Chapter 1

One day Lauren walks into her apartment in NYC and sees her 15 year old daughter Lucy lounging on the leather couch in front of the big screen tv.

''hey sweetie watcha watching?'' Lauren asks her

Lucy points to the tv.

''oh One Tree Hill.'' Lauren says

''yes.'' Lucy says

''shouldn't you be doing school work?'' Lauren asks her

''why?'' Lucy questions her

''um because you haven't in like 3 days.'' Lauren tells her

''it can go a few more days I don't have like school until Thursday when my teacher gets here.'' Lucy tells her

''still you should start some of it.'' Lauren tells her

''I will later. When did dad say he was getting here?'' Lucy asks her

''I don't know hun he had to go to sebastopol to pick up Roman from his mom then they were flying from Napa to San Fran then to I think Houston and then finally onto here in the city.'' Lauren tells her

''oh okay.'' Lucy says

''okay so are you hungry do you want to go and grab a bite to eat before I have to go to rehersal?'' Lauren asks her

''okay I'm just hungry of hungry for a Dunkin Donut and a coffee.'' Lucy tells her

''okay well lets go.'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Lucy says and turns off the tv and grabs Lauren's Barnard sweatshirt throwing it on

Lauren grabs her pocketbook and they leave the apartment together and walk down the street to Dunkin Donuts.

They sit down together and drink thier coffee.

''so how ya doing hunnie?'' Lauren asks her

Lucy just shrugs ''oh fine I guess.'' Lucy tells her

''whats wrong?'' Lauren asks her and takes a sip of her coffee

''nothing just been tired that's all.'' Lucy tells her

''oh yea how come?'' Lauren asks her

''I don't know we just haven't been home a lot lately since we've been like here I guess.I just don't sleep that well when we are here.'' Lucy tells her

''because it's the city and the noise outside keeps you up?'' Lauren asks her

''oh yea I guess.'' Lucy tells her