared frost bite. Instead I had just adjusted my outfit, my miraculously short shorts that showed off my smooth legs and half of the tattoo on my hip bone, a pink half shirt that just barely covered my nipples, putting my flat stomach on display, and looked for a new customer. I knew how this worked; the only way I was going to get paid and manage to stay warm was to find a good one.

I scanned the street around me, watching the other half-naked prostitutes rub up against their 'clients'. I spotted a guy, he looked to be around his forties, dressed nicely in a crisp suit and jet black hair that had been slicked back. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was my guy. He pushed a scantily clad girl off his arm and continued to search.

Checking my face quick in the reflective surface of someone's review mirror I saw myself. My black hair that fell in wispy lines across my face, the delicate stud in my nose, my green eyes rimmed with only mascara. People had often called me attractive, pretty even. I didn't see it, but hopefully this guy would.

Managing to look confident and stable as I made my way toward him wasn't hard, despite my huge heels. I had done this many times before. He looked up as he heard my shoes clacking on the pavement, his eyes wandering up my body, across my delicate form, taking in all five foot eight of me (though my shoes made me look considerably taller). His eyes had stopped on my arms, which were covered from the wrist to my elbow in sets of leather wrist bands. These were one of the things that defined me, my signature items out here on the streets. It was them, my tattoo, and the ever mysterious scars on my back that formed a large X.

"Look, there goes Suri." One of the girls whispered. Her 'name' was Mariah.

Ignoring the whispers I leaned in, moving closer to the guy, staring him in his blue eyes. He didn't look taken aback, like he had when Star had been all over him, instead he looked amused.

"I'm Suri," I introduced myself, my voice is a purr. I don't give my first name. No, I never give my first name to these guys. It's only for the ones I love, which are few and far between. However, this is not a complete lie, my middle name is Suri. I have no idea what on earth my mother was thinking when she decided to make my middle name something that means princess, but the clients seem to like it.

"Hmmm," he smirks, brushing his hand against my delicate cheekbones. "Max," he says. He gives no last name. He's obviously well acquainted with this kind of business. That's fine.

"Well, Max," I wrapped my arm around his, tugging on it slightly. "How 'bout I show you a good time? Then you can go back to your wife and 2.4 kids." I whispered the last part almost inaudibly. I've dealt with his kind before. Judging by the way he's dressed he comes from a good family that always expected a perfect son who would marry a nice woman and get a good job and give them cute, little grandchildren. And I bet they got it, however there's just one little detail. That wasn't him, he just went along with everything they told him to and now he's fed up and does stuff like this. Now he sleeps with guys like me for a hefty chunk of money so he can pretend he's not gay and that he truly loves his pretty wife who thinks he's working late at this very moment so he can make enough money to take the whole family on a cruise or some nonsense.

Max smiled at me, his white teeth showing and a devilish glint in his eye. He nodded, leading me down a block or so to a dingy motel. It wasn't the Taj Mahal but at least it was warm. If I hadn't been so lucky as to find him I'd either be freezing my ass off giving someone a blowjob in a dark alley or at home wondering how I was going to pay the electric bill by Wednesday and listening to my mother's snoring.

He had led me up to his room on the second floor, number 265. He held the door open for me and I walked on in. The room had been relatively empty, just a medium-sized black suitcase laying open on the floor, a small, round table and a large bed in the center of the room. I stood waiting for directions and he had sat down on the bed, removing his shoes. He beckoned to me silently with one of his hands and immediately I had stalked forward. He gestured that I sit on his lap so I placidly and obediently straddled his hips, placing my legs on either side of him and wrapping them tightly around him.

He kissed me; I did my job and responded. He licked my lips, I opened them. He grabbed my ass, I moaned on cue. I was good at my job. It was just faking emotions. I was good at that. After all these years I'd practiced. And you know what they say; practice makes perfect…


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