This was something that I threw together for my Creative Writing teacher a few months ago. It came out a lot better than I thought it would.

Whether bursting forth to greet the world,
Or coloring the walls you lean against
Your flowing notes and screaming images
Are ready to capture the hearts and souls
Of every passer-by, if only they had the time.
Instead, you are a mere speck of dirt on life's sidewalk,
Surrounded by the malleable minds you wish to mold,
Their touchable lives left hopelessly dull.
Your genius ignored, you stand firmly,
Willing to scream only for your own enjoyment.
With your unstoppable patience,
You are too good for your breakfast-for-dinner lifestyle,
Too talented for your street corner venue,
But you will not strive to be anything more,
Preferring the beautiful melancholy of simple living,
Always clinging to the hope that one day
The needy strangers around you will appreciate
Everything that you have to offer.