it's still a script u guys :D
and it is the second story ever written in my life :S
so law sa5eefa aw fe mistakes ...HAVE MERCY :p :P
here we go : D
Dear Diary,
I had already given up hope…
I had just learnt to lower my expectations, to cope with whatever the circumstances would be.
And then he came, making me whole again in a blink of an eye….

July 21st 2008.

I had been sleeping deeply before I felt an itch spread along my arm;.
I rubbed it gently without bothering to open my eyes; trying to sink right back into my dreams.
Perhaps shaking the feeling off wasn't quite the best solution though; as it took it less than a few seconds to re attack, dominating my whole body.
But surprisingly, it was no longer annoying…In fact, it was …soothing ….or tender somehow.
Something similar to the feeling you get during a relieving deep-tissue massage.
I rubbed my eyes harshly, but only managed to get them half open, and then looked at the blurry shadow that was forming in front of me

"Dadddddyyyyy!" I screamed from the top of my lungs, and then jumped out of my bed and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.
"you are here !! are actually here!! ..But…you... I …how?" I stuttered, still trying to comprehend.

"It's over Sarah, IT IS OVER ! I'm back! And I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon"
" Besides, how many times does a guy get to see his little daughter graduate, huh?" he said in a delightful tone.

I had missed him. But it wasn't like we had been given any other choice!
His company had decided to start a new branch in Tokyo, and they had needed someone trustworthy to handle all the new business over there …and well… he was THE "man"!

He couldn't have taken me over, I had been studying at Harvard for God's sake! He couldn't have possibly taken the risk of ruining my future like that. And I couldn't have asked him to stay either I couldn't have taken away that massive "once in a life time" shot that he had been given!!
It had been hurting to even think about it.
I had been waking up every single morning to the sound of pain echoing in the back of my head, to the feeling of unbearable emptiness ripping my soul apart. And to the essence of loneliness filling the horizon .
"c'mon , you don't want to be late" he said shattering my thoughts.

July 22nd 2008 1 pm.

"DOCTOR SARAH", yeah I can definitely get used to that! An official medicine school bachelorette. Man! it feels GOOD ! and I've been bragging about it since last night. xD
The doorman brought some groceries over this morning , I recall him saying "that will be 20 bucks miss Sarah"
"That's Doctor Sarah to you" I said in the most fake serious tone I could come up with.
And then he gave me that " who are you and what have you done to the innocent girl that used to live here" look.
It was hilarious….

July 22nd 2008 3 pm.
Dear Diary,
I believe in second chances, I believe in the power of change.
I believe in happy endings, and Living happily ever after ..
Because dear diary, I DO believe in fairytales.

Yesterday's theme was "perfection" , its soundtrack was "satisfaction" and its and on me it had the biggest "affection".

I still can't believe how my aunt reacted to seeing me up there. She was so overwhelmed. I caught her cry a couple of times while I was still on the stage, but when I went down she had already wiped her tears.
She congratulated me then excused he self to go back to the hospital as her next shift was about to start.
I walked her to her car , then went back inside looking for him among the crowd. And as soon as I caught a glimpse of his face; I couldn't help but smile.
"Looking for someone miss?" he said, grinning at me.
"yeah , my dad. Tall, brunette and has hazel eyes, have you seen him by any chance?"
"wow, it seems like this guy looks just like me! You know, if u added the word "hansom" to your little description up there , I would've definitely thought it was me you were talking about"
I rolled my eyes ." he also has those massive gray locks of hair in his head , they make him look old , REALLY old". I giggled , stressing on the word "old"
"Well, in that case.." he wrinkled his eyebrows together , "Nope , sorry , I've never seen him in my life." He scoffed out .And then we both laughed.
"I've got something for you" he whispered, reaching for my arm.
He swiftly wrapped something around my wrist. I took a look, and it was no doubt THE most amazing piece of jewelry I had seen in my life.
"Exceptional", "spectacular", and "phenomenal" seemed so underestimating at the moment. And so did "breathtaking"

"Dad!!! It's beautiful" I said as I watched it sparkle under the light.
"it was your mother's" his voice broke down a little at the last word. "She would've been so proud".
He probably could feel the tension his last few words had sent, so he tried to lighten things up
"so miss graduate, how does "Lunch in the middle of the ocean "sound to you??" he said.
"Tempting " I said licking my lips.

he slid his arm around mine and walked me to the car.
It was freezing cold outside, but all what I felt was the warmth of having him by my side. The skies weren't black any more. There were no clouds blocking my sun…..
I closed my eyes and allowed myself to enjoy the moment.. Because for the first time in a LONG time …I wasn't smiling for the wrong reasons.

July 28th 2008
The gaps are being filled, the scares are starting to heal, and the pain…what pain??! : )

Aug 3rd 2008
Today I attended my first REAL shift, at a REAL hospital; I examined REAL patients, and even got the chance to scrub in in a REAL surgery! Yeah, I didn't get to do much, BUT HEY ! Scrubbing in IS scrubbing in! It was INCREDIBLE, yet, LONG and TIRING...Real Tiring!
Welcome to the REAL world I guess!!!
And if I had thought that dad would allow such a day to pass by easily, then boy hadn't I been mistaking?!!!
I went home to find every single friend of mine shouting "SURPRISE"
The best party EVER! Thanks Dad .

Sep 28th 2008.

I bought dad a watch today, I hadn't expected him to react toward it that way. He liked it so much. You should've seen the look on his face. It was truly PRICELESS!
Note to myself: "You should DEFFINITALLY do that more often!"

