Hallo everyone! I thought this up; because I like slash and of course, that affects how I see thing. Please read;

"Hey …."


"Can I … have that?"

"… Well …."

"Come on! I'll be really good!"

"… Fine. But you always lick it and stuff …."

"But that's what makes it fun!"

"I suppose you want to blow it?"

"Well yeah! Why else would I have it in my mouth?"

"Because you like there?"

"That too. But I want to blow it."

"Can't you just hold it?"

"No, I love blowing it!"

"But you can just, like, cup it in your hands!"

"But I can't stop at just touching it!"

"Really? It's so loud when you blow it …."

"You're so loud!"

"But you bite it!"

"So? Not too hard! It's hard enough, I only nip it!"

"Whatever. Here."

"Yay! I love it! It even tastes good!"

"Of course. I keep it clean."

"This won't be clean."

"It won't."

Fwee fweee FWEEEE!

"Hey! Don't blow the whistle so loud!"

"But I like blowing the whistle loudly!"

"No; give it back!"

"Noo! You said I could!"

"I take it back; now give it back!"

"… Fine. Hate you."

"Then that's the last time you can blow my whistle."

Yeah; the sad thing is, that was actually how I wanted it to go. No, I'm just kidding! ... Yeah. R&R! (^3^)/~333