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Chapter Two:

(Alex's P.O.V)

I got up before the loud blaring of my alarm clock had a chance to go off. I didn't get much sleep last night or the past couple for that matter. I felt kind of jumpy. I wasn't sure why I was so nervous either; I hadn't even had to move this year. I was still in the same place. So why did today have such an ominous feeling about it?

Shaking it off, I got out of my bed, throwing back the warm blankets. Even though I'd been up, I still hadn't bothered to get fully up. I gathered some of my crap together, grabbing a pair of my boxers and such and headed to the bathroom down the hall. I could hear my sister's loud, off-pitch singing the second I stepped out of the doorway.

"Great, she must be in there primping,"I grumbled under my breath. Approaching the door, I banged my fist on it to get her attention. "Sade! I need to take a shower, go attempt to fix your face elsewhere."

The obnoxious singing stopped for a minute before the door opened and out popped Sade, my fourteen year old sister. She glared at me, her pretty brown eyes narrowing. She had our mother's eyes, and our father's dark hair color and facial structure. She was looked a lot like him actually, except, you know…girly.

She growled something under her breathe about needing the mirror more than me, before stomping her way down the hall in the opposite direction, to her room. Sighing, I stepped into the bathroom and took a quick shower before getting dressed.

Looking in the mirror I quickly made a check in my head to see if I had everything. Awesome hair; check. Nice clothes; check. My backpack; check.

Annoyingly blue eyes that were the only thing that made me resemble my father at all; check.



School hasn't been so bad. After being in this school for a year you get pretty used to this place. You'll make some friends, and of course, you'll meet some jerks. The only thing about this school is that jerks seem to dominate the population. Still, it's not the worst one I've ever been to. No, that would be Westport High. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Anyways, I was on my way to my locker before lunch when I heard this big commotion. Curiously I walked around the corner a little faster, just in time to see a bunch of football jerks, lead by Mark Thompson, trying to stuff this petite boy into his locker.

Wait, what? People still do that?!

Shaking my head, I marched forward. "Hey, stop that!" You douche bag, I wanted to add. I grabbed Mark pulling him off the raven-haired boy, while his groupies just stood there and watched blankly. I guess nobody had tried to challenge their master in quite a while. Lucky me, I suppose I just made a few new enemies.

"What are you doing??" Oh fabulous, now he's pissed.

Thompson dropped the smaller kid, who proceeded to fall onto his knees on the hard tile floor. That's got to suck. The kid looked up, his green eyes large. The expression he made said that he probably hadn't expected anyone to save him. He seemed to assess me, making sure this wasn't a joke and that I wouldn't tell the jocks to go do something even more clichéd, like a swirly.

"Just leave the kid alone, what's he done to you? " I asked reasonably. The boy looked like he probably wasn't capable of doing any damage, with that thin and fragile frame of his.

The jocks just grunted, each giving me their own menacing looks before walking away. They said you better watch out for yourself now. Ha, like I was scared of them. I had the resources and money to sue each and every one of them if they dared to actually lay a finger on me.

Turning back to the boy still on the floor I held out my hand, waiting for him to take it so I could lift him off the floor. Instead he stared at the offered appendage for a moment, and then looking wary stood up on his own. Nervously he wiped his palms on the fabric of his dark pants.

"Umm, thanks…I guess…uh-"

Realizing we hadn't introduced ourselves I said, "It's no problem, those guys are such jerks. My name's Alex. "I bent down to the floor, gathering up his assorted books that had fallen during the fiasco. I stacked them back up before standing and handing them back to him.

He took them from me, nodding in confirmation, and saying, "Yeah. Thanks." Then he turned and walked speedily away.

Making an abrupt decision, I jogged after him. "Hey, wait!" I called.

He turned, looking at me with a stern expression. His green eyes were hard and yet still exceptionally pretty. "Yes?" he inquired, probably wondering why I was wasting his time. He obviously had some place to be.

"What's-what's your name?" I asked, faltering only slightly.

"Jayden," he stated blankly. A pretty name for a pretty boy. He was definitely the prettiest guy I had ever seen. And don't get me wrong, I'm so not gay. I've never thought another guy was attractive before, but then again maybe it was just because he was so feminine that I thought he was. Yeah, that's it, not my fault.

Jayden turned again when I didn't answer, still attempting to leave. Grabbing his arm, I proved that, once again, this was going to be a pretty hard task for him.

"Well, Jayden, I'll walk you to class. Where are you going?"

"Umm, lunch. Look you don't ha-" but he didn't finish, didn't have time to before I cut him off.

"Great! Me too, we can sit together." I didn't leave room for discussion. The second he looked like he was about to object, I looped my arm through his and pulled him insistently towards the lunchroom.


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