Oct 3rd 2008

I still don't quite understand the point behind this, I mean, he opened me a clinic??
"My own clinic" ?...well... I can't deny how awesome that sounds! But I am still a beginner, so it's not like I'll be using it any time soon!
But when I tried to nag about it, he said that it wasn't a big deal , and that –as my father- he was supposed to provide a secured future for me in whatever way he found suitable.
But I still DO insist that it's too much!

Nov 22nd 2008

Dad took me to a little diner this morning. He said that he used to take me there when I was younger.
He told me that once when I was five he took me there and I told the waitress that he was my fiancé , and when she laughed I got mad , and I kept trying to convince her that he truly was.
And just right before he had finished his sentence a waitress stopped by to take our orders.. I held my breath trying not to laugh. And as soon as she left I chuckled, then said:"I swear if you weren't my father I would've married you in a heartbeat." xo

Dec 31st 2008.11:30 pm.
2008 has OFFICIALLY been the best year ever. ENOUGH SAID!

Feb 2nd 2009

Dear Diary,
You know how when a kid is allowed to go buy ice cream on his own for the first time he keeps anticipating and waiting for the ice cream truck to pass by? And as soon as he hears its melody echoing from far away his veins get pumped up with excitement, enthusiasm, dare, and joy? And when he crosses the street and finally gets that cone, every lick makes him feel accomplished?!
Imagine that kid, and then multiply the joy by 10 or a hundred if you'd like to, and "ME" is what you get. Except for that when I DO cross the street to reach the truck; I get crushed by a car and DIE.

He approached me with the coldest face I had ever seen in my life. It was obvious that he was having trouble expressing whatever he was feeling at the moment. Struggling while trying to pick the exact right words he wanted to get out of his mouth.
"Sarah.. I need to tell you something."
I nodded.
"New things have come up". He started.
"Work?" I asked.
He agreed.
"They need me to travel to Germany to sort a few things up in the company's branch over there."
"Okay??!" I narrowed my eyes. I certainly hadn't quite understood why he had been having a hard time telling me that. I mean, a couple of days couldn't hurt that much.
Besides, if they had even decided they needed him for a little longer, what was the big deal? I would gladly go over with him. He shouldn't worry even a BIT about me. Germany is fine, totally fine.
So where was the point?
But then I heard his plan. And what he had in mind didn't include taking me along in any single way.

Feb 3rd 2009
I've tried everything, negotiating, convincing, begging and even crying.
But the answer IS STILL "NO"

Feb 8th 2009
Why did he do this to me? After all what we've gone through, how could he be so heartless?!
Am I that much of a burden? Does my existence cause that much trouble and pain?
My head is about to explode.
Doesn't he want me anymore?
Then why did he bother to come back? To make my life worth living and then leave; taking away every glimpse of hope he had given me along?!
Feb 9th 2009
Dear Diary,
The Tooth fairy, prince charming, living happily ever after and all the other "abracadabra" myths belong to a perfectly enchanted world where everyone is young and beautiful. Where everything is bright and wonderful and the sun NEVER goes down.
So how come we believe in "living happily ever after" but not in the rest? How come we keep trying to force it into our world while it doesn't belong?
People fall from the 10th floor in that magical world without getting a single broken bone. So if that world is ours, HOW IN THE WORLD AM I BLEEDING???!!!!

I went home this afternoon after I had decided that I wouldn't give up , that I would keep on trying until he gets convinced.
I walked into the apartment, and called his name. But I got no answer.
I heard the sound of running water. "Good" I sighed in relief; he was in the bathroom, which gave me a couple of minutes to arrange what I needed to say perfectly.
I leaned my back to the wall facing the bathroom door, and waited quietly.
As soon as he came out , I kissed his forehead , focused my eyes on his ,and then placed my hands over his shoulders.
"Dad...Just listen to me" I begged.
My hands were shaking, not because I was nervous, but because his whole body was shaking under my palms. And before I could even blink, he had collapsed between my arms.
It took him a few minutes to regain his conciseness. I looked at him and saw agony shining through his eyes. But he tried to convince me that he was alright.
But when he nearly fainted after a couple of minutes, I was sure he wasn't okay. I begged him to let me take him to the hospital, or at least to lie down and let me examine him. But he still refused.
I wasn't going to allow that to go on any further. I wasn't going to just sit down watch him twist in pain.
So I got up to get dressed. I was going to take him to the hospital if I even had to tie him down to the car's seat!
But he had called me before I could leave. And everything started to come out.
He had fainted a few weeks earlier, he had gone to the hospital, and it had been diagnosed as leukemia.
He even said that the doctors hadn't known how advanced it was.
He said that the whole working at "Germany" thing had been a cover, because he was supposed to go get a full analysis
That he hadn't told me about it because he hadn't wanted me to see him that way ….so broken as he was.
I held his hands , and Promised I wouldn't let go, that we were going to go through it together.

Feb. 2nd 2010
Dear Diary,
Life is just like an epic chess game. It's only one round, and you're in it to win it!
.the decisions you make are either right or wrong , black or white.
Sometimes you are given second chances ,sometimes you find a way around
BUT just right when you think you've come up with the most efficient plan, you find out that checkmate has already been played.

Dear Dad,
I passed by you today.
You weren't as vivid as usual.
I had missed you.
I still do.
The engraves in your grave will always remain engraved in my heart.