Written for my grandpa. Here's to you, you grumpy old sea urchin.

You don't need to worry about me you grouchy old man. I'm done trying to make you laugh, make you smile. Done trying to be your friend. Because no matter how I feel when I see you laugh and see you smile, its nothing compared to the bitter pain I feel when you make up for it by making fun of me, yelling at me, and insulting me.

I tried so hard because alot of people always say such bad things about you and I didn't think it was fair. I followed you around so that I could make you laugh, talked in weird voices that made you shake your head(but with a smile on your face), and given you nicknames. I doubt anyone had given you a nickname your entire life and here I was calling you "Spam," "Rufus" and "Chuckles," all names I got when you and I were around each other and I picked up little bits of your personality. I know that you only yell because your scared. I mean, eighty-seven is not exactly a spring chicken. You've been so healthy and strong your whole life, but its starting to come crashing down. You've been to the hospital more times in the last few months then you've been your entire life. It must be frightening to watch everything you spent years to get start to dissapear in such a short period of time. You've done more things then I can ever even dream of doing, and your so intresting and funny when you want to be. You must be so afraid. So scared of dieing. I'm scared too. I'm scared of dieing. Your not alone.

Or atleast, you wearn't alone. By God I'm only trying to help. But its obvious now you don't want me as a friend. So fine, you grumpy old bat. I'm done trying. Our jokes and banter and staring contests were fun but...but...damn. Writing the second paragraph made me realize what a jerk I'm being. Sigh. OKay, the truth is, I love you you grouchy old man. No matter how much you yell. I'll always be there. Okay? Please let my feelings reach you!

And I know that even though I didn't make a very big impact on your life, I hope, before finally die-peacefully and surronded by loved ones-you find a spare moment to think of me.

I love you Grandpa. I'm gonna miss you so much.

Yeah, I just couldn't stay angry at the guy. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope I get to show this to my grandpa one day